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X-treme circumstances Part 1

Senator Kelly looked outside the plane window and saw as the ground was gradually coming closer. He smiled. Soon he would be back on solid grand again.

Kelly turned to his aide, "Riley, how many stops left until Saturday?"
Riley looked at his clipboard, "Ummm......three sir. Counting this one."
Kelly smiled. Good, a light week. That meant he could get some time for relaxation.
Turning back tohis speech, he began to write.

"Hey Logan! Isn't this great?!", Jubilee exclaimed with glee as she rean down the main path.
Logan balanced the two boxes in his arms, "Jubilee.....Stop running around!"
Jubilee stopped and turned to look at her dear friend, "Sorry...It's just I am so excited."

Scott Summers and Gambit walked up behind Logan ... Both carrying boxes.
Scott smiles, "I can understand Jubilee. Starting in a new place must be a fun prospect for you."
Jubilee smiled, "Yes, College should be fine. I think I'll like it here."

The three men continued to help Jubilee move into her new dorm room.

In between grabbing boxes, Logan took the time to examine his surroundings. He had to admit Professor Xavier certainly found a nice college for Jubilee to settle in. Although Jubilee was one of the few mutants on campus the college was very open to mutants. The name of the county the college was located in reflected the feelings Xaiver had for the college.........Hope.

Logan was happy that Jubilee liked it here. It was about time for her to make friends outside of the X-men compound. He was going to miss her though.

Sarah walked out of the bookstore and balanced the stack of books in her hands. Walking slowly through the park, she enjoyed the pleasant weather and the occasional sight of a squirrel or bird.

In the distance, she could hear the clock in the clock tower chiming. It was 6 in the evening.
Sarah made her way to her dormitory and unlocked the door to her room, she spotted a new girl moving into a room across from her. Short black hair, short in height, yellow raincoat, jeans, and a T-shirt... Sarah smiled. She seemed friendly enough......As soon as she got her books put up, she made her way to the new girl.

Gambit put down another box in Jubilee's room. "I'm so glad dat's da last one Cherie."
Jubilee smiled, "All I have to do is unpack."
When Jubilee saw the three men frowning at that comment, she couldn't help but to laugh. "Don't worry guys! I'll do that myself."

The group's attention was brought to the doorway when there was a slight rap on the open door. Standing in the doorway was a young woman, slightly older than Jubilee and with long jet-black hair. She had a pleasant air about her which was confirmed by her voice.

"Hello.", The girl started, "Welcome to Bellington University. My name is Sarah."

Gambit watched as Sarah walked into the room towards Jubilee. She sure carried herself gracefully.

Jubilee smiled at Sarah and shook her hand, "My name's Jubilee," she replied, "This is Logan, Scott, and Gambit." As Jubilee spoke, she gestured to each of her friends.

Sarah smiled, "Nice to meet you. " She turned back to Jubilee, "I noticed you were moving in and thought I'd stop by and introduce myself. If you have any questions or just want to hang out, I live there. " Sarah pointed at the closed door across from Jubilee's room.

Jubilee smiled, "Thanks for stopping by."
"No problem.... Well I better go give you some time to unpack... see ya later." With that Sarah went to her room.

Logan, Scott, Gambit, and Jubilee stood in silence.
"Well, Scott said, trying to break the silence, "She seemed nice."
Jubilee nodded, "Yeah... I wonder if she knows of any good places to eat..."

Senator Keely got off of his plane and got in to his limo. As the limo left for another campaign site...he yawned. This was his least favorite part of politics... the constant running around to gain support for a new office. Oh well...

He looked out of his window as he approached the campaign spot. He smiled. He didn't expect that many supporters for his campaign. Things were looking up!

Professor xavier shook his head as he heard another televised campaign for president by Senator Kelly.
Why does that man hold so much contempt for mutant kind?.... why?

Xavier moved over to the counsel to contact Scott Summers.

Logan, Gambit, Jubilee, and Sarah sat in a booth at the local diner waiting for the waitress to bring food.

"So, Jubilee, why did you decide to come study here?," Sarah asked.

