-Readers notes Nemesis is Weevil's people-

Sailor Moon S Chapter 33 'Prediction of Doom'

Bakura woke covered in sweat, he sits up and though it was that dream the one that's been haunting him for nearly a couple months, He walks into into the washroom and turns on the shower, He takes off his underwear and gets in, breathing heavily bakura picks up the bar of soap and starts washing himself. Everytime he closed the image of the girl appear. What did he stab you he thought to himself and who the hell was she. Bakura got out of the shower and dried himself. He gets dressed and and sit on the couch and turns on the tv. Suddenly siting beside him was rotting corpses swarming with flies it turned to bakura and said Murder. Turns and gasp but it was gone. I havent killed anything Screams Bakura. But inside him him he wasn't sure he wasn't capable of such a thing. Restless Bakura ran out the front and headed to Tea's house thinking being with Tea mite clear his mind.

It was his third date with Zoe. Lucius just stared into Zoe's Eyes as he sat across the table from her. Her lovely green eyes are so enchanting. Only problem with her is her laugh she laughs like a hyena thought Lucius.
Zoe looks across at Lucius and smile thinking this has been nice this geek has change a lot and turned into such a hunk only problem is his laugh he laughs like a hyena but he is cute when he laughs and his face light of red like a Christmas tree. Zoe bends over and suddenly kisses Lucius. Lucius face turns beat red. Zoe smiles at Lucius who smiled back at her still blushing. As Lucius takes Zoe by the hand says why don't we walk though the park. That sound great Zoe Said still looking in his eyes. Watching from a distence is Tea and Ryoko. 'Oh what a cute couple said Tea. 'Yeah how romantic replies Ryoko. All was beautiful in Central. Zoe and Lucius went into the park hand in hand laughing and smiling at each intill a naked man ran past them. Oh my God not him again thought Zoe. That just Bandit Keith the local streaker said Lucius. 'Why does he do that? said Zoe cringing at the memory of her last run in with that. 'Some say he is cursed to run naked through the park for all eternity but some say he is allergic to any type of clothes and there is the people just think hes on drugs replied Lucius. They took each others and started laughing as they walked farther into the park. Some where else in the park guy was putting on a custume. I feel so cool with this custume I found I'm now Tuxedo Shiro. Shiro looks in a pond and Screams Oh My God I'm Drowning Ill save you and jumps in the water and drowns. A kid points at the water and yells Oh My god you killed Shiro you basterd.

Growing frustrated Sailor Senna still hasn't found where the Kaiba Corp building went to. Fatigue was setting but she wouldn't let herself sleep. I will not sleep untill im back in the arm's Of Kaiba she thought to herself. She hasn't sleep in about a 2 weeks since finding out Kaiba was gone. No witnesses remembered seeing how the building vanish. She still watched the vacant lot. I wish someone would shake me awake and this would all be a bad dream thought Sailor Senna. I Must Be sleeping Screamed Senna. No your not said a voice from behind. Sailor Senna turned to a face a boy with black Hair. I knew you would be here Ayna Said the boy. Sailor Senna smile slitely and says im glad your ok Mokuba. I wish this was a bad dream too but its not I can feel my brothers suffering and he is in danger and so are you said Mokuba. I know im in danger but I have to get him back said Sailor Senna putting her hand on Mokuba's shoulder. Ayna please be careful I don't want to lose you as well your like a sister to me Said Mokuba tearing up slitely. Senna hands a Mokuba a tissue and says I will be careful I promise you and you wont lose me or Kaiba.

-Kaiba Corp building- Siting at the conference table and all the warriors of Nemesis were looking at Weevil since he was looking so angry. You people still haven't got what I want and patience in ifurita actually getting it is waning and she hasn't even done anything that is apparent shouted Weevil. Just wait and she will get interrupted Malachite. Weevil looks at Malachite and growled and yells how dare you tell me what to do but however I hate to wait but I have to. Why do you have to wait coming from a mirror. Who is there and how dare you interrupt my meeting's shouts Weevil. I'm for interrupting I'm just a humble servant asking permission address a superior. Who mite you be said asked Weevil. A figure cloaked in black apppears like a specter in the middle of the table. Im wiseman the dark figure said dark evil voice that sent a chill down the back of everyone in the room. 'I have heard of you I will appreciate advice that will help me get what I want said Weevil smiling evilly. I heard you plight with these so called sailor scouts I have an idea how distract them while your waiting for Ifurita to get what you want send another person to deal with the sailor scouts I'm here to help you with that. Wiseman claps his hands and a guy with red Hair appears and says my name is Rubeus and bows to Weevil. I predict we are gonna get along very well Wiseman says Weevil with wide grin on his face. Both wiseman and Weevil start laughing evilly.

The trunk stoped in front of cherry hill shrine and luna got out. Im glad thats over sighed Luna. Luna turn to see the people who kidnapped her all bound and gagged. Luna said how does it feel to being a prisoner. Luna picks up a stick and releases parking break letting the truck start rolling down the hill. One manages to get the gag off and says looks like team rocket is rolling off again. Luna enters the shrine and sits on the chair and takes a nap. Finally peace and quiet thought Luna. A couple minute later Bakura enters the room and sits on the chair. Suddenly a muffled panic voices sounds from under him. Bakura gets and realizes he was sitting on Luna. Why don't you watch where your sitting shouted Luna. I'm sorry I didn't see you there said Bakura. Bakura sat on the couch and waits for Tea to come back.

-To be Continued- Sailor Moon says (Funny moments in Dark Moon Series) Jedite says "I have a plain that a person with half a brain could pull off" that means you will mess it up because you are beyond brainless says a voices out of the darkness that makes Jedite growl Malachite!! Malochite smirks as he comes out of the darkness brushing off his dark gray uniform,. Malochite says with a mocking tone "why send this weakling of a loser" Jedite mutters to himself "atleast I don't date Transvestites" Malachite yells I heard that! Jedite laughs and says, "I also heard from a good source you play with Barbie doll's? That is a completely untrue there action figure Malachite replies, Jedite pulls out a Barbie - I think this belongs to you? Malachite grabs its and says don't touch that it's a collectors Malibu Barbie. Malachite cress's the Barbie's head and says did the mean man hurt you - Malachite looks up to see Mai and Jedite staring at him - Malachite yells don't look at me and vanishes