Cry for Me – Chapter VIII: Epiphany

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While dropping everyone off at their respective homes, I realized just how attached we all were to each other. All were reluctant to leave and, for some, do their overdue homework after such a beautiful and friend-filled day. I was most reluctant to let Hiei and Yukina off so they could traverse back to where they were staying in the demon world. For Hiei, I had become used to him sleeping over at my house over the past several days, although I knew that my mother would not appreciate it after she returned from her trip. For Yukina…well, to be truthful, I was unsure of the reason for my regret at her departure with Hiei. All I knew at that moment was that I felt a lurch from underneath my chest, as if my heart was begging to follow her.

When I had returned home I attempted to concentrate on my studies of The Iliad, but after an hour of reading the classic work my mind began to drift off. Perhaps it was the stressful weak behind me, or perhaps the anticipation that soon my mother would return with Kazuya and Shuuichi. (A/N: Or at least that's what the website I went to said his step-father and step-brother'snames were.) After that, the house would no longer be as quiet and empty as it was. I looked up from my hard-bound book and around at the vacant living room, realizing how very lonely it was with no one but me inhabiting it.

Then again, Jin was still upstairs in the guest bedroom. Suddenly remembering that fact, I jumped up in a thought to check up on him. I quickly made my way up the stairs and to the room, then slowly opened the door. The next moment I found my worries were for naught. I smiled when I saw his sleeping form sprawled about the bed, chest rising up and down in rote with breath. Good, I told myself, It seems as thought he is conscious; merely asleep. As a result, I stepped back and closed the door behind me, careful as to not make a sound. Then, I went back down the stairs and picked up The Iliad once again.

After I had enough of Homer for one night, I shut the heavy cover over the thin pages and placed it on the coffee table, which was the closest surface to me. Sighing heavily, I slowly stood up. I had not realized how very tired I was until then. Almost fully exhausted, I forced my limbs to the stairs and then up their incline. Several times I almost fell asleep while preparing for sleep, so that when I was ready to collapse upon my bed I did so, and immediately plunged into slumber.

The next day began as it normally would, although I woke up later than usual due to the lack of sleep I had gotten over the last week or so, along with the fact that I had no need to set the alarm. Well, at least I had no alarm from the clock…

"Gooooooooood mornin'!" called a loud voice in a familiar Irish accent. The door creaked just as loudly as it opened. In the state of brief shock, I quickly sat up in bed and rubbed my eyes against the bright sunlight coming from the open window. Once I could clearly see, I discerned that my waking was due to Jin's barging in. Now he stood with one hand on the door handle and the other on the molding with a wide grin on his face. It took a moment for me to register what had just occurred.

"Jin?" I exclaimed, surprised yet very relieved. "You're awake, I see." A slight smile found its way across my lips. I was calmed by his safety.

"Yep," he answered. "And quite refreshed! What shall we do today? Take a trip to see 'Kina?" We? I asked silently, but brushed it off.

"Well, I was planning to sleep, but…" Something was tugging at me, telling me that his suggestion was something I truly wanted to do. I needed to see her again. And what had it been? No more than 15 hours, certainly! "We could invite her and Hiei over for lunch." Jin nodded enthusiastically in response, then turned around 360 degrees and began to leave.

"Good, then you'd better get ready soon. I'll go get them." He exited the room, while I blinked in confusion. Why so soon? My question was answered when I glanced to my bedroom clock, which read 11:47. I almost jumped out of my skin in surprise. When was the last time I had slept in this late…? No matter. All that mattered then was that Yukina was to come over soon, and I would prefer to have her see me in clothes and not the pajamas I was currently wearing. And so, I threw off the plush covers and stepped out of bed.

Luckily, I was ready by the time Jin returned with the two siblings. However, lunch was not. The door swung upon just as I began removing slices of bread from the package for tuna sandwiches. Jin's excitement did well to wake me up that morning, but after long periods of time it grew somewhat annoying. He and Kina were chatting cheerfully while Hiei glared at him suspiciously. Upon noticing his glance, I chuckled to myself. Jin meant no harm, I was sure. Still eyeing the redhead, Hiei walked in my direction as I placed eight slices of bread on a platter.

"Hey," he greeted laconically. I noticed how he didn't meet my eyes.

"How are you feeling, Hiei?" I asked, in reference to the apparent depression he had suffered.

"Fine." This time, he turned to look back at Yukina, as if she would slip out of his grip once again the moment she left his sight. I nodded to myself, understanding. After all, I felt similarly about her possible absence. Just then I noticed her approaching me, and almost jumped. I felt my heart skip a beat.

"It's nice to see you again, Yukina," I said when she was within earshot. She giggled, and it filled my entire self with happiness.

