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Chapter 3 - Double Agenda

Joey Wheeler yawned and scratched his head, having been just awoken from his nap. His reached out and grabbed the clock beside his bed, muttering about the time. It was 7:00 PM.

He had a dream of raining cheeseburgers. Delectable, wholesome, grill cheeseburgers with added bacon and tomatoes. No lettuce. He didn't like lettuce. It was the greatest burger ever made. He was almost drooling at the image in his mind and if only the real world rained with free cheeseburgers, it would stop world hunger all together.

Then Joey remembered he had to make dinner. He rummaged through to see what could he scavenge from his empty refrigerator and picked up a milk carton which smelled horrible from the inside. Looking at the expiration date on the bottom he found that it was a month old.

Joey pulled the milk two feet away from himself once the smell reached his nose. "Disgusting" he muttered and threw it out, deciding not to make dinner after all. Maybe he could crash at Tristan's.

Just as he was about to step out the door, his phone rang somewhere in the midst of the living room, which looked pretty trashed, given how the clothes, books, and take out boxes where strewn all over the place. Actually "trashed" wasn't a strong enough word for it, a battle field was more like it. He shuffled through the mess as the phone kept on ringing. After the fifth ring he finally found it cramped underneath the folds of his jersey and pressed the talk button.


Ultimately, he heard a shout on the other end of the line.

"Joseph Wheeler!"

Joey choked. "Mai?"

"I knew it!" Mai's voice cried over the phone. "I can hear the guilt on you!"

"How can you hear guilt?" Joey asked with puzzlement and then with a sudden realization added. "Why are you calling? I thought we were on a break? We are on a break aren't we?" he frowned, as if he wasn't exactly sure from Mai's brewing tone.

"That's not the point!"

"Ah!" Joey fell over the couch from Mai's shrieking. "Could you stop screaming at the mouthpiece Mai? My ears are hurting."

Mai brought her voice down a tad not because of Joey but because in truth, her throat was starting to get sore "I can't believe you Joey. I thought you cared about us."

"What are you talking about?" Joey asked, feeling bewildered. "Of course I care, I've always cared."

"Ugh! It's just like you men." she exclaimed with disgusted. "If you really cared. Then you would've called and begged me to get back together with you, you jerk!"

"But, but, but..." Joey sputtered, then lost himself with confusion. "You said you wanted to be apart for a while. I..."

"And if you really cared..." Mai continued, cutting Joey off completely and not caring to hear his pathetic excuse. "Then you wouldn't be hitting on other girls!" Her voice rose again automatically, from the last sentence as she spoke.

Joey brought the phone away from his ear with bafflement from Mai's accusation. He wondered where on earth she could've heard that from. Then it hit him. "Tea told you, didn't she?" he said it as more of a fact then a question.

"What if she did?" snapped Mai.

Joey gave a scowl and vowed that girl will pay dearly for her big mouth. "Listen Mai, I'm really sorry." He could hear Mai giving a snort over the phone from what he said. "It's true! Believe me Mai. I never wanted to hurt you."

"Then why did you?"

Joey wasn't sure how to answer that. "I don't know, okay? Just give me one more chance Mai." Even thought he knew she couldn't see it, he went on his hands and knees pleading as if it would resonate through the phone and she would know he meant what he said.

There was a moment's pause and not a sound came out of the phone. Joey wasn't sure wether she hung up on him or not. "Mai? You still there?"

"Look I have to go, but I'll call you when I get the chance." she quickly hung up without another word.

"Wait! Mai!" but the sound of the phone clicked off on her end of the line and he knew it was too late.

With much aggravation Joey threw the phone down on the floor hatefully and stood in the mess he called a living room, with much contemplation. His stomach grumbled in the middle of his meditative state and remembered he was going to Tristan's before the phone call.

He needed to think things through and what better way to help him think then food.


"Wait a minute. Aren't you guys on a break?" Tristen asked with one eyebrow raised. Knowing Joey and Mai, there wasn't any logical reasoning at all in their relationship. And if there was, he would classify this as one of their dilemmas, which probably held a long list by now.

"Thank you!" Joey threw up his hands with an exasperated sigh. "I just don't get women. One minute she says she needs some space and then the next she's accusing me of hitting on a girl."

"Joey, you did hit on a girl."

"That's not the point!" Joey cried out with the same tone that Mai had in their earlier conversation. "The point is girls should say what they want loud and clear!" He bang his fist on top of the table with a bit of a dramatic pause before he added, "And where's that pizza!?"

