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Chapter 1 - Kaiba Corporation Vs. Kane Enterprises

He was rich, powerful, and his deep blue eyes were enough to make any girl throw herself at him. So why wasn't he happy? One thing was for sure. It wasn't easy being the youngest cooperate executive and still have to attend school in the process.

"Eight pages of math homework due." he smirked a little. That was nothing to him. He could finish it all in an hour the very least, while his fellow classmates spent two on each page. He sat in his private office at his mansion finishing up. The phone suddenly rang next to him. He picked it up feeling a little annoyed that someone had interrupted him doing homework. He only had one more problem left.

"What is it?" he grunted irritably.

"Mr. Kaiba, the Vice President of Kane Enterprises has arrived and wants to speak with you." It was one of his advisors. Unfortunately the one who couldn't give a good advice if it was pasted in front of his face.

"Alright, I'll be there in a few minutes." he clicked the phone down on the receiver and looked at the last question. Without even giving it a second glimpse he wrote the answer down as well as showed all his work. He hated leaving things unfinished, he might as well finish it. Closing his text book he grab his homework and rushed out of the door.


"Will Mr. Kaiba be joining us today?" the Vice President asked, tapping his fingers on the conference table. Behind him stood two lower rank administrators.

"Mr. Kaiba is on his way as we speak." the advisor answered.

"Good." he said satisfied.

Just then Seto walked into the conference room. All the people in the room stood up in acknowledgment to him. He briskly stepped up to the long table and planted his briefcase down.

The only thing that was more complicated then math was making business deals. It was all about grappling with wrinkly 40 year old men who were out for all they can get.

"Gentlemen." Seto greeted. His face was set in a firm business like manner, showing that he wasn't a person to mess with even though he was still young.

"Ah. Mr. Kaiba." he put out his hand. "Leonel Yue. Vice President of Kane Enterprises. A pleasure to meet you."

Seto didn't seem all that impressed but his shook his hand anyway. "Likewise." he answered.

Yue gave a stiff smile. He slapped his hands together eagerly. "Now then, let's get to business shall we? As you know Kane Enterprises is one of the top leading software programers in the world. Your new upcoming project on enhanced Duel Monster Disks is predicted to have a big success . We have review the plans and we find it would be favorable to both our companies. You will provide the design and we'll provide the software. The profit will be split."

Seto tried hard not to roll his eyes. He never really cared much about profits being made. Kaiba Land alone made him more then enough. The only thing he wanted was to execute his vision of gaming to the world.

"Your board members have already made a contract. All you and I need to do is sign it and the deal will be set."

Seto said nothing. He reviewed the contract, skimming through each page, until all 20 pages were checked. Yue looked eagerly at him.

Seto rose his eyebrows at Yue, who was giving him such an obvious fake smile that he felt like ripping it clean off of him. Another thing on his list that he hated, people who pretended they like you just to get what they want from you.

He placed the contract on the table, but he didn't sign it. "I couldn't help but notice that the CEO of your company is not present for this meeting." he said out of the blue.

"Yes well...We apologize but he is busy at the moment." Yue said lamely.

"Busy?" Seto looked offended.

"Don't worry. He has given me consent to sign the contract." he explained. As if that would reassure him. But Seto wasn't satisfied with that answer.

"I'm sorry gentlemen, but I won't sign anything until your boss signs it first." He slipped the contract back across the table to Yue.

Yue blinked, confused by Seto's sudden decision. "That's not possible."

"And why not?" Seto glared, getting a little irritated.

"We have... security measures." Yue said feebly. He didn't elaborate on it.

"Security measures? Is that all you can come up with?"

"But Mr. Kai..."

"I refuse to close this deal unless I meet with your president. I'm not going to be measured up with insects like you! If not, then the deal is off."

Yue stood up suddenly, his chair fell over as he pounded his fist on the table. "Think of what you are losing! This contract would benefit both of us."

"I think it would benefit you more then me." Seto said bitterly. "There are plenty of other software companies willing to make a partnership with Kaiba Corp. Maybe one who doesn't think he's too good enough to meet me face to face! I give you one day to make up your minds." To him this meeting was finished. "Now if you will excuse me gentlemen..." he stood up, smirking at their petrified faces. "I'm late for school."


