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:Thought speech:

Rainy Day Weekend: Just let me be in Love

The sun was rising and the sky was brilliant blue, it was one of those days nobody should miss and Yami was making sure nobody slept within a three block radius of the Game shop.

"I'm not going, Yugi, and you can't make me!"

"Yami, its only school it's not like you're being shipped off to join the army."

"That is exactly what this is like, I have to get up at an ungodly hour, to go to place I don't want to go, wearing the ugliest uniform known to man," he retorted

"I think it looks good on you, Yami."

"You would"

He came over and started trailing soft kisses down my face slowly working his way down to my neck where he began to undo the belt that encircled it. I reluctantly pulled him off me.

"Yami, not now Grandpa could come in here any minute and what would he say?"

"You really don't think he is going to accept us do you?"

I sighed. "I don't know, I want to think that he would accept our love but he is kind of old fashioned and the idea of a homosexual relationship not being something that can be 'fixed' so to speak by therapy and a lot of physical punishment is relatively new."

"Yugi, if you don't-"

"No, Yami, I do want to be with you, I love you with all my heart and soul and nothing the world says will ever change that." I fortified my statement as I brought his mouth to mine in a passionate kiss and started running my fingers through the silky strands of his hair. He returned the kiss with equal drive, pushing my bottom lip down to allow his tongue access to mouth. His tongue probed every place it could reach running along my teeth, the back of my mouth and my tongue. Filling me with the aroma of deep fragrant spice not unlike that of in-scented candles, he then proceeded to grope his hands under my shirt trying to find my belt buckle.

:Yami, what did I just say?:

:That you loved me and never in the world would every change that.:

:No before that:

:Fine he huffed pulling his hands back. But you owe me.:

"Yugi, Yami, you two better get to it you don't want to be late for school." Grandpa hollered, which totally ruined Yami's mood as he went back to sulking.

"I still don't understand why we have to go to that place to be educated."

"Because it is important for our futures, now come we have to go."

"No," he said crossing his arms over his chest and pouting slightly.

"Don't make me be tough, Yami."

"I would love to see you try," he said smugly

I smirked, "just remember you asked for it."

With a lot of pushing, shoving and very colourful language from Yami we made it out the house, though I was pretty sure those scratch marks on the wall were now a permanent accessory.


Despite my protests we were still on our way to the prison as I'd come to nickname Yugi's school, well I guess was our school now but it didn't mean I liked it.

"I still say I could have played sick."

"Trust me, Yami, you don't want to be sick when Grandpa is around; just be grateful we both caught that cold while he was out of town."

"Mother hen type is he?"

"Like you wouldn't believe he never would have let us leave the bed, would have drowned us in soup and tea and make us take medicine until our tongues felt like fuzz."


We continued down the street our hands held tight together. Everyone was rushing to work not paying any attention to us which was exactly the way I liked it. Despite all appearances we had made it through that first weekend of love life virginity intact, we both felt it would be wise to wait to have sex until our relationship had more experiences of emotional and spiritual intimacy lest the relationship become nothing more then physical intimacy.

As we walked Yugi pointed out all the interesting sites to me, like the arcade which I was quite amazed he could find considering Domino had a disturbing lack of signs with any writing on them.

When we got close to the prison we let go of each other's hand and made it look like we were nothing more then friends, I even dropped back slightly as Yugi friends approached.

:You know we are going to have to tell them someday, Yugi.:

:I know but I don't want to deal with the hassle of either intolerance to our relationship or people watching us for each romantic moment we have. Right now I just would like it to be you and me.:

:I can live with that.:

"Hey, Yug, Yami, what's up?"

"Are you excited about your first day of school, Yami?" Tea asked

"Tea, the day it becomes exciting to go to school is the moneybags acts like a human being." Joey said.

We walked into the schoolyard and I immediately heard cat calls from all the girls and saw the boys whispering to each other, probably planning the best to inform the new kid of my position in the high school hierarchy. I sighed and rubbed my hand across my eyes, It's going to be a long day.


Curse whoever came up with alphabetical seating, and curse the person who decided M should be in the middle of the alphabet.

The teachers all thought alphabetical seating was the most wonderful arrangement in history; naturally this put me and Yami together, specifically him sitting behind me. Also due to class size we were at the back of the classroom, with Tristan and Joey starting off the next row, much to their disgust. However being in the back of the middle row where the teacher couldn't see you, proved to make Yami very happy. Under the pretence of reaching into his desk for something he was drawing highly detailed patterns on my back with his finger and trying to wrap his foot around my ankle.

:Yami, stop that!: I scolded as my pants started to become uncomfortable.


:Because I am trying to learn and you are supposed to be doing the same thing.:

:Well maybe I don't find learning about Greek mythology and it's relation to modern writing very interesting. Besides you owe me.:

:Yami, if you refrain from doing that for the rest of class I promise to give you an intimate tour of the janitor's closet.:


Besides the tour of the closet the day was very uneventful, Joey lost a couple of duels to Yami, I kissed Yami in the shower in gym class, Tristan and Joey argued all during lunch, Yami and I snuck out early and kissed on the roof, the gang went to the arcade and had a blast until it started to cloud over and Tea, Tristan and Joey decided to head home before it started raining. Meanwhile Yami and I started making out behind a tree in the park on our way home.


The rain came down in buckets as we walked home, both of us were completely soaked. People rushed for cover from the storm yet we continued to walk at a normal no real rush to go anywhere, it was reliving the beginning of our relationship, glancing at each other as we walked and trying to catch pneumonia.

"Yami, Yugi, get yourselves in here right now before you catch your death of cold!" We heard Grandpa yell as we approached the Game shop.

:I thought that was the plan?:

:It is, Yami, can you think of a better excuse to be together? And I don't believe you've tried the oil sludge flavour of medicine yet.:

:Oh no, Yugi, anything but that!:

:Tell you what if you beat me to the house you won't have take the medicine as a precautionary measure.: He said and took off running.

"Hey, Yugi, wait I wasn't ready get back here and fight fair." Still I couldn't help but smile as I took off after him, him laughing the whole way. I had my little light all to myself, whom I could shower with affection and who would do the same for me in return and all because of that precipitation that now fell from the sky.
I love rain


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