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Tea was runnning as fast as she can,she was late once again.She ran inside the school not watching where she was going,she accidently bumped into Seto Kaiba.

"I'm soooo sorry i wasn't-," Tea got cut off because she looked up and saw it was Kaiba. "Oh sorry Kaiba." Tea blushed and ran off to her class.

Kaiba turned around and watched her running away.He walked into his english class and took a seat in the back.'Why is that friend of Yugi's always like that to me? Shes acting different ever since the Battle City Tourament ended.' Kaiba thought.

"Class please take out a piece of notebook paper and a pen or pencil and start writing about 'Prison' write anything that comes in your mind about Prison and i would give you 5 minutes to complete this task," Mrs.Suzuki said.

He took out a piece of paper and a pen and started writing.5 minutes later a student walked around the class and collected the papers.

"Now this month everyone would have to chose a topic any topic you want and it must be apporiate too.It could be about a person too,your bestfriend your parents or whoever or whatever.This report would be due by the end of this month.If you turn it in early you would get extra credit points but if you turn it late you would get a C just a C it doesn't matter if your report was really well written or something the only thing that matters is that you turn it in on the right day or before that due date.Remember to try your best." Mrs.Suzuki told the class and took and seat at her desk. "Now would be a good time if you start thinking about which topic to write about."

'What should i write about?Kaiba corp.?How to control a company?' Kaiba thought. He couldn't think of a topic to write. He decided to write about a person but who?

::Next class/Computers::

Everyone walked into class and took a seat at a computer. Some were using laptops. Mr.Marushige(hehehe hes my computer teacher but i have him in 1st period)walked in.

"Let's see everyone is here i think and everyone came on time." Mr.Marushige said. "Well today we are going to start a new thing because the program we were using kept on freezing the computers and stuff. Now this week we would be creating a 5 sec. or 10 sec. movie. You have to create a character on Clairs Draw(uhhh i dunno if dey have this in japan but i can't think soooo they are using the program that i have at my school.Sorry.)and when you're done creating your character you may add a background image and stuff like that.When you want to start animating your character press Control,Apple Key and * and you start saving your frames.You should name your frames Lastname.# for example i would name my file Marushige.01 and Marushige.02 and ETC."

Mr.Marushige showed everyone what to do.'God this is easy i should've chose a better elective' Kaiba thought. Tea was in this class too. She was creating her character they were her friends Yugi,Joey,Tristan,Ryou and of course she was in it too. Kaiba's character was the Blue Eyes White Dragon.

::After School::

Tea was with her friends and Kaiba was well by himself.He got into his limo and Tea was watching him.

"Hey Tea!!!!Can you Hear us?!?!?!?!HELLO!!!!" Tristan and Joey yelled.

"Uh what?" She asked in confusion.

"Were you even listening to us?What were you staring at?"



The group walked home. When Tea got home she went to her room and took out a book that she checked out during lunch at the school library and started reading. 'uhhhhhhh i wonder what Kaiba is doing right now......WAIT what the hell am i saying?!?!?!" Tea thought. She close the book and walked to the living room and turned on the TV. 'uhhhh shouldn't i start writing on that one report in english class?' she turned the TV off and walked to the room again. Tea took out a piece a paper and started writing about Kaiba. She stopped. "What am i doing? should be writing about Kittens not Kaiba! God why am i even thinking about him?' she ripped up the paper and went to the living room again. 'Why am i in the living room again?!?!?!?!?!' the phone rang, Tea quickly answered it.

"Hello?" She asked.

"Hey its Serenity!"

"Oh Hey!"

"well i was wondering if you would like to go to the mall or something?"


"I'm bored and i really need to get something for my friends birthday"

"Well sure i guess and i think i need some fresh air"

"okay then i would be at your house in i don't know but around 15 minutes"

"Okay then Bye"


Tea hung up and walked to her room and changed into something else but her school uniform.

::At The Kaiba Mansion::

Kaiba was on his laptop once again.Checking on the stocks.While he was doing that Mokuba ran in.

"Big brother can we go to the mall and get some ice cream?" Mokuba asked.

"No" Seto said.

"Pretty please?" Mokuba gave Seto the sweetest look ever.

'Why does he always do that?' Seto thought.

"Sure" Seto said.

"YaY!!!!" Mokuba said with happiness.

'Wait what did i just say?' Seto thought.


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