He sat in his limo as it drove through the city streets. He already had a pounding migraine and it was only the beginning of the day. What's worse, he didn't have any aspirin.

"Idiots." he muttered under his breath.

The limo pulled up at the front entrance of Domino High. All the students looked up as Seto got out of the car.

"There he goes again, all high and mighty." Joey Wheeler glowered at Kaiba's arrogance.

Yugi didn't say anything about the comment, he knew it would just provoke Joey even more.

Tea who was use to Joey's daily bashing of Kaiba dragged him by the collar of his shirt. "Come on Joey! We're late for class!" Yugi and Tristen tagged along behind them.


Seto was trudging through the hallways, minding his own business, when a smiling blond girl suddenly waved at him. He glanced at her and groaned. He purposely didn't pay any attention and just kept on walking, trying to avert his eyes.

But that didn't seem to help.

"Hi!" she said, unable to notice the scowl on Kaiba's face. "Remember me?"

Of course, how could he not? She's only been stalking him oh...every single day of the week!

Her name was Belinda. Or at least he thinks that was her name. He wasn't sure since he hardly ever listen to a word she said. She would at least be good looking if it wasn't for her constant perkiness and intolerable habit of talking to him every chance she got.

This hasn't been the first time a girl has encountered him. Many, like her, followed him around, trying to butter him up and play sweet and innocent, but it all turns out the same. They only wanted to get into his bank account.

He didn't answer her question, he merely ignored her, but that didn't stop her from following him.

"Well you know that math homework? It was a killer. I had a little trouble with proble..."

Seto drowned out her mindless babble. He still tried to ignore her, hoping she would take the hint and leave him alone, but as dense as she was, she still kept on talking. His face scrunched up trying to hold back his irritation.

"Um... I was thinking, that is, if you're not doing anything, maybe we can go hang out." she smiled at him.

'Hang out'. Those two words didn't exist in Seto's vocabulary. If anything, he felt that it was utterly pointless and a waste of time.

She walked next to him as if expecting an answer. When Seto reached his classroom, she still lingered by his side. He almost thought she was going to follow him into class.

"Look..." he said with annoyance. "I'm trying to ignore you, but obviously that isn't getting through your thick skull. So why don't I just say this out loud? Get the hell away from me!" He turned and walked into class, leaving her in the hallways as she stood there with confusion.

Seto rubbed his temples. Forget the aspirin, he was going to get drunk when he gets home.


She gracefully stepped out of the stretched limo, parked a few blocks away from the Domino high school. She smoothed her skirt , fixed her long chestnut hair, and dabbed some rouge lipstick with a mirror that one of her bodyguards held up for her.

"Mistress..." he began.

She cut him off in a cool collected manner. "I would advise you not to address my name in public."

"Yes mistress." her chief bodyguard bowed in apology. "Might I stress the issue of accompanying you to school? It might be more prudent if..."

"No." she said automatically. She gave a piercing look. "I don't want you to accompany me to school, or drop me off in front of the school, or pick me up in front of the school."

"Forgive me, but I don't think it's wise to leave you unprotected."

"Are you questioning my decision Jones?" she asked with a cold stare.

He looked nervous as she gazed at him with intensity.

"You will wait for me here once the school day is over." her decision was final.

"As you wish Miss. But at least let us watch you walk down the street to make sure you get there safe."

She sighed wearily. He wasn't going to let this go was he? "Alright" she agreed, sounding bored. She double checked to make sure there were no wrinkles on her pink top and dark blue skirt uniform. It looked tacky in her opinion, but it was school policy that everyone must wear it. She began walking down the street, slinging her book bag over her shoulder as she did.

Reaching the front entrance of the school, she strolled in with elegance, like a runway model, clicking her expensive Gucci heels and held her head up high.

As expected the principal stood waiting for her. She glanced at him for a second, with his cheap polyester suit and his hair askew. He'd look like he just use some kind of Just for Men hair solution that went horribly wrong.

"Welcome to Domino High Miss..."

"Selena." she said quickly. "I would rather be called by my first name only."

