The Shadow Spirit

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What if it wasn't Chihiro who Kohaku was destined to be with, but one of her descendants? What if that one person happened to be the single most powerful Spirit to ever be born? What if No Face takes off his mask? What if the author stops saying 'What If?" All these questions answered plus more.

Another Summary

Almost 50 years have passed since Chihiro went into the Spirit World. Since then she has grown up. But she has never forgotten her feelings for Kohaku. She is determined that one of her line will marry the Great River Spirit. There is only one hope, her only granddaughter. Will she be the one for Kohaku?

Prologue - The Items In The Box

"Grandma?" the soft call came from over at the door. Chihiro looked over to see her only granddaughter looking at her in alarm, "Are you alright? Why did you summon me?"

Chihiro smiled as she surveyed the young girl. She had deep violet eyes, and long white hair, with a silver forelock over her left eye, hiding a silvery serpentine scar. She was dressed in a pair of very deep purple baggy trousers with a silver belt. Attached to the belt was a deep purple coat skirt, which went from her sides around her back, and fell to the floor. She had a sleeveless silver top, with a sleeved lilac vest over the top, which only went down to mid-way down her back. The over vest's sleeves were opaque and 'princess style', and had small clear silver shoulder decorations. She wore black boots, with very deep purple highlights, which were peeping out from beneath her baggy trousers. She had a silver dragon tattoo on her back, and a silver dragon motif on the over coat skirt.

"No, child, I am fine. But I shall not be in this world for long. I have summoned you so I can talk to you. I need to explain a lot of things to you," Chihiro motioned for her granddaughter to come over, "And could you bring my precious box?"

The girl moved over to the bedside, where a solid gold box inlaid with many precious gems stood. She picked it up and moved over to her grandmother's bedside.

"Open it."

The girl did so, and stared at the artifacts inside. There was a silver medallion with five empty spaces (it looked like small gems were meant to go there), a small silver locket with a pretty purple gem inlaid on the front, attached to a fine silver chain, and a sparkling purple beaded hair-tie. There was also a small clear container containing two roasted newts, and another containing some delicious looking star-candies.

"Star-candies?" the girl asked her grandmother.

"Yes, star-candies, they are for some very precious little creatures. Now you will need all these things, even the box itself for the journey you will have to embark on. My time is over, but your's is just beginning. Let me tell you of the story of those special items in your hand. Where should I begin? Ahhh yes, I shall begin with the box itself.

"I have had that box made to repay someone close to me. I did an awful lot of damage to her establishment, and I was unable to repay her, but now I can. This is your first task, deliver this golden, jewel-encrusted box to Yubaba, the owner of the Yubathouse, the best Bathhouse for the Spirits to rest and rejuvenate. I have hand picked the gems and gold myself. Tell Yubaba that 'Sen repays her debt'."

"Who is Yubaba?"

"She is a powerful Spirit in the Spirit World."

"Spirit World?"

"Yes, the place where the Spirits live."

"Am I to go to the Spirit World?"

"Yes, and I will get to that, now quiet, and I shall tell you of the purple hair-band. It was woven for me from threads spun by some very loyal and true friends. It was made by Zaneba, Yubaba's twin sister, my friend, the monster known as No Face, and a mouse and a tiny bird."

"No Face?"

"Yes, that was his name. As long as this hair-band is in your hair, you will be protected from whatever lies ahead. This is your second task, go to Zaneba, and tell her Chihiro sends her granddaughter for her to care and watch over. She will teach you many things, learn them all with respect."

"This is deep."

"I know, bear with me, for now I shall tell you of the silver locket. I had that made that many years ago. I went to the Spirit World, and went to Zaneba and asked her to make a locket, one that is large enough to contain a berry from the Spirit World, for even though I may not be coming back, another surely will. When that one comes, she will be in need of this berry."

Chihiro gave her granddaughter the locket, and said, "Put it on, now." The girl did so, but as she did, she felt a small shiver go up her spine.

Chihiro then spoke up again, "Now to tell you of the medallion. The medallion belonged to your mother, and it is because of her, that all this is possible. The medallion is your heritage, your birthright, none but you is worthy to bear it. It holds the keys to your very power."

"Power? But I am a human..." the girl's eyes widened as realisation dawned, "I'm not... human?"

"No, you are half Spirit, and the only surviving heir of the Great North Star, Árnon, Lord of the Upper Heavens. You are Áramáthæl, daughter of Tharandül, daughter of Árnon. My beloved son, your father, fell in love with the Great Star's daughter, and they bore a child, you. It was sung over your cradle that you would be the one to unite and bring peace to the Spirit World."

The girl's eyes widened, "But I thought my name was Selenity."

"It is my dear, that is your earth-bound name, the name your mother breathed as she died. That name is your protection, but Áramáthæl is your Spirit name. Keep it secret, keep it safe. Tell no one."

Selenity closed her eyes and asked, "What really happened to my mother and father?"

Chihiro looked at her granddaughter, sadness filling her eyes, "I...I can not say. It is too painful. All I can say, is they were murdered, because they refused to surrender you. They were killed, and the murderer would have killed you too, but somehow you survived, no one knows how. You were touched by powerful dark magic, hence the scar over your left eye."

"The serpentine one on my hairline?"

"Yes, but I digress, I shall now tell you why I have done all this, for this is your third task that you must perform. You must find Yubaba, and ask to work as her assistant in her bathhouse. But before you do that, you must do some other things. Now listen to my words well, and follow them to the letter, for they will be the start of a new and better life for you..."