Jubilee thought of a plausible reason. She couldn't just say that she was checking out tolerance of mutants there......that would be too strange a topic. She looked at Logan and Gambit. They seemed just as off-guard by this question.
Damn! Why didn't they think of this question beforehand? We couldn't be this stupid!
"Umm... Well, I decided to come here because a mentor of mine went here.", Jubilee lied. It wasn't that she didn't have faith in Sarah, it was more that she didn't want Sarah to have to deal with too much information. She snuck a look at Logan and Gambit. They seemed ok with that white lie.

Sarah nodded at Jubilee's answer. She understood that reason. That was one reason why she came there as well.
Jubilee smiled nerviously, "So, why did you choose this University, Sarah?"

Sarah smiled and stared down at the table, "It was for several reasons..."

Gambit looked with concern at the girl. He guessed that the question must have brought up an unpleasant memory. He decided to change the subject.
"So, what major are you Cherie?", he asked.

Sarah looked up at gambit, surprised that e talked. He hadn't talked to her until then... "Performing arts....like my mother."

The conversation stopped for a while when the waitress brought their food.

After they were done eating, Sarah yawned.
"It's getting kind of late and I better get some rest," Sarah commented as she turned to Jubilee, "You might want to get some rest too as well.... from what I saw of your schedule you have a busy day set for tommorow."

Jubilee took the hint, "Go ahead. I'll catch up. I need to say bye to my friends first."
Sarah smiled, "Ok." She then turned to Logan and Gambit, "It was nice meeting you two... and the other guy. Have a safe trip back and don't worry about Jubilee. I'll see to it that she adapts quickly to life on campus."
With that Sarah paid for her meal and left.

After a few minutes passed, the others paid their share of the bill and were about ready to leave when Scott walked into the doorway sand spotted them. He waited as the others aproached the door.
"Hey Guys, I have some news from Professor X.

Sarah walked towards her dorm and shivered slightly as the cool breeze blew into her face. She thought of the people she just met and smiled...
what interesting and nice people. Overprotective of Jubilee maybe.... but that's a good thing.
Sarah frowned and sat down on a nearby bench.
At least someone cares for her.......my dad and step-mother don't seem to care anymore about what I do.
She sighed.
They didn't even put up a fight when I told them about where and what I'd be studying.
Realizing what she was doing she shook her head and got up.
Oh well, what's done is done. No use crying about myr past. Maybe one day someone would care about what I did.

The white owl perched in the branches of a nearby tree and watched as Sarah made her way to her dorm room. When Sarah was no longer in sight, he flew into the air and disappeared.

Logan, Jubilee, and Gambit looked at Scott.
"Well?", Logan asked impatiently, "What did he say?"

Scott didn't respond to Logan's curt words. He knew that was probably what Logan wanted him to do..... "Professor X said that Senator Kelly might be making a stop over in this town."

"That pompus son of a bitch?", Logan asked, "Why does Xavier want to inform us of that ?"
"Because you and Gambit are going to watch him."

Logan and Gambit both looked at Scott. "WHAT?!", they both yelled in unison.

Gambit couldn't believe this, "Why us? Why not someone else?"

Scott was getting impatient, "Because you wo have had the longest break than any of us. Storm and Rogue are doing Kelly duty up to the stop in this toown and Professor X, Jean, and Beast are working at the compound. You two are the best choices considering the situation."

"Oh yeah?!", growled Logan, "What about you visor-bor? You haven't been doing much work."

Scott was getting peeved, "I have my assignments too. I have to work somewhere else in the country."

"Fine." Gambit said, "We'll do this."

Jubilee couldn't believe this.... "Hey! What about me?", Jubilee asked, "Am I not involved?"
Logan frowned, "Sorry kid. You have to get ready for classes. that takes precedence over protecting bigots."

The white owl flew over the strange scenery of its homeland.
Flying through a window, the bird lands and begins to take the shape of a much larger creature. Soon in the place of feathers and wings, stands the tall, slender form of the strange land's ruler.....Jareth.

After the transformation, the man walks to a throne and collapses into the chair. He pulls out a crystal and looks into it. Inside the crystal is an image of the raven-haired girl he had watched earlier in the park.

"Sarah," he says as he admires the young woman's looks, "My how beautiful you have grown. I did not think that one's looks could get that beautiful in just a few years and yet, you have done it....."