Tristan was looking at the clock on the wall. "I'm counting on them to be late. Delivery in 30 minutes or less or the pizza is free. They have exactly five minutes to get here." he said.

A short while later the pizza had arrived, but it was 10 minutes late as Tristan so helpfully pointed out to the delivery boy. He took the pizza and shoved him out the door, all the while hearing the delivery boy groaning. "Not again...My boss is gonna kill me!"

Tristan kicked the door closed behind him, balancing the box on one hand. "One supreme coming right up!"

"Finally... My stomach is dying over here." Joey didn't hesitate to dig in once Tristan placed it on the table.

"Hey! Leave some for me!" Tristan made a grab for a slice.

"Sorry." said Joey, spewing bits of food from his stuffed mouth.

"Gross. Don't you have table manners?"

"Yeah, I just don't use them that much." Joey replied with a grin. "Anyway...what the hell do I do Tristan? I've messed up big time and I don't even know how I did it!"

"You're talking to the wrong person if you want to know how girls think. Maybe go with Tea."

"Ha! Yeah right, I'm still mad at her for running her big mouth off." Joey said, crossing his arms in an defiant manner.

"Well if you really want Mai to come back to you, that's the only way. You love her don't you?"

"Of course!" Joey said with much disbelief that Tristan would ask such a question.

"Then what's all the fuss about?" Tristan asked.

"I don't know!" Joey cried out. But after threatening to take the last slice of pizza and much persistency from Tristan, Joey finally relented and sunk his head low.

"It's just that...she's up there and I'm..." he frowned at his hand scale, as if he didn't want to admit it. "...I'm down here."

Tristan blinked and Joey had the feeling his friend was holding his laughter in. "Stop being stupid. I'm sure she doesn't care about that."

"I care!" Joey said indiscreetly. " I want to be someone important not a stupid paper boy. Do you know how frustrating is it to be harassed by that damn guard dog every single day? It's like he's some creature from the underworld." He gave a heavy sigh. "That's another thing... I gotta find a real job. Something decent, that actually pays."

"Good luck with that dude. You're probably one of the millions of teenagers that needs a job." Tristan said smirkingly.

Joey sat sulkily, thinking to himself how rich kids had it so good. They never have to worry about anything so long as they have servants that do their bidding. If there was any justice in the world he might gain that kind of admirability and finally show his worth to Mai.


Kaiba uncharacteristically plopped down onto the couch with exhaustion from a day's work. Once he came home he tossed his briefcase aside, not caring if it was left on the floor to rot, knowing one of his maids would just come and pick it up anyway.

Feeling the aches on every joint of his body, he pointed at his maid Sophie, who was unfortunately passing by, to get him some kind of pain reliever from the medicine cabinet. That brandy he had earlier had taken its toll, leaving him with a massive migraine that probably won't wear off until tomorrow morning. Sophie obeyed and quickly left to follow his order.

Kaiba closed his eyes for a moment when he heard footsteps coming down the staircase.

"Hey big brother." greeted Mokuba as he walked in the large room. He stared down at his brother while Kaiba laid sprawled on the couch, unwilling to move a muscle. "I guess you had a rough day, huh?"

"You have no idea." Kaiba grumbled with his eyes fixate at the ceiling. "Is it just me or are people brainless by nature?"

"It can't be that bad." Mokuba frowned. Although Mokuba sensed his big brother's irritability, he decided to take a chance in asking, "How did the meeting with Kane Enterprises go?" but soon regretted it when he saw Seto give a sour expression.

"The contract was signed." Seto shrugged, not wanting to go into detail of the ordeal process he went through.

"Well, that's good, isn't it?" Mokuba didn't understand why his brother was showing such intense animosity towards it. But then again, Seto was always bitter about almost everything nowadays and it made Mokuba feel a little uneasy. "Wasn't that what you wanted?"

Deep down Kaiba was asking himself that very same question. "Kane Enterprises wasn't exactly what I expected them to be." Then he began to list off the reasons why, trying to prove his point. "The Vice-President is a complete imbecile, their office looks meretricious, not to mention they lied to me about their CEO being a women instead of a man." he said with a scoff.

"A woman as their president?" Mokuba flustered, furrowing his eyebrows together.

Seto sat up from his sprawled position and nodded his head. "She goes by the name of Selena Kane. From what I can make out of it, she's probably an heir to the company. I find her to be rather..." How shall he put it in modest terms for his little brother? "...Unorthodox."

