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It was quite dark so she still couldn't work out who it was, did she even know this person? She waited for him to get closer, squinted her eyes finally realizing who it was, "Yamcha!" He stop next to her opened the door looking like he was in a pretty bad mood. He grabbed her by the arm and yanked her out of the car, "W-What are you doing? GET OFF ME!!"

He put his hand over her mouth and whispered into her ear, "Ever been raped my precious?"

Bulma looked up at him, and pulled his hand away from her mouth, "GET THE FUCK OFF ME!!! He put his strong arms around her and flew off tightly holding her in his, "I swear one day Vegeta will kill you" she threatened.

"Shut up!" he knocked her out with the back of his hand.


"Dad!" Bra shouted as she walked through the front door, but Mimi answered her instead.

"Dad's training, he's kind of pissed off I broke the gravity computer to work the Gravity. I don't think you'll have any luck"

"OK then where's Mum?"

"Bulma..? I thought she was with you?"

"No... Why would I hang around with my Mother at the Mall?"

"I don't-Wait a sec, that's not the point!" Bra glared at her, "She's could have been kidnapped or something"

"Oh My God! It has been 2 hours"


Meanwhile while Vegeta was training outside he noticed a strange felling inside him, defiantly a bad one. 'What is this I'm feeling? Is it Bulma?' he concentrated hard on her Ki trying to find him he gasped, 'I-It is! Something's wrong' he clenched his fist into tight balls. "Don't worry Bulma, I know he's got you!" Vegeta stormed into the house, first he needed to speak to either Mimi and Bra on his way out, he found them standing at the front looking worried.

"Dad, Bulma isn't back!?" Mimi said.

"D-Dad is Mum all right?" Bra stuttered and hugged her Dad, with no affection shown back to her.

"Hey Dad answer me is Bulma all right" Mimi questioned her Father, "Dad... Don't ignore me I'm your daughter"

Vegeta shot her a smile not a smirk a smile, but then it was suppressed by a smirk "I'll go sought him out!"

"Who Dad?" Bra let go of him and gave him a confused look.


"Yamcha? But Daddy Mum and Yamcha have broke up!"

"Not exactly Bra" Mimi said looking at Bra, "Your Mum broke up with Yamcha... but Yamcha didn't brake up with her, he thought Dad was playing with her mind or something to make him say that"

"So Yamcha has taken Mum away?" Bra questioned.

"Yes" Vegeta walked to the the front door and opened it, "Both of you stay here! You got it!" they both nodded at him. "When Trunks gets back tell him to stay as well"

"OK... but Dad first, please be careful"

He turned around smirked at Mimi, "Don't worry about me, Hmpf, worry about Yamcha" Vegeta took off to the air flying towards Bulma, and suppressed his energy.


Bulma slowly opened her eyes, becoming conscious once again. "W-Where am I" she muttered to her self, "Vegeta..." she shot her eyes open fully after realizing where she was. Her wrists and ankles hurt from rope being tied around them, she struggled to try and get the strong material off but it was no use and hurt her more.

"Good to see you finally awake my Pretty" It was Yamcha, walking up beside her, to be next to her wearing only his boxer shorts. "Now we can get this started" He smirked

She was scared, "What?"

"Like I asked before my dear Bulma"

"You know really"

"Do I?"

"I said have you ever been raped"

"Get away from me you psycho"

"Well you haven't complained much yet!"


"Well you are laying on my bed in your underwear!?"

She gasped and tried to cover herself up but the ropes prevented her from doing so, "You FUCKING pervert!" He lent a little on his bead, then slowly climbed on top of her, "GET OFF!"

"Too bad... this is where the fun begins, this is just the beginning Bulma" she was too scared to move or even say anything. He brought his hands closer to her back undoing her bra, them firmly massaging them, gasps escaped Bulma's mouth, he kissed her franticly and couldn't help his self but to push his self to go further on her. He pulled down her pants down as far as they could go down followed by his own, but boxers, he then sided his manhood into her peak. Yet another gasp escaped her mouth. "Rest easy my Pretty, relax" he knocked against her giving her major orgasms, screaming and shouting at the top of her voice. He thrashed his self in and out of her getting faster and faster as time went on, as time went passed he finally pulled his self out of her and let her taste him. After he kissed again so he could taste his self, then kissed her down the jaw line sending shivers down her spine but also at the same time still giving her orgasms. Yamcha stopped kissing her and looked up he could feel a bad presence around and he didn't like it, someone was near, he could feel a Ki a very low one if that. He heard a crash in the next room and thought to check it out.

Yamcha put his boxer shorts back on, but then soon after the door shot open crashing against the wall, "Let the woman go!" it was Vegeta, Vegeta glanced over to Bulma, to his horror she was lying on a bed naked, and tied up. "You!? You hurt her!" Vegeta unleashed his rage and went Super Saiyan, "Your life ends here baka!" he charged at him and hit square in the stomach sending him crashing into the wall and going straight through it, ending up outside of his tiny house.

"Vegeta I hate you, you took my dreams away from me! It's your fault my relationship with Bulma went down the drain!" he struggled to get to his feet, after finding his way up he then fell back down. 'Damn! Too weak to fight him, I'm done for'

Vegeta smirked "I like ruining peoples lives that ruin my life, and my daughters"

"Mimi! I didn't ruin hers, neither did I yours!!"

"Oh, but you did" his smirk widened and he held out his hand to do a Kai blast "Baka!!!"  He shouted as her launched an energy blast at him, completely destroying him. "Hmpf, good now he's gone I get Bulma to my self. Hmm... But maybe not quite yet she needs rest"

"VEGETA!!" he heard Bulma yell and walked in to her, "Please untie me and pass me my clothes" he smiled at her.

"Shame your so self conscious" he said as threw her clothes so they landed covering her up, "Better?"

"Well, yeah I guess!" Vegeta walked over to her and used mini Ki blasts to cut the ropes apart, she was finally free. "Thank you" she held her clothes up covering her self, tears started to roll down her cheeks, "I love you Vegeta"

"Yeah... I-uh know"

She hugged him one handed, still covered up, "I love you so much"