She stared out the window, twirling a blond curl around her finger. They'd been driving for days. He hadn't even told her where they were going. She stopped arguing with him about things like that a long time ago. It was pointless. He would do what he wanted, tell her what he wanted no matter what she said or how much she yelled at him that it wasn't fair. He didn't care about fairness. He didn't care about what she wanted. He didn't care that she was lonely, that she felt all the time like a part of her was missing, like she was floundering and just waiting for someone to throw her a life preserver. It wasn't going to be him. He'd probably just let her drown rather than inconvenience himself.


She turned back to her novel as he climbed back into the car after filling up the tank. He plucked it from her hands and glanced at the cover. It was a romance novel. Admittedly a trashy one but at least it was entertaining. The same could not be said of him. He'd barely spoken for hours. He tossed it into the garbage can and closed his door. She stared at him as he buckled up his seatbelt.

"I can't believe you! I was reading that!"

"It's trash."

She glared at him and slumped back against her seat, turning back to the window. She decided that the next time they stopped she'd buy another just to spite him.

Besides she had to have something to do. This landscape just was not doing it for her. Although the desert did feel a little familiar, like she had been here before

She asked him if they had been in this area of the country before, not really expecting him to answer her because he never answered her questions.

"This is where I found you." he said.


"OhYou don't think he'll try to look for us here?"

"No. He will. Eventually."

"Then why?"

"Because it's time for you to meet them. It's time for you all to be together again."

She stared at him and frowned. What the hell was he talking about?

She watched as he opened his bag in the backseat with his mind and pulled something out of it. It looked like an old book made out of some kind of stone. He floated it towards her and dropped it on her lap.

She picked it up and felt a little shock from it. She flipped it open and stared down at the strange designs decorating it's pages. She didn't understand it but she knew she had seen it before.

"You know I can't understand the language yet." She complained shutting it. He never looked away from the road, but opened it again for her.

"You'll remember it."


"Do not argue with me Tessy. Read it and remember. Know who you are." She sighed and closed the book again. He was getting angry.

"I'll read it later." She promised, "I want to sleep a little first. I barely slept last night." Motel Six didn't exactly have the most comfortable beds.

"We'll be there soon." Was all he said, and she took one last look out the window as the golden desert rushed by, empty except for a tall sign by the side of the road that said "Welcome To Roswell", before closing her eyes and drifting off to sleep, her fingers absently tracing the design on the cover of The Book.