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Never Alone

Chapter One

Painful Memories

Takato stood alone in his room, in his parents' bakery, in the city of Shinjuku, Japan. He was staring out the window at the endless sky of pinkness as the sun was setting. Gigimon (A/N: Guilmon's in-training form if you didn't know) was sitting on Takato's bed eating bread like there was no tomorrow.

Takato didn't understand why he was back here in his hometown. Maybe it was because his parents missed the bakery or because he wanted to see Rika and Henry again. Takato wasn't sure.

Tomorrow was a school day- Friday. Takato would have to face the Tamers again after all these years, but at least he wouldn't have to see them again on over the weekend.

Takato could still remember the reason why he left...


"Stay away from me! You destroyed Guilmon's innocence! You used him!" Jeri yelled as she backed away from Takato.

"But Jeri..." Takato pleaded.

Jeri screamed. "Don't touch me! You turned Guilmon into a monster!"

Takato stood still and looked down at his bare hands.

'Jeri's right... I'm a monster. I turned Guilmon from a sweet, innocent digimon into a blood thirsty monster.'

Rain started pouring down on the Tamers.

Ryo shook his head in disgust. "Megidramon was suppose to be a mistake..."

Kazu and Kenta were still shocked from the whole thing.

"I can't believe you did that, Chumley." Kazu spoke. "You've done what Tai did. You turned Guilmon into a monster like Tai did to Agumon."

Takato began crying silently, tears streaming down his tan face. But only two Tamers noticed. The digimon remained silent, not even Terriermon could make a comment that could change the heat of the moment. Guilmon, however, had passed out from using all his energy.

Takato turned to look at his best friend, Henry Wong, but could not see his expression. Henry's face was looking down at the gray, wet cement.

Then Takato turned to his love, Rika Nonaka. But he also couldn't see her expression either because her back was turned.

Rika couldn't believe what had happened. Takato had merged with Guilmon to make a gigantic mistake. 'Megidramon.'

Takato turned to walk away carrying a fainted Gigimon who had de-digivolved.

He said three words before leaving. "I'm sorry, Jeri."

"Sorry doesn't cut it, Takato! I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think I can speak for all of us. You can't be our leader if you accidentally made Guilmon into a murderer." Kenta snapped.

Takato's eyes stared in shock. He touched his new goggles and his eyes then burned with anger. "Do you all think this?" He asked angrily.

Jeri, Ryo, Kazu, and Kenta nodded slowly but surely. Then Takato turned to Henry and Rika. "What about you? Henry? Rika?"

There faces remained still.

"Fine! Why don't you all just go to hell! I'll leave and never come back again! How could I even call you guys friends if you just got mad at me for ONE mistake!! Friends forgive friends for their mistakes!! EVERYONE makes mistakes! I HATE YOU PEOPLE!! YOU better hope you never run into me again!" Takato screamed at the Tamers in rage and anger with tears still streaming down his face.

The Tamers and their partners stared in shock at Takato's big outburst.

Takato then turned again and threw the goggles at the floor, breaking the lenses before running away, carrying a resting Gigimon.

(end of flashback)

After all these years, Takato had changed. Unlike the rest of the Tamers, Henry who had been a true and loyal friend kept in touch with him and always came to visit when he could. He and Henry still joked around with each other and hung out.

Rika did keep in touch with Takato after she had choked the answer on Takato's location out of Henry. She'd mail a letter once in a while. Takato was pleased with this mainly because he still loved her.

Takato could still remember the former best day of his life, when he was officially named the leader of the Tamers.


Takato was walking out of a card store after buying some new cards for his deck.

Then he bumped into all the Tamers. Their digimon were nearby, obviously in hiding from the public.

He smiled. "Hey guys! What's up? Is there a wild digimon somewhere?"

Jeri giggled. "No, Takato."

"Is there a meeting that I'm late for?" He asked.

Kazu chuckled. "No, Chumley."

"Well why are we outside of a store all looking at me?" Takato grinned sheepishly.

Kenta laughed. "Because we have a surprise for you."

"A surprise?" Takato asked again.

"Yes, Gogglehead. Hey, Brainiac! Give me the bag!" Rika ordered.