He understood and continued on. " As promised I'll escort you to your first class. Here's your schedule." he handed the paper to her. "It's a pleasure to have you with us." he added.

"Thank you." she said, plastering her innocent smile.

The principal indicated her to follow him. They walked through the hallway until they reached a closed classroom door. The principal knocked a couple of times then opened the door when he thought it was okay to come in.

Inside the teacher was in the middle of a lesson when she abruptly lift her attention away from the board.

The principal waited for everyone's attention. "Class I would like you to give a warm welcome to our newest student." Selena stepped in, tucking her soft sleek hair behind her ear, as she did all the boys dropped their mouths.

All except Seto Kaiba.

"I hope you all will treat Selena kindly and welcome her to our school." All the boys nodded, but the girls glared at Selena with dislike and jealousy.

The teacher looked around the room. "Let's find you a seat. I'm afraid the only seats available is in the back. Would that be alright?"

Selena nodded. The teacher looked at her seating chart. "You can sit next to Mr. Kaiba. Mr. Kaiba, would you raise your hand?"

Seto did so, but only half way. He really wasn't pleased with the idea that the teacher would seat her next to him.

Selena walked over to him, all the boys followed her movement watching her as she sat down next to Kaiba. Among them were Tristen and Joey.

Joey poked at Tristen as if he wanted to make sure he wasn't dreaming. "Did you see that girl?" Joey asked and kept on poking Tristen.

"Yeah, I saw. I'm not blind you know. And stop poking me!" he slapped Joey's finger away.

Selena sat down, secretly wincing from her hurting feet. Why the hell did designer shoes have to be so uncomfortable? She turned her head at Kaiba, who was sitting quietly, scribbling down notes.

"So you're Seto Kaiba." she said with a knowing look.

"And your point is?" Seto muttered sourly. He didn't look at her and kept on writing.

She smirked at his haughty attitude. "Interesting." she said quietly and did not say anything else for the rest of the class period.


By the end of the school day Selena felt her feet going numb with blisters. She felt like throwing her Gucci heels at someone. After nine classes, three guys asking her out, and one hundred teenage girls after her blood, she was about ready to shoe someone.

From a distance she saw a blond hair boy strutting over to her direction. She was about ready to grab her shoe.

"Hi" he greeted. "You need help with that?" he noticed the large amount of text books in her arms.

She ignored him and threw the text books into her locker.

So much for that.

He frowned at her but didn't stop there. "My name is Joey Wheeler. What's yours?"

"Selena" she answered not facing him.

"That's a pretty name." he lean against the lockers trying to look cool. "I know your kinda new around here, so I was wondering if you want me to show you around and stuff. Maybe afterwards we can get a cup of coffee."

"I don't think so." she said coldly.

"Aw, come on. It'll be fun." he said.

Feeling irritated, she stepped up to him until she was an inch away from his face."Listen blondie." she snapped, making sure he took in every word she said. "My time is much too precious to be waste by you so if you think you're going to score with me, think again." she turned and walked off, flipping her hair in front of him in an arrogant fashion.

Joey stared after her. "Jeez, I just wanted to take her out for coffee."

In the background Seto watched them with interest. If he didn't have such a stiff mono expression, he would've cracked up right then and there. He grinned slightly watching Joey scratch his head like a dog with fleas. He could tell that the mutt seemed lost and confused.

"Someone's in a grumpy mood today..." Seto overheard Tristen reply. "She's got the looks but she could use a personality upgrade."

Upgrade indeed.

"Forget about her Joey." Tea said. "She's obviously the type that acts like she's queen bee."

"Yeah... but those legs..." Joey looked dazed for a moment, thinking, with a grin on his face.

Tea gave a glare at him, trying to restrain herself from smacking him, but with little avail. She smacked him anyway.

"Ow! What the hell did you do that for?" Joey cried out, rubbing his cranium, hoping there wasn't brain damage.

Tea looked at him sourly. "You know? Now I don't feel all that bad that she rejected you."

Seto laughed inwardly to himself. He felt like going over to the mutt and telling him something rude just to piss him off, but then thought against it. He was already late for work. He had a corporation to run after all.

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