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Never Alone

Chapter 5: The Demon's Return, Part Two

Takato was sitting in the middle of fourth period, History, almost falling off into dreamland. History was an easy enough subject, but all the wars he had to know about were giving him a headache. He could barely tell the difference between World War l and World War ll. (A/N: *laughs* I can't either!)

He was wondering when he could leave to go to 5th period, Spanish. (A/N: That's my elective! And it's a killer!) All Takato wanted was to get this day over with so he could go home and sleep.

This morning he had woken up late and had to skip breakfast to make it to school before the bell rung.

Suddenly Takato's teacher, Mr. Park (A/N: That's my History teacher's name, but he's not as boring as how I'm writing.), cleared his throat.

"Class, may I have your attention, please?" Mr. Park announced.

Most of the class woke up from their "slumber," and stared at their teacher.

He continued. "As you may know, Christmas is coming up and Winter Break is next Friday. I thought we should do something fun and have a Christmas activity before the break. Our activity is "Secret Santa!"

Half the class cheered, the rest groaned at the thought of spending more money.

Mr. Park laughed. "I have a box with all your names in it and all you have to do is draw the name and then buy that person a gift. Please keep the name of your "recipient" private."

Takato groaned. He had Jeri and Rika in this class and he was certain he didn't want to get Jeri's name. If he could get Rika, he'd be the happiest person in the world, even if she would probably sock him afterwards.

"Takato?" His teacher called out.

Takato stood up and walked over to the box. Then he nervously picked out a piece of paper. It read: Jeri Katou.

Takato slapped his forehead. "Crap."

Mr. Park asked. "Something wrong, Mr. Matsuki?"

Takato shook his head. "No, sir." Then Takato walked back to his seat and sat down and sighed.

Rika walked over to him while their classmates picked out from the box. "Hey Gogglehead. So who'd you get?"

Takato sighed. "Jeri."

Rika laughed. "This should be interesting, huh?"

"Anyways…" Takato began. "Who'd you get, Rika?"

Rika glared. "No way, am I telling you Matsuki."

Takato whined. "Hey! No fair! I told you!"

"Well, maybe you shouldn't have done that. Later." Rika chuckled walking away.

Takato wondered. 'Sometimes I wonder what I see in her…' (A/N: Don't kill me!)

*** (Wong Residence)

Takato rang the bell to the home of his best friend.

He heard someone rush to the door, on the way stumbling over things.

Henry opened the door and then leaned on the doorway, trying to catch his breath.

"Hey... Takato... What's... up?" Henry asked, gasping.

Takato grinned. "Hey Henry. Do I want to know what happened?"

Henry held up one finger, signaling 'hold on a sec'. Then He took a big breath and said. "Terriermon."

Takato laughed. "What'd he do this time?"

"My so-called friend set up traps all over the house because of what I did to him yesterday." Henry glared but then quickly smiled at Takato's confused look. "I took pictures of him as "Pwincess Pwettypants."

Takato raised a brow. "So? You've done that before."

Henry laughed. "This time it was in a really pink dress and he found my photo album, screensaver, and the picture folder."

Takato's eyes widened. 'Poor Henry... Terriermon's discovered all of the places where Henry had the pictures.' "Henry, you're doomed."

Unfortunately, Henry didn't have time to reply because he had jumped into the bushes.

"TAKATO, look out!" Henry shouted.

The shout shook Takato out of his thoughts and turn to Henry, who was hiding behind the bushes. Then he turned his attention to where he was heading and saw Terriermon was standing in the doorway with a rather large water gun in his paws, smirking evilly.

"FIRE!!" Terriermon shouted happily and sprayed water at Takato.

Takato screamed. "AAH!!"

Terriermon smirked as he finished shooting then glared at the soaked Tamer. "That's what you get for knowing about the pictures."

Then he turned around and went into a room.

Henry walked up to Takato and chuckled. "Now you know what I'm going through. Come on in and I'll get you some dry clothes. Can't have you see Rika, looking like that now, can we?"

Takato glared at Henry because he was still crossed over Terriermon's prank. 'I am going to kill the little rabbit!''

Henry grinned and walked into his room and searched through his closet. "So what did you want?"

Then the Chinese tamer handed Takato a towel. Takato gratefully took it and dried himself. "For history, Park is having a "Secret Santa" thing."

"And?" Henry asked while searching through a closet.

"And..." Takato began. "I'm Jeri's Secret Santa."

