CATs blew up everything in sight. It was recommended for the Zero Wing committee to learn how to speak English, because all the other federations required it. It was hard for alien species to speak perfect English thanks to their brain and voicebox, and CATS was purposely trting to get rid of the language. CATS talks to his troops. Oh yeah, there was a survivor from Zero Wing, but no-one cared..

"Good evening gentlemen! I need plan to ruin english language!" CATs tells his troops.

"No good thought.. We can't think!" the troops reply.

Suddenly, an assassin that CATs hired enters the room.

"How you are?" CATs asks.

"I listen to plan.. I have idea! Great idea that can work!" the assassin says.

"What plan it?" CATs asks.

"We preserve body your in ice chamber make live longer! Future generation will suffer before chance!" The assassin tells CATs.

"Ha ha ha!" CATs and the assassin laugh.

"I fire you!" CATs replies.

"Open airlock troops, throw him out!" CATs replies.

The airlock is quickly open, and the troops toss out the assassin, then they close the airlock.

"Dead guy idea good! Use it!" CATs tells his troops.

The troops grab CATs and put him in a cold room, then they lock the door.


Centuries later, in the U.S.S. Enterprise

"Captain, I just found something very scary out!" the green skinned android guy says.

"Yes, what is it?" Captain Picard asks.

"The area we are in, is where the Zero Wing Committee was destroyed." the android tells the Captain.

"What is your point? I don't care about a history lesson." Captain Picard tells the android.

"Well, this area may be filled with pirates and such." the android replies.

Suddenly, a Black small space shuttle is seen on the vid-screen.

"Wait! Survivors of the wreck!" the android tells Picard.

The spine head dude looks at the object closely.

"That isn't a survivor of this region!" the spine head guy tells Picard.

"Quick, make communications with it!" Picard says.


Somewhere far in space (that century):

A Zero-Wing space jet is floating, and a man is inside. He wakes up.

"Where I am?" the man says.

He looks at his clock on his spaceship and noticed centuries passed.

"Drugs of my! Them worked! Lived longer I!" the man says, realising he lived for centuries asleep.

"Zero-Wing base are belong to CATs at time. CATs ancestors own me base at this time?" the man asks.


CATs's secret hide out:

CATs is let out of the room, then quickly defrosted.

"Welcome to our generation!" a scientist tells Cats.

"What you say?" Cats asks.

"You were locked in there for a couple of centuries, and your were frozen, but I quickly recovered you." the scientist tells Cats.

"Why weird speak not I?" Cats asks.

"What did you say?" the scientist asks.

"Why english perfect?" Cats asks.

"Well, all federations are required to speak perfect english. Now I must bring you to my home planet, you seem very special, like a peice of history." the scientist says.


Back at the U.S.S. enterprise:

A vid screen opens, and suddenly, MR.T is shown!

"What are you doing here? This place is U.S.S. Federation Territory!" Picard tells Mr.T..

"Well, I was day-dreaming!" Mr.T tells Picard over the Vid-Screen..

"Captain.. If my history is correct, that looks like a van from the 1970s!" the android tells Picard.

"That's impossible, your circuits are fried! Go meet the guy who claims he was in another dimension where he could see and host a child's show "Reading Rainbow" and said we were on a T.V. show!" Picard tells the android.

"Yes sir." the android replies, then heads toward the engine room with the blind black engineer.

"Please explain what you are doing in this area!" Picard tells Mr.T

"Well, the A-Team fixed my van and made it capable of being a submarine. Then this guy named Allah was working in a Volcano with all these weird devices and meteors! It was my job to take that foo' Allah down, and ain't nothin wrong with that! Then suddenly, the Volcano was about to erupt, and the rest of the A-Team took all the helicopters. I quickly got in my van and locked the doors, just when the base of about to flow full of lava, suddenly, these machines and meteors explode, and the whole place turns dark and I fall asleep. Then I open my eyes, see that I'm still in my van, but in a weird area! I found out this was space, and then--" Mr. T goes on and on.

"Okay, I understand. Now would you mind if we help you in anyway?" Picard asks.

"I want Icecream!" Mr. T tells Picard..

"I will rip him to shreads if he keeps fooling around, and then rip those shreads to smaller shreads." the spine headed says.

"Yo! Freak of nature! Ain't nobody talk to Mr. T like that!" Mr. T says.


Planet Nebuland:

CATs is in a space shuttle with the scientist, the shuttle is landing down in the planet's capitol soon.

"You ever want not use language english?" CATs asks.

"Yeah.. Alot of locals don't like the language.. Ever sense that stupid peace federation, everyone in the Galaxy has to speak English! In fact, a couple of centuries ago, anyone from Earth had to speak English when they went into Space. Nowadays everyone has to speak English PERFECTLY or the federation won't understand you. Sucks major ass." the scientist says.

"Why not destroy language english?" CATs asks.

"Well, its kind of impossible now. Even if we try to, the federation will be very suspicous." the scientist tells CATs.

The shuttle lands on the capitol of the Planet, the capitol is "Pie Ass Destrub."

"Have you leader at all?" CATs asks.

"No, we don't have a leader on this planet." the scientist says.

CATs smiles.


Somewhere far in space (again):

The pilot doesn't have a name, and his ship has no full.

"What I do?" the pilot says to himself.

"Message must I make people hear!" the pilot says.

"ALL ALONE AM I!" the pilot screams!


To be continued:

Will the pilot of the Zero-Wing craft ever get saved or speak English properlly? Will Mr.T ever understand how he got in space and get his Ice Cream? Will Captain Picard ever report what happened to the U.S.S. federation? Will CATs make people speak incorrect english? And finally, what are the ingredients to those drugs that Zero-Wing pilot made!

Find out for some of these in the next episode of ALL YOUR ENGLISH ARE DESTROYED BY US!