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:Thought Speech:

Rainy Day Weekend: Chill

I had always found the rain fascinating, the small drops of water slowly collecting to create puddles and streams on the streets running to the storm drains. Cleansing and rejuvenating all it touched, but after being out in the rainstorm for over an hour I would be ecstatic if it never rained again as long as I lived. Yugi's grandpa was going to some game store convention for the next week and wanted to make sure the store was well stocked while he was gone, so he had a large shipment of merchandise delivered to stock up on and that was where three twists of fate as I called them came together to make me miserable. One: the delivery truck showed up at the exact same time the rain that had been predicted for all day started to fall. Two: Yugi's grandpa picked me to go out and get the boxes to bring to him and Yugi so they could stack them in the backroom. Three: I was out in the rain with no jacket. Yugi and I had only figured out how to separate ourselves a week ago and his grandpa not planning on having to house a second grandson was a bit behind in accommodating me with such things as clothes. Therefore I was stuck in my usual black T-shirt and leather pants running back and forth between the shop and the truck. I nearly screamed with joy when the delivery man said the words I'd been dying to hear since I started this torment of a job.

"Last one"

I grabbed the box out of his hands sprinted to the shop dropped the box at Yugi's feet and ran into the house ignoring the ringing telephone and the trail of water I was leaving behind me. I grabbed my only other set of clothing and went into the bathroom to change. I stripped off my shirt and pants that had been clinging to my body from the rain and sweat. Pulling on the light blue sweatpants and buttoning up the dark grey shirt, I glanced at myself in the mirror. I looked like a drowned rat my usually gravity defying tricoloured hair was plastered to my head water dripping off it and on to my shirt. I rung out as much water as I could which if it was possible made my hair even worse; it now looked like a big fuzzy multicoloured bush. I sighed, well that's about as good as its going to get. I wrapped my arms around myself as a sudden chill ran through my body.

"Yami, are you ever coming out of there?" Yugi asked through the door.

"Yeah," I answered opening the door to meet my little light who upon seeing me burst into a fit of giggles.

"Don't laugh at the exhausted, Yugi, it's disrespectful."

"Sorry, Yami, but you just look like you walked out of a 1960s fashion magazine," he said trying to get a hold on himself, "by the way Joey just called and invited me to a movie with the gang tomorrow would you like to come?"

"I'd love to"

"Great you can finally introduce yourself to them."

He left to get ready for bed as I crawled under the covers still feeling slightly cold from my soaking box boy routine. As I lay there I could smell Yugi's scent from the pillows I buried my face in them surrounding myself in strawberry and vanilla it was intoxicating. In spite of myself I had begun to grow very fond of Yugi, far beyond the brotherly love level. I loved the way his eyes danced when he laughed, the way his hair framed his soft face, I loved his soul silky and unflawed yet hard as diamond when he wanted to be. I loved him. But I wasn't about to tell him that. I was his protector, his darker half that's all he saw me as that's all I was supposed to be, but somebody didn't tell my heart that. I broke out of my daydreams as the object of my secret desires climbed into the bed.

"Goodnight, Yami, and don't forget to fix your hair tomorrow."

I smirked, reached over and ruffled his hair, "there now neither of us will forget to fix our hair tomorrow goodnight, Yugi."

I love you, my light, my love, my Yugi. My thoughts revolved around him as I drifted off into dreams where he returned my feelings held me, touched me in ways only a lover could and cared for me.


I awoke to the soft sound of rain as it hit the window. I smiled Yami was not going to like that, after yesterday I don't think he ever wanted to go out in the rain again. I rolled over and gently shook his shoulder, he mumbled incoherently and curled up further under the covers so only the red of his hair could be seen. My smile grew wider as I watched his antics. The guy was not a morning person but the movie started at 10:30 and I knew we definitely wanted to be there extra early so Joey and Tristan could raid the snack counter.

:Yami, you have to get up.:

:Okay: He answered faintly and only half awake.

I trusted his answer on fact and went to get ready but when I came back twenty minutes later he was still in bed.

:Yami, you have to get up now or we're going to be late now come on!: I was starting to get frustrated with him for being this lazy.

:I'm not going, Yugi.:

All right now I was just plain angry. :What do you mean you're not going! Yami, you said you wanted to come! You can't just back out now!:

:I'm sorry, Yugi, I can't go, I just can't I...:

:Yami! Yami, talk to me!:

"Fine!" I shouted and ran out of the room and out of the shop. Why would he suddenly back out like that!? Some friend he is. I thought angrily, little did I know that if I'd stay two seconds longer I would know the answer to my question because I would have heard him sneeze.


"Yugi, wait-AHCHOO!" But it was too late he had already left. I fell back on to the pillows. Why? Why today of all days did I have to get sick? I felt awful, not just the fact that my head was completely stuffed up but I also felt awful that Yugi was mad at me over a total misunderstanding. I stared up at the skylight window blurred by the constant stream of water coming from the dark clouds over head. Somebody up there really has it in for me. I was about to roll over and wallow in my misery when my nose started running. I looked around and spotted the tissue box on top of Yugi's desk. I scrambled out of the bed trying to get to it as fast as possible only to have the floor run up to meet me. Note to self: running is not a good idea. As the room slowly stopped spinning I was able to grab hold of the side of the desk and pull myself up into a semi standing position and got a hold of one tissue before I sneezed again.

"HACHOO!" On second thought I'll take the whole box with me I have a feeling I'm going to need them. I shuffled back across the room blowing my nose as I went along and fell unceremoniously onto to the bed, coughing lightly into the bed sheets. I threw the used tissue to where I hoped the waste basket was and went back to feeling sorry for myself. The only thing accompanying my thoughts was the pinging of the rain as it hit the roof. I hate rain.

(End chapter 1)