Henry complained as he handed her a red paper bag. "Will you ever stop calling me that?"

"Nope." Rika continued. "I speak for all the Tamers here including Mr. Perfect/Stubborn over there, that we officially (coughs) give you the title of leader of the Tamers with this gift. Open it, Puppet Girl."

Jeri took the bag and took out a pair of goggles.

Takato gasped. It was a pair of goggles like the ones Davis had in the show. But they were light blue tinted and the silver rimming glimmered in the sunlight.

Takato took the goggles and took his original ones off. Then he placed his new ones on.

"Thanks guys!" Takato smiled cheerfully.

The others nodded while Henry smiled.

"Now let's go celebrate, shall we?" Kazu hollered happily.

Everyone cheered. (Rika just grinned)

(flashback ends)

After that, Takato led them to many winning battles until the incident. After he quit the Tamers, Takato and Guilmon who had understood parts of the situation, left with his family to go to England.

It had been four years since he left on that depressing day. (A/N: He was 13 when he left)

Now he was back and more different than ever.

Takato took Gigimon into his arms and crawled into his warm bed and fell asleep instantly.

*** (the next day)

Henry was walking his friends, Kazu, Kenta, and Jeri. It was their third year in high school and Rika had joined them in their second year because her mom wanted her to make more friends.

He had been helping Jeri over the past few years over Leomon's death. He knew that now Jeri had forgiven Takato because she understood now that Megidramon was only a creation of Takato's anger. But who knew what would happen if Takato showed up.

Rika was standing in front of the school, tapping her right shoe, impatiently.

"About time you three got here! Let's go already, we're going to be late and then Ms. Asagi is going to have another lecture planned for us on how to be early!" Rika said angrily.

All five tamers had first period together- English with Ms. Asagi.

Henry commented. "She's got a point, guys. If only Kazu and Kenta didn't have to play a card game every morning before school than we'd get here earlier.

Kazu whined. "So what? I need to practice and nothing's better than beating my friend here every morning!"

Kenta corrected him. "I believe you're wrong, Kazu. I beat YOU every morning not the other way around."

"Yeah yeah yeah." Kazu snorted.

Rika said impatiently. "If you two numbskulls are done, let's go!"

The five walked into the white building and made it to class without any problems.

Ms. Asagi walked in and smiled. "Well now! You five have finally made it on time!" The class shared a laugh because they knew she meant a certain group.

"Class! Settle down, please! We have a new student coming in today from England. It can't be!" She said.

Henry gasped. 'Oh my god! No it couldn't be, could it?' Because he knew there was only one person that could've made Ms. Asagi say that.

A boy walked into the class and grinned a slightly evil grin.

Jeri wondered. "How come he looks so familiar?"

Rika grinned clearly amused. 'Well look who's here! Gogglehead is back and now let's see the reactions of my dear Tamers when they find out who he is.'

She turned to look at the rest of the Tamers' faces. (A/N: Ryo will appear later)

Kazu stared and Kenta was shocked.

Kenta thought. 'Holy crap! It's Takato!'

"Hi!" Kazu chirped without a clue who he was.

Ms. Asagi introduced the new student with an exasperated sigh. "Welcome back, Takato Matsuki."

The class and all the Tamers except Henry and Rika gasped loudly.

Jeri was shocked. 'It can't be him! He's changed so much!'

Takato wore a black leather jacket, a dark red shirt, dark jeans with a black belt, and red and black sneakers. He had his old goggles hanging around his neck and his Digimon deck was hanging on his belt and his D-Arc was clipped to the belt as well. His light brown hair now had dark brown highlights and was still wild and untamed.

"Takato, please go sit at the desk next to the window." Ms. Asagi said.

Takato nodded and lifted his blue and white backpack and walked over to the seat next to Henry, behind Rika, and in front of Jeri.

"Takato..." Jeri said softly. She wanted to talk about the incident and after all, it had been four years since she had seen him. But from the looks on Henry and Rika's faces, she had a suspicion that they knew something she didn't.

"Can it, Katou!" Takato said cooly.

The other Tamers stared at Takato oddly.

Kenta thought. 'He's changed so much...'