Henry yelled. "Ouch! (A water balloon hit him) Sorry, did you just say 'Jeri?'" Then he looked at Takato.

Takato nodded slowly but surely.

Henry shook his head. "You're doomed. Anything you give her, she'll throw away with a look of disgust, probably."

Takato nodded again.

"That's why I came to you! Maybe I could set you two up as my present." Takato suggested.

Henry thought for a minute then replied. "NO WAY!"

Takato cursed. "Damn... Well, it was worth a try."

Just then Impmon came in through the door. "Hey Takato, where's pineapple head?"

"GUILMON. He's sleeping at my house." Takato responded.

Henry stuck his head out again and asked. "Hey! How'd you get in here?"

Impmon sneered. "You really shouldn't leave your door locked, you know?"

Henry gave him a confused look. "Why? That's what a door suppose to do."

"Because... Impmon said. "Digimon like me might blow it up."

"YOU WHAT??" Henry yelled and then ran to the door to check the damages.

Impmon chuckled. "Aah... Don't worry about it! It was just a small hole, can't even see it!"

Takato smiled.

Henry shouted. "THIS you can't see?" He opened the door and revealed a somewhat big hole where the doorknob was supposed to be.

Takato shook his head and grinned. "Impmon."

"Alright alright. I'll fix it later." Impmon sighed. "Just ruin my fun why don't you?"

Takato replied. "It's my job."

Henry tossed him some dry clothes and left to the garage to get tools.

After Henry left the room, Takato left to go to the bathroom, followed by the digimon.

Then Impmon shouted through the door. "Forgot to ask! What happen to you?"

"Terriermon." Takato responded.

Impmon laughed. "Nice one, Terriermon!"

"Thanks!" A reply came from another room. Impmon assumed it was the little digimon.

Takato asked. "So what did you want, Impmon?"

Impmon replied from outside the door. "I need to talk to you, Gogglehead."

"Impmon! No one suppose to call me that but Rika!" Takato shouted.

Impmon chuckled. "Yeah, whatever. Takato."

Takato sighed. "Why do I get the nicknames?"

Impmon didn't reply for a few minutes. Then he spoke. "It's not only you, buddy."

The brunette walked out confused but shook it away. He wore a striped white and blue button-up shirt with a white shirt underneath and black jeans with his black belt. He still wore his blue tinted goggles and had his D-Arc and cards.

In the garage, they could hear Henry searching through boxes to look for an extra doorknob and the right tools. The blue-haired tamer was also heard muttering curses.

Takato sighed. "Okay, I'll ask you ONCE more. What do you want?"

Impmon dragged him toward the counter in the kitchen and sat on the stool. Then he whispered in a very low voice. "I want to go to the Eastern Quadrant and bring Leomon back."

"YOU WANT TO WHAT???" Takato shouted.


(In the garage)

Henry wondered. "I wonder if Takato got blown up..."


(Back to the Kitchen)

Takato yelled. "Are you out of your mind?!? Has Terriermon had a bad influence on you again?"

"Hey! I resent that!" A voice hollered from Henry's room.

"Terriermon!" Impmon shouted. Then he turned back to the brown-haired Tamer. "Keep your voice down, you idiot! You want Henry AND Terriermon to hear?"

Takato sighed then whispered. "Why do you want to get Leomon back?"

Impmon looked down at his feet before replying. "Don't tell ANYONE this or I swear to our stubborn Sovereign, I'll kill you, but I'm really starting to feel guilty that Jeri lost her Digimon partner because of me. And now the Tamers are probably mad at you again for inviting me back."

Takato stared at Impmon, eyes full of surprise and wonderment. "I never thought I'd see the day when Impmon, the Trouble Maker, would be feeling guilty."

Impmon glared at the goggleheaded Tamer. "Ha ha, very funny. Seriously, Takato, I want to go bring Leomon back."

Takato continued to stare at Impmon, then he spoke in a quiet voice. "Alright, Impmon. I'll come with you but only because I need to get Jeri a Christmas present for my Secret Santa thing."

Impmon smiled. "Thanks, Takato."

"Come on let's go to the park and think up some ideas. But first I have to leave a message on the machine for my parents so they won't worry." Takato suggested. Impmon nodded in response and went to the door.

After he finished his call, Takato called out to the garage. "Hey Henry! I got an idea for Jeri's present! I got to go. Good luck with the doorknob!"