"But you saw me just yesterday," she replied truthfully, in a joking manner. I couldn't help but smile in return, and stare straight into her beautiful eyes. For a moment that seemed like eternity our gaze was locked in silence. Pure power pulsed through it. My heart beat forcefully beneath my chest. What was this? Why was I so distracted? I knew I had to get back to the sandwich-making, but I did not want to avert my eyes from hers. After taking a deep breath, I managed to return to my mundane task.

"So, what's for lunch?" Jin spoke up, as cheerfully as ever.

"Tuna," I answered. "You all can wait in the living room if you wish."

"And cut you out of the conversation? I think not." And so, all three visitors – or guests, whatever you wish to call their position – took seats at the kitchen table, and struck up another lively chat. Hiei, of course, stayed dormant through most of the conversation, but the reason for which he did so was his normal one. Every time his sister's songlike vocal chords vibrated off my eardrums, the image of a blue bird came to my mind. Blue like her hair, blue like the kimono I had noticed she was wearing, blue like…the lid of the mayonnaise jar, which I closed and placed back in the fridge.

The sandwiches were finished, so I placed them and four plates on the table, along with a pad of napkins. Before taking a bite, Hiei stared at his sandwich as if it were foreign – which it probably was considered in Makai – but apparently decided in was not unsafe. Perhaps he hoped it would taste as good as macaroni and cheese. Personally, I liked tuna as much, but obviously I was unaware of his tastes.

Once we were all finished eating, I placed the dishes in the dishwasher as the others moved to the comfort of the living area. After I closed the door of the metallic appliance, I traveled to the other room as well. Hiei sat on the end table that he had chosen once before and stole frequent glances around the area, as if surveying the scene. Jin sat on – or rather, floated above – the floor, while Kina placed herself comfortably on the couch. For one reason or another (or perhaps more) I chose to sit beside her.

"Hey, Jin," Hiei began, eyeing the demon of wind. "Tell me…how did you manage to get your hands on the Forlorn Hope?" One part of me was glad the familiar sinister twinkle had returned to Hiei's eyes. The other part of me rolled my eyes at his suspicious intentions with the information he sought to gain. Apparently Yukina noticed my reaction, for she failed at suppressing a giggle. When I glanced over, I saw a teasing smile on her sweet face, and was forced to smile as well. I half heard Jin's reaction to Hiei's request being the beginning of a conversation between the two; I was too absorbed in Yukina's shining orbs that reflected the quintessence of innocence.

As we sat there, on the couch, together, I was lost. Lost in eternity. As if it was only two of us, not only alone in the room, but in the entire world. As if everyone else decided to take a day off. And I loved it. Loved it so much that the affection consumed me and took control over my actions. I felt myself move closer to her fragile form beside me. My hand reached out slowly and grabbed hers; she gasped quietly in surprise.

"Kurama?" she asked, slightly dazed at my drastic move. As was I. She looked up into my eyes, and I – for once – gladly looked back, thirsty for their refreshing warmth. They soothed my nerves with their gentle intensity.

"Kina…" was all I could say, or rather, whisper. Slowly and surely I leaned, still without control, closer – close enough to intake the smell of fresh grass and roses of her hair. Before I – and she as well, I'm certain – knew what was happening, my lips were on hers. She gasped once more, but surprisingly did not jerk back. Instead, she seemed to allow my movement.

That moment could very well have been one of the best in my entire life. The very fact that our lips touched brought harmony. My mind cleared, and my heart was satisfied; at least for now, anyway. Bliss drifted strongly through the connection – a connection which bound us together. Together. Kina and I. I liked the sound of that. I smiled to myself, absorbing the pure happiness I felt. I never wanted to let this go. This happiness should never fade.

But it did. She broke away; I opened my eyes to see her biting her lip, clearly distraught. Purposely averting her gaze from mine, she outwardly trembled. Her once-blissful eyes reflected nervousness, or perhaps even fear. My heart sank. I didn't mean to cause her pain. I would never wish to hurt this beautiful angel before me.

"Yukina…" I whispered, reaching out gently stroke the side of her soft face. "My apologies. I –" I was even unaware of what force had power over me at that time.

"No, don't apologize," she interrupted. My head jerked back in surprise. She turned to face me, having slightly recomposed herself. "It's okay…I"– she smiled slightly, a blush creeping onto her cheeks –"liked it." Even at this time, her sincerity came true (or so it seemed). I admired that greatly about her.

"Then, can I…?" Without even bothering to finish my sentence, I leaned forward once more and dared to steal another kiss. This time, she showed no visible apprehension. Instead, her eyes closed like a butterfly closing its wings as my lips brushed against hers, then claiming a home. What's more, she accepted the gesture, even returning it a little. I smiled once again. This is why you have no need to thank me for your return, Yukina, I told her in my thoughts. This is all you need to do in return.

Maybe it's love, after all.

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