Sarah stared at the book that lay before her and groaned.

Jubilee, who was sitting next to her, picked up some popcorn from a bowl and munched on them. "When is our exam?"

"In about eight hours!," Sarah replied, "Geez... you'd think that traveling to different realms and being chased by dogs made out of fire would count for a delayed test! I am so in need of a break!"

She looked at Jubilee, "You're taking the same test as me and yet you aren't worrying. Why is that?"

Jubilee smirked as she popped a few more pieces of popcorn in her mouth, "Being an X-man, you learn time-management skills pretty well. Besides, almost getting killed can put a lot of things into perspective."

She noticed a yawn escaping Sarah and frowned, "Maybe you should get some sleep."

Sarah shook her head, "No.... can't sleep.... must study..." She began to doze off but was suddenly jarred awake by a knock on the door.

Getting up to see who it is, Jubilee, cracked the door open to see who was outside. A smile came onto her lips.

"Hey Sarah, I think I know something that can help," Jubilee commented as she opened the door.

Sarah was about to ask her what she meant when she glanced up to see Jareth and James entering the room.

Getting up, she quickly leapt into Jareth's arms and gave him a big kiss, "Missed ya."

"Missed you too, Sarah," Jareth commented as he looked down into her eyes, "You look tired. Maybe you should get some rest."

Sarah shook her head, "I can't. I have to study."

Jareth shook his head, "No my dear, you are going to get some sleep. Even if I have to reorder time to do it!"

James looked at Jareth and grinned, "That's not such a bad idea.... "

Jareth smiled at James comment as he realized what he meant.
"So, who's up for a trip to the Labyrinth?," he asked.

"We are."

"Very well, Let's go!"

The four disappeared from the room.