Then the snack break bell rung and Ms. Asagi dismissed the class. And Takato zoomed out of the classroom leaving everyone surprised.

The Tamers gathered together and walked out to look for Takato.

Takato was sitting against a cherry blossom tree with his hands behind his head and his eyes closed. 'Great. I have five more periods including lunch with them. Maybe I can just eat with Henry alone...'

Just then, the Tamers walked up to Takato.

"Hey Gogglehead!" and "Hey Takato!" were two greetings he heard from none other than The Digimon Queen and his Best Friend.

Takato sat up acknowledging their presence.

"Takato..." Kenta began.

"Well look who's here! It's the ex- 'friends' that dumped me! Well it must be important if you had to walk over here to speak to the leader you abandoned!" Takato said coldly.

The tamers heard his emphasis on the word 'friends.'

"Takato, we're sorry! Please talk to us! To ME!" Jeri pleaded hoping that he still liked her.

Takato shook his head in disgust. "DO you actually think I still like you, Jeri? Did you ever think that just maybe I've moved on? STAY AWAY from me, Tamers except you Henry and Rika. None of you ever cared to ask where I went or lived these past four years."

Takato stood up and brushed the dust off. Then he walked away leaving the Tamers standing there.

Jeri, Kazu, Kenta turned to look at Rika and Henry with a look that said 'What does he mean?'

Henry answered their look with his eyes narrowed. "I, unlike the rest of you, wanted to know where Takato went so I called his parents and asked. And ever since then, I've kept in touch with him and sometimes visit whenever I have time and permission from my dad."

Then Rika stepped up. "I was suspicious of Brainiac here so I pounded out the whereabouts of Gogglehead out of him. And I've mailed him a letter every now and then."

This information shocked the three Tamers even more.


It had been a rough day for Takato facing all his ex-friends. Now he was looking forward to facing a wild one.

Then he heard his buddy calling him in his room.

Takato walked into the dark room and turned the light on.

Guilmon greeted his Tamer. "Do you have any bread, Takatomon?" He sniffed.

Takato smiled kindly. After all this time, Guilmon still called him by his nickname.

"Here, boy." Takato handed him a piece of bread.

Guilmon cheered happily. Then he spoke with his mouth full. "Takatomon, I saw Calumon today! He was very happy that we came back! We played all afternoon but we were careful, Takatomon!"

Takato smiled. "That's great, boy."

Guilmon's ears wiggled.

Then he spoke after finishing his snack. "Takatomon, there's a digimon near the park."

"Really now? Let's go have some fun, boy!" Takato smiled.

Guilmon nodded knowing what to do.

*** (At Shinjuku Park)

A digimon was marching down the street and people were running away screaming.

The tamers (including Ryo) rushed to the scene.

Rika held up her D-Arc to get some data on the tiger digimon.

'Mihiramon: Ultimate Level. Holy Beast type Digimon. Attacks are Samuri Tiger Tail and Armor Tiger Tail.

"Renamon! Let's go!" Rika yelled.

Renamon: "bio-merge to... Sakuyamon!"

"Terriermon! You too!" Henry ordered.

"Why me? Why can't you humans go to battle for once and we do the card-slashing?" Terriermon complained.

"Terriermon! Can't you follow a decent order and not complain for once?" Henry said with a sigh.

Terriermon shrugged and hopped off his Tamer's head.

Terriermon: "Terriermon bio-merge to... MegaGargomon!"

"You too, Guardromon/MarineAngemon/Cyberdramon!" Kenta/Kazu/Ryo said.

They didn't digivolve but just got ready to battle. (A/N: I changed some stuff from the episodes. I get episode info from MZ Network)

Mihiramon laughed. "Do you seriously think you can defeat me without your all powerful Leader?"

Ryo scoffed. "We don't need him! WE've done just fine without him all these years." Obviously none of the Digimon or Ryo knew that Takato had come back. No one had bothered to tell them because they hadn't seen him in a while.

Mirhiramon yelled. "ARMOR TIGER TAIL!"

The surprise attack blasted everyone.

After de-digivolving, the digimon all caught their flying partners.