"Then find another company!" Mokuba stated firmly as an obvious solution. "If they lied to you, who knows what else they could be hiding!"

Kaiba sighed. "It isn't that simple Mokuba. I've been waiting forever for this, I can't just throw it away now."

"Sounds kinda risky to me." Mokuba finalized, not knowing what else to say.

Just then, Sophie came back with a silver tray of water and pills and placed them on a coffee table beside the couch.

"Here you are sir." she said. "Will there be anything else?"

He simply waved her off as a sign that her services were no longer needed at the moment. Sophie nodded in understanding and left the two brothers alone once more. Kaiba took the pill with a gulp of water, trying to clear his head of all thoughts so that he can think straight. After a moment he finally made some kind of resolution and already had an idea forming in his mind.

"It doesn't matter. With a woman running Kane Enterprises, it'll be easy to keep them under control." he smirked. If Kane was anything like the girls at Domino High (he shuddered just thinking about their desperate fawning of him), then how hard would it be to control her?

"You have that look Seto." indicated Mokuba. He knew his brother was somehow scheming something, wether it be sadistic or brilliant or both. "What are you planning to do?"

His eyes flashed at his little brother with such intensiveness and determination. He knew what to do, it's a matter of how to do it that was the tricky part. "Let's just say I'll have Selena Kane under wraps before the week is over."


Meanwhile at the Kane Estate, Selena had also just come home from a tediously long day. She quickly wrenched the Gucci shoes off of her blistered toes thinking how she might never walk again. Vengefully, she thrust it to her butler and commanded him to burn it. From now on Gucci was off her list of favorite designer collections.

From behind her, her bodyguard Jones entered the mansion, looking a little more disgruntled then Selena did at that very moment. But he still kept a watchful eye on her as if he was a secret service agent protecting a political figure. Maybe even a bit more important.

"You're dismissed for the day Jones." waved Selena, as they entered the main interior halls of her Victorian mansion. "I'm home now, so there's no need for you to stand next to me every waking moment."

"Yes Miss Kane." although there was an uneasy tone in his voice that suggested he was reluctant to leave her just yet.

"What's the matter with you?" Selena inquired as she brushed past him to walk into the living room first. But Selena had an inkling feeling of what it was about even though he was hesitant to say it in front of her.

Jones crossed his eyes over and put his hands behind his back. "I would suggest taking your protection more seriously Miss Kane. If there is any leak of your whereabouts to the syndicates. It will be hell to pay."

Selena sighed. "Once again you've taken a needless matter and exaggerated far too much. It's been a little over a year. I can't stay in hiding forever."

"As head of your security, it's my job to take every aspect of danger into account. There is no need for you to attend Domino High."

"I see..." Selena looked at him with a straight face. There was no revealed expression to hint what she was thinking at the moment. "So this is the hidden reason behind it all."

Jones stiffen, a bit irked on how he could not tell what was going through his mistress's mind because of her skillful ability. "I admit, that is the case."

Selena nodded and paused before going on. Jones didn't understand nor did anyone else for that matter and Selena was quiet intent on keeping it that way. For whatever reason Selena decided to attend Domino High was her own.

"Did you trust in my father Jones?" Selena asked suddenly.

The question took Jones by complete surprise. But when he did answer, his reply was truthful and almost sincere. "I did. My loyalties will always lie with the Kane family."

"If you're very adamant on your trust, then you should have faith in my decisions and be mindful that I know what I'm doing. Have I ever steered you wrong?"

"No, you never have."

"Then there's no reason to fret then, is there?" Selena gave her charming grin. It was enough to melt away any tension in the room. "Enough about this. I have a meeting to prepare for with Kaiba Corp and I don't think my exhaustion is going to go away by tomorrow."

"I don't trust that Seto Kaiba. I suspect he has a different agenda."

"Funny, he seems especially snobbish from the usual snobbish people I meet on a day to day basis. And you know what that means...he's going to try and take control of the whole operation." She laughed, seemingly amused by the predicament. "But we're not going to let him do that, are we?"

Jones smirked as Selena paced back and forth around the living room. "What's going through your mind Miss?"

"First and foremost, we have to examine how he thinks. It's like a chess board, studying what strategies he uses. I believe he'll be easy to manipulate. Behind his CEO appearance, he's just a boy."

"If your father were still alive, he would have applaud your thinking."

Selena turned her head away from Jones to hide the sudden anger that revealed on her features. She shook it off and tucked her hair behind her ear. "I guess he would." she shrugged. "But then again it was also his downfall."

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