He watched the image of Sarah walk into her bedroom, and get a bathrobe. When Sarah started to undress, Jareth looked away from the crystal, causing it not to show her image. He fought the urge to look.

Trying to keep his mind off the opportunity of watching Sarah, he started to pace back and forth thinking about what to do.....
When enough time passed, Jareth cautiously brought up Sarah's image and only shut if off when Sarah fell asleep.

Jareth felt weak. How come he still felt so much emotion for a mortal? He was a Faye after all..... A king as well... And yet a common girl had captured his heart.

He sighed. He didn't care how....he wanted her......no........

..................he needed her.

Senator Kelly collapsed into a plush hotel chair.
"I am so glad to have all those stops done!," Kelly exclaimed with relief. He turned to his aide, "Riley, what's next in the scedule?"

Riley looked at the schedule and smiled, "No campaign stops sir. Just your little vacation in Hope county. Also is a good chance for some publicity shots ."

"Very Well.....To Hope county we come!"

Jubilee frowned at her schedule as she was figuring out where to go.
"Arggghhhh! why is everything so hard to find here!?", she said to herself as she looked at the confusing schedule.
She wished that Sarah was here to help her but she knew that it wouldn't happen. Sarah already was at an early theatre class.
Why didn't I ask Sarah to show me where these places were yesterday when I had the chance?!"

"Need help?", a voice asked from behind Jubilee.
Jubilee turned around and gasped.
The man behind her was gorgeous! Jubilee smiled at the pleasing form in front of her and just managed to nod.

The man's hazel eyes looked at Jubilee as if examining her. Jubilee looked in awe as the wind played with the man's light brown hair.
The man smiled, "I'm James...And I'm guessing that you are Jubilee. Am I right?"
Jubilee was surprised. He knows my name? But how?

James noticed the confused expression on Jubilee's face.... "Don't worry. Sarah told me it. She figured that you 'd might like someone to help you find your classes and since the majority of my classes are not on the Monday schedule, I was the obvious choice."

"Oh." Jubilee said. She smiled. Sarah had pulled through for her.

James looked at Jubilee's schedule and smiled. "Actually this is a pretty nice schedule. All the classes are near each other....I'll take you to the building these classes are in."
"no problem," James smiled, "Hmmm...Jubilee.........That's a nice name..."

Sarah walked back from her class eager to see how her new friend did with her classes.

She smiled. She hoped that Jubilee didn't mind her sending James to help with finding her classes.
The smile soon grew to a big grin when she remembered Jame's personality. She was sure the two would hit it off perfectly. Her thoughts were interrupted when she overheard an excited professor talking.
"Did you know that Sr. Kelly is coming for a short stop in Hope county?," said one professor, "The chances are good that he'll come to Bellington."
The other professor wasn't excited, "I heard that he has already planned to come to Bellington... for publicity shots and to tour the campus. Personally I don't agree with his politics but it is a good way for Bellington to get publicity itself."

Sarah frowned when she heard this news... She knew what politics this was referring to. That Senator wanted to limit rights of mutants.
The nerve of that guy! Just because some people are born differently doesn't mean they should be treated differently.
She sighed.

Logan knocked on Jubilee's door and waited for the door to be opened.
"Coming!" a voice rang out from the other side of the door.
Soon the door was opened.

"Logan!," Jubilee said with a smile, "Come in."
As the older man walked in Jubilee gave him a questioning look, "So, what's the story on the Senator Kelly deal?"
Logan frowned, "It looks like he's going to visit this university for some publicity shots."
"Where is he doing the publicity shots?"
"Pretty much all over Campus but mainly in front of the Dean's house."

Logan decide to change the subject before Jubilee entertained any ideas about Senator Kelly's visit, "So, how was your first day of classes?"

Sarah was putting the last touches on her homework and looked outside. It was so beautiful out.
Now.......how to spend the day.......
An idea came to her and she quickly went to the phone. When the person on the other side picked up, she smiled.
"Hey James, What's up?..."

Senator Kelly looked at the Campus surroundings and smiled as he felt the light breeze on his face. He was in a surprisingly good mood. But that was probably due to the turn out of people wanting to meet him...

Jubilee, James, and Sarah walked down the path that wound around the campus.