Mirhiramon laughed. "Now time for the end, Tamers! SAMURI TIGER TAIL!"

The blast headed for the weak Digimon and their Tamers.

"I don't think so, buddy! DEMON'S DISASTER!!" A shout was heard. (A/N: I don't know if this is the true attack or if there really such a form, but credits go to Daneel Rush, NOT ME)

Out of the clouds came a flying black knight.

Rika weakly held up her D-Arc:

ChaosGallantmon, a Mega Level, Virus type Dark Knight Digimon. The Death Bringer, Dancer of the Black Flames, the one who summons disaster...a creature born of a holy knight with a tainted soul, whose only objective is precisely that: to change everything into nothing. His Judecca Prison and Demon's Disaster attacks can only be described with one word: abysmal.

"Wow! Instead of your normal knight in shining armor, we get a black knight in dirty armor." Terriermon commented.

The tamers stood up with the energy they had left and so did their Digimon.

ChaosGallantmon said amused. "Well Ryo! It looks like you may be wrong! You do need me!"

Ryo and all the Digimon stared in shock at the combined voice. Then they looked back at the other tamers and they nodded.

"Takato?" Ryo asked.

ChaosGallantmon laughed. "Of course who did think it was Santa Claus?"

"Now! Time to say bye bye, Mihiramon!" ChaosGallantmon turned to the tiger Digimon. "Whoever your boss is, tell him to back off unless he wants his ass kicked!"


The attack obliterated the holy beast and then the black knight absorbed the data.

Then a bright light glowed. Then the light vanished revealing Takato in his new attire and Guilmon red as usual.

"Hello, Tamers. Now I thought you didn't need my help! I hope you don't continue this losing streak because then you have to call me to come help you every time a digimon came into town!" Takato coldly said. "Good evening, Henry, Rika."

Rika was angry at his comment which meant to her that he thought they were all weak, but she remained silent and decided she would have a talk with him later.

Henry and Rika nodded, while the others remained silent.

Then Ryo asked a question. "Who was that, Takato? Who was that dark knight?"

"Me, you idiot. Didn't you see the flash? That is my other bio-merged form, ChaosGallantmon. Rather original, don't ya think?" Takato grinned.

Terriermon was about to speak when he was tackled by a red blur. "Hi Terriermon! Nice to see you again!"

"Nice to see you too, Guilmon!" Terriermon sweatdropped. Then Guilmon got off and rushed to Renamon.

"Hello Renamon! Looking nice as always!" Guilmon happily commented while Takato, Henry, Terriermon, Rika, and Renamon sweatdropped.

Then Guilmon turned to the rest of Tamers. Jeri smiled sweetly at him.

Then he growled. "Tamers." Apparently Takato had told him about what the Tamers did to him.

The Tamers were surprised at Guilmon's harsh tone because he was usually so innocent. Then Takato spoke.

"Come on, Guilmon! Let's go home and get you some bread and peanut butter!"

"Okay Takatomon!" Then Calumon flew onto Guilmon's head. "Hi Calumon!" Guilmon smiled.

"Me too! I want bread too!!" Calumon said excitedly.

Takato laughed. "Okay, Calumon. Let's go!"

The tamers were even more shocked at seeing Takato's innocent side again after seeing him so different before.

Then the three left setting out to Takato's bakery.

Then Rika ran after them and Renamon followed her Tamer.

They left the Tamers standing there.


Takato was silently walking by himself. Guilmon and Calumon were currently playing hide-and-go seek while following Takato.

"Hey Gogglehead wait for me!" A voice shouted.

Takato turned around and came face to face with a panting Rika Nonaka.

"Hi Rika and sorry for that comment I made! I didn't mean it the way you think." Takato smiled kindly. He might have been mean to the others but he would never be mean to her. Plus he had seen Rika clench her fist earlier.

Rika held up a finger signaling to give her a minute to catch her breath. Her cheeks were pink from running.

Rika shook her head. "You're forgiven, Gogglehead. This is why I hate running."

Takato laughed. "You look cute when you're red, Rika."

Rika glared. "What did YOU say, Gogglehead?" But inside she was blushing from Takato's comment.

