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Chapter 13

"Why would I like some friendship girl who has no chance of being with me, anyway Mokuba do you actually think I have time for a girl like Gardner?" Seto replied.

"Big brother can't you give her a chance? She has no where to go and her life is shattered into pieces can she just stay at her place until she gets back onto her feet?" Mokuba asked once again.


"But big brother she has no where to go at all!"

"Like I said awhile ago that's her problem let her solve it on her own"

"How can she solve anything without any help from anyone"

"Mokuba why do you care anyway? Its none of her business why she's out there walking the streets"

"Maybe because she's my friend"


Mokuba turned away from Seto and looked out the window. "You wouldn't ever understand Seto you don't consider anyone to be your friend I bet you that you don't even know what friendship is...." Mokuba said.

Seto glanced at Mokuba instead of seeing his little brother's cheery face all he saw was his back.

Water drops fell onto Tea it hit her harder than if someone actually hit her. This raindrop was not any other raindrop to Tea. Those were the tears from her parents they didn't want to leave her, she didn't want to leave them.

All I want is change.
Excitement something new.
Everyday the same.
I long to get away.
Take me to a place That I never been.
Where I can escape and paradise begins.

She stopped walking and looked up into the sky, 'I miss you, I miss you dearly.' Tea look a seat onto the curb. The streets were deserted. She closed her eyes once again hoping that this was only a dream.

I closed my eyes.
And everything's all right.
All that I need Is only in my dreams.
All I do is daydream. Hoping, Wishing, Waiting.
Waiting for my life to change.
Everything is fading.
Give Me, Save Me, Take Me.
Take me to my fantasy.

As she sat there someone was walking towards her. Someone put am umbrella over her. She turned around all she saw was the person's legs. She didn't want to look up at him, she knew it was a him, those shoes looked familiar. Tea covered her face with her wet hands. Kaiba bend down and sat next to her.

"I know how you feel," He said.

Tea slowly remove her hands away from her face, but she didn't want to look at him. Kaiba reach out his hand and place on it on her shoulders. She turned around and looked at him, straight at him.

"You do?," She asked.

Kaiba nodded. Tea tried to smile but she couldn't.

"My parents are gone also,"

Kaiba let go of her shoulders and looked down at his feet.


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