Henry who had heard Takato replied. "Great! And what do you mean by "good luck?" Impmon is going to fix it!"

Takato sweatdropped. "Right..." Then he opened the door and left with Impmon following.


Takato and Impmon walked through the famous Shinjuku Park and sat down on the bench.

There were birds chirping as some kids were feeding them and the wind was howling gently. Then Takato broke the comfortable silence.

"Just how were you planning to get there, Impmon?"

Impmon thought for a moment. "Uhh… wishing on a star?"

Takato chuckled. "First, Impmon, there are no stars out in the afternoon. Second, I believe that and all, but you need luck to have it come true. And third, do YOU really believe that?"

Impmon grinned. "Nah. But it was worth a try. Come on, Takato. There's got to be some idea in that head of yours to help me! Takato remained silent, still in thought.

"I really wish and want to get Leomon back so I could actually help us all for once." Impmon declared.

At that precise moment, (A/N: Give or take a few seconds :] ) a DigiGnome flew out and landed in front of the two.

"Wow, Impmon. When you made that wish, it must have truly been sincere, because there's an actual DigiGnome here." Takato commented. (A/N: This is an exception to those who know that DigiGnomes do their work in secret)

Impmon yelled excitedly. "Bada boom! Who's the mon? Me!!"

Takato shook his head and sighed. "Let's go." Then he walked toward the little creature.

"Hey there little guy." Takato said, greeting the DigiGnome.

The small creature made a sound and disappeared.

"Nice going, Pineapple Head. "You scared it away." Impmon commented.

Takato replied. "Shut up."

Suddenly wind blew fiercely, swirling leaves in the air. Takato had to cover his eyes to block them from getting dirt.

Then a large portal was revealed in front of them.

Takato signaled to Impmon. "Come on."

They both entered the portal, which afterwards took them to Zhuqiamon's Lair.

(meanwhile at Nonaka Residence)

Rika was pacing in her room thinking very deeply about a specific someone. (A/N: Oh come on! You know who it is!)

"God! Why did I have to get him of all people! Why couldn't it be some lousy kid I don't know?" Rika growled in frustration.

Renamon was watching from nearby, interested in why Rika was so annoyed.

"Renamon." Rika called.

Renamon appeared in the barely lit room. "Yes, Rika?"

Rika nervously mumbled. "I need some advice."

"About?" Renamon asked.

"I need to get Gogglehead a gift for this Secret Santa thing we're doing in one of my classes." Rika replied.

Renamon nodded in understanding. "And you don't know what to get him?"

'Why don't you just give him your love? It seems he still likes you very much, Rika.' Renamon secretly thought.

Rika stopped pacing and walked to her bed and sat down, still in thought.

"Whatever. I'll just try again tomorrow." Rika decided. Then she turned the lights off and settled into bed for a night of rest.

(Back to Henry's) (A/N: Interesting how I'm moving from house to house huh?)

Now we see Henry who is currently standing in a lit garage, pounding on the door, screaming his head off.

Henry was shouting with all the air he had in his lungs. "Terriermon! Let me in!"

"No way, Jose!" Terriermon said from the other side of the door.

"Come on! It was just a joke! It's not that big of a deal!" Henry complained.

Terriermon scoffed. "Not that big of a deal, my digital butt! A screensaver of embarrassing pictures is not that big of a deal? Besides that, I prank people, not the other way around!"

Henry had to stifle a laugh when his partner said the screensaver part. "Please?"

Terriermon chuckled. "Fine, but I'm not through with you yet! (Henry groaned) Look in the right pocket of your vest."

Henry searched in the pocket and took out a key. "Is this the key to the door?"

Terriermon laughed. "Yep! You did all that whining and begging for nothing, my friend!"

Henry slapped his forehead and sighed. "Damn." Then he took the key and opened the door.

Terriermon tried his best to stifle his giggles, but Henry could see the rabbit's face threatening to explode with laughter. "Oh shut up!"

Then Terriermon giggled and giggled and giggled. Even when he went into Henry's room to sleep, he was still making noises.

Henry sighed and one thought crossed his mind before drifting off to sleep. 'Takato was right, I am doomed.'


Davis's voice: "It seems Fate had a different idea for who Takato was going get a gift for! Will Takato and Impmon prevail against the battle with Zhuqiamon? Will the Tamers be able to overcome their personal battles and defeat the Devas without Takato? Well, for that matter, will they even worry that the two are missing? Find out next time on Digimon: Digital Monsters!"

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