Jubilee enjoyed the walk with her two new friends but was somehow still proccupied by the Sr. Kelly deal. She hated being left out but if she went to look for Sr. Kelly Logan would know that her bumping into Sr. Kelly was no coincidence.

Jubilee got an idea... what if her friends came with her?...Then she could say that she had to go. The idea appealed to her. She smiled at James.

Sarah looked at the two happily. They seemed to be getting along well.

Sarah's cheerful expression quickly changed when she realized that the two were slowly approaching the area Senator Kelly was doing publicity shots. Something inside of her told her to keep those two away from the Senator. Fololowing her gut instincts, Sarah followed the two.

Wolverine and Gambit looked at the senator from a distance. things were quiet so far. All the Senator did was pose for a few pictures.

Gambit stifled a laugh. For a man running for president, this man was not closely guarded. Not even one security officer noticed the two of them in the bushes.

Wolverine wasn't amused. He disliked watching the guy but he was following orders. He hoped that someone would try something that would justify that time he spent watching that Senator's butt.
He sniffed the air...nothing......wait....
Wolverine sniffed again....Jubilee?

Looking up, Wolverine noticed the young woman walking alongside a guy. Sarah was running up behind them.

Wolverine smiled at the sight but the smile soon faded once a new scent caught the air.

The owl perched in a tree near where Senator Kelly was doing publicity shots. He hadn't been happy when he overheard Kelly's views on mutants.
"Imagine..." he thought with contempt for the politician, "He wants to discriminate against those born with mutant powers.....What an idiot!"

The owl turned its head and saw as Sarah caught up to her new friends. What would be considered a smile formed on the owl's beak.


The owl stopped obsessing about Sarah once it noticed something strange in the background.

"Boy, dis is da biggest waste of time!", Gambit commented. He was going to say more but he noticed Wolverine sniffing the air.... "What is it Wolverine?", Gambit asked.
Logan turned to Gambit, "Be ready... I smell toruble..."

Sarah caught up with the couple...
"Why are you going so fast? It can't be to listen to this windbag.", Sarah gestered over to Senator Kelly.

Senator Kelly scanned the group for someone to pose for a few pictures with. He noticed a girl pointing at him. Smiling he made his way over. How nice... a young fan.

He tapped her shoulder and looked at her dumbfounded face.

The owl looked over to where the politician's aide once was. Why was the man pulling out a gun?

The aide started walking towards the Senator.

Realizing what the aide had in mind the owl looked for Sarah. She was next to the Senator.

Flying off of his perch, he glided towards the gathering.

Gambit looked at the crowd, looking for something out of the ordinary.... Nothing.... He turned to his comrade, "Wolverine.... What type of trouble?"

Wolverine concentrated on the scent... Something about the smell was familiear... then realization of the scent's owner happened.....Mystique was here.
"Gambit, Mystique is her..."
Gambit nodded as he scanned the crowed......then a beam of light reflected off of something in the crowd... Gambit knew what it was.

"Wolverine, Mystique's the aide and she has a gun."
As Gambit said this they jumped out of the bushes and ran towards the crowd.

Riley walked slowly towards where the senator was.... 100 feet away, he stopped. This was a perfectspot to take careful aim with out getting noticed. The crowd provided good cover.

He smiled as he saw how the Senator was talking to a student who obviously wasn't planning on be ing here much less listening to this sack of wind.

He chuckled. Don't worry dear....I'll shut him up for you.....

With that.... he aimed.

Gambit and Wolverine ran as fast as they could towards the group but had hardly covered half the distance when Mystique started to aim.

"Look out! He's got a gun!", gambit yelled to the crowed.

Sarah politely stood ther feigning intrest in the mindless chatter coming from the politician. She just wanted him to go away! Blushing at the thought of Jubilee and James laughing about the situation, she swore to herself that she would make them regret coming over here.

A yell reached her ears... A gun?... Then she saw it.

Mystique cursed. Damn those x-men! Oh well.........too late....
she pulled the trigger.

Seeing the gun, Sarah reacted. Without thinking she stood in front of the Senator and watched as the aide pulled the trigger.

Silently, Sarah prayed.
Oh God, I'm going to die!!!!

She closed her eyes shut and flew back as she was hit...

to be continued....

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