Cry for Me - Prologue


"I'm crying for you. We're crying for you. Can you hear us? Even Hiei is crying for you." Warning: The beginning is kind of sad. Please read this!!!

This is just the prologue. Yes, it is very short. But as I said, it's a prologue - not a chapter. I promise the real chapters will be much longer. I hope you like it.


"Kurama..." Hiei whispered, sitting at my right. I looked over at him and gasped. I quickly laid my right hand over his eyes. I looked up to see Yusuke staring at my quizzically.

"Look," I told him. I carefully exchanged my right hand for my left, so fast you couldn't even see a glimpse of Hiei's eyes. I lifted up my now- free hand to show Yusuke. His eyes widened, and I looked at my hand as well. The palm was wet with a salty, clear liquid.

"Is he...?" Yusuke started to ask me, glancing at Hiei.

"Yes," I answered, not waiting for him to finish. He turned around to face the front again.

You couldn't blame Hiei for it. After all, tears were streaming down my cheeks as well. And even though Yusuke wasn't showing it, I could tell that he was crying inside.

But the one that was crying the most was Kuwabara. Tears were coming out of his eyes like the Niagara Falls. There was a trash can right next to him, already full of used tissues, and about five empty boxes for them at his feet.

I pushed a soaking, ruby bang out of my eye and handed Kuwabara another box of Kleenex. He ripped it out of my hand, although not on purpose, mind you. He probably couldn't tell. He was too busy crying his heart out.

But crying could mean so many things. You cry when you're really happy, you cry when you're really sad, when somebody has tickled you way too much, or when an insect has just flown in your eye.

You also cry in frustration when one of your best friends beats you at checkers five thousand times all in one day - but let's not go into that.

I swallowed and looked up at the reverend standing a couple yards in front of us. Maybe we shouldn't have excepted the front-row seats. Yet, this way, no one else besides the reverend could tell that a supposedly emotionless fire apparition was dampening his clothes with his own tears. I guess my hand wasn't helping as much as I thought it would.

'Quiet!' I chided myself. 'I think the reverend is about to say something you might want to listen to...'


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