Takato smiled and shook his head. "Nothing." Although he had changed, he was still afraid of Rika as always.

"Yeah. It'd better be nothing!" Rika threatened. "Gogglehead, why are you being so mean to them? I mean I think they've forgive you after all these years. I, on the other hand, can be mean because it's me."

"Because... Takato began. "I don't want to forgive them yet. I want them to know what it feels like to be not good enough. That's how I felt when they fired me as the leader. I felt I wasn't good enough afterwards because I made one mistake! I mean Tai made that mistake and he was forgiven after and so did Davis. And I'm going to make sure they know what it's like to be abandoned by your best friends and besides they didn't even bother to find out where I went like Henry did."

Rika nodded in understanding. "So will you ever forgive them? Go back to working with us again?"

"Maybe." Takato simply said. Then he began walking again to catch up with his digimon.

"Takato! Promise me that at least you'll go back to working with me and Brainiac?" Rika asked. She hoped that even though Takato won't go back to the Tamers at least he would back to his best friend and her.

Takato turned around and shot her the sweetest smile he could muster. "Sure, Rika. Oh and by the way, you just called my by my name."

Rika blushed lightly, but Takato could see it. "You sure know how to ruin the moment, Gogglehead." She made sure she had put an emphasis on the word 'Gogglehead.'

Takato grinned and said two last words before leaving. "Bye, Rika."

Rika nodded.

Then Takato ran to catch up with his two digimon friends.

Rika turned around and called. "Renamon!"

"Yes, Rika?" Renamon asked as she jumped out of a nearby tree.

Rika asked. "Do you think Gogglehead will come back to me- us again?" Rika caught herself a second after she said 'me.'

"Of course, Rika. He does have you and Henry. Besides I have a feeling he will be doing some thinking tonight." Renamon responded before she jumped out of sight again.

Renamon had heard Rika's mistake and flashed a look that looked like a grin. She could easily tell that Rika had a crush on the goggleheaded tamer and he still had one on her too. Yes, she knew that he had a crush on her Tamer for a while now, although she wasn't often seen, she could see the look on his face every time she was around him.

Rika turned around after her partner had left and started heading home.

"Hey Rika!" A voice shouted.

Rika turned again. It was the blue-haired tamer and his dog, rabbit digimon.

"What is it, Brainiac and make it quick! I'm tired right now and I want to go to bed!" Rika snapped.

Terriermon joked. "Need your beauty rest, Queenie?"

"No." Rika said as she knocked the digimon off his tamer's head.

"Ouch! It was just a joke, Rika!" Terriermon whined while rubbing his head.

Henry said. "Anyways! What were you and Takato talking about?"

"I know! I know!" Terriermon jumped up and down raising his little paw. "They were making out behind a tree!"

Then Rika kicked him and Henry just sweatdropped.

Rika replied. "I was just asking him if he was going to forgive the others and come back again."

"And?" Henry asked.

Rika finished. "Maybe. But he also made me a promise."

Henry nodded. "Which was?"

Then Terriermon made another comment. "He would get hitched with Rika, have a baby with her, and live with her for the rest of his life!"

Rika was already fuming by now and had turned red. She ran at Terriermon and started choking him.

Henry noticed the redhead had turned red and he could tell that it was both from Terriermon's comment and her anger. He smiled that she had actually blushed.

"R-Rika!! C-C-Can't breathe!!" Terriermon gasped.

Then Henry calmed Rika down.

"He promised." Rika glared at Terriermon, as he gulped. "That he would come back to you and me at least."

Henry nodded and picked Terriermon up before leaving. "Thanks, Rika. Oh and I know you like him, Rika, but you just don't want to admit it yet."

Rika screamed and stomped off toward her house.

Henry grinned and Terriermon laughed. "Good going, Henry! I knew you had it in you!"

Henry shook his head and walked home.


Davis's voice: "Davis Motomiya here and I'll be speaking for Never Alone!! Wow what a sad history Takato has suffered with the Tamers! Will he ever forgive them and will Rika and Takato admit their feelings for each other? And who is Mirhiramon's boss that ChaosGallantmon mentioned? Find out next on Digimon: Digital Monsters"

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