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Chapter Eight

I could barely recall what happened next, but it was something like this – I kicked the shit out of someone, Kuki screamed her lungs out, and something in the head knocked me out cold.

I mean, I think I got knocked out cold. There was really no way of explaining it, but black swallowed the whole room, and the next thing you know, I'm not in the girls' restroom anymore. You see... oh, well, here's what happened.

I struggled to regain my breath and opened my eyes. Still, all I could see was blackness, and it was confusing me that there was no difference between my eyes shut or open. "Anyone out there?" I called and my voice seemed to echo. I really didn't like the fact that I couldn't see or feel anything around me...was I in one of those black hole things or something?

There were sounds of movement beside me, but I still saw nothing but dark. "W'ot is goin' on? Why can't ah see?" I asked no one in particular. "And where is Kuki?!"

Oh, if they took Kuki they were so in for it. I mean, I was in the Kids Next Door for five years, and I wasn't about ready to let my fighting skills go to waste. I'd give ém a KA-POW with a hook shot and a BOOM with my other fist.

Well, I didn't like the fact that no one seemed to be responding to me, since this could possibly mean they are keeping Kuki away from me so...


"Numbuh Four, be quiet, I'm right here!"

Startled, I turned around. The voice even threw me off because it couldn't possibly belong to Kuki could it? I mean, it sounded a little familiar, but still, my sixth sense told me that if this was Kuki, then there was something totally different about her. "Kuki? Is that you?"

I was beginning to think I had gone blind because no matter how much I blinked or strained my vision, there was nothing in front of me but black. But that was just stupid. I mean, I couldn't really be blind could I?

"Yes, and stop calling me Kuki. You're scaring me."

Stop calling you Kuki? My mind wondered in disbelief. Has she ever thought that maybe...just maybe it is the one thing her parents dubbed her with when she was born? Aren't we supposed to call her Kuki?!

"Why can't ah call ya Kuki?"

A light shone upon her face, and I couldn't believe what I was looking at, because it sure as heck wasn't Kuki.

It was...well, Numbuh Three. No, not Kuki, Numbuh Three. I mean, I didn't see Kuki in her at all—all I seemed to be looking at was plain-old Numbuh Three, but the thing that really scared me was, well, she looked...different.

I mean, not only was I looking up at her instead of down, but also she was wearing that old green sweater of hers. This confused me, but Numbuh Three looked even more confused than I did.

"What's wrong, Numbuh Four?"

It was then I realized exactly what went on in the ten to fifteen minutes I had been knocked out. I was no longer the 6'5", seventeen-year-old blonde. I was the eleven-year-old adult-fighting boy I had used to be. In shock of realizing this, I screamed like a freakin' girl and fell backward onto the cold ground.

Kuki's—er, Numbuh Three now I guess—eyes widened as I hit the floor, and she helped me to my feet. "Ohmigosh! Numbuh Four, are you okay?! Why did you scream?! Is there a spider on me?! AAAAAAHHHH, get it off! GET IT OFF!" She began to jump around in a circle, frantically dusting off imaginary bugs on her green sweatshirt.

"Numbuh Three!" I gasped, and she stopped her dancing about to look at me funnily. "We're eleven!"

She cocked her head to one side. "Well, duh, silly!"

Oh no. Oh NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!! Don't tell me this is happening. It can't be...she couldn't be serious, could she? I mean,, she was only kidding...she hadn't used that word on me for like five years!

"Numbuh Three, stop kiddin', we got ter get back ter seventeen!" I grabbed her by the arm, as I could see now because of that damn bright light (I was having doubts about whether I wanted the light now or not...), and pulled her down the long and cold hallway to the control room. "We 'ave ter find the others before they turn eleven, too!"

"What are you talking about?" She stopped walking, and I turned to look her in the eyes and realized that Ku-I mean, Numbuh Three was dead serious. She had no clue that only an hour ago, we had been seventeen, and I had led her into the bathroom. But why did I only remember this? "We're all eleven!" She shouted. "And where are you taking me? Numbuh One and those guys are back there!"

My heart felt torn in two. What was going on?! Why didn't she remember?!

"Numbuh. Three. We. Are. Seventeen." I tried to explain it slowly to her, but her eyes looked at me with further confusion.

"Yeah, in, like, six years!" She giggled. "Is something wrong, Numbuh Four? You sure are acting weird! You know what always cheers me up?"

I was afraid to ask, but I did anyway. "W'ot?"


AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I tried to escape by running away, but she hooked her arm with mine and began to drag me around in a small circle as she skipped.

"Rainbow Monkeys, Rainbow Monkeys! Oh so very round, and super chunky! Bringing love wherever they go, everyone is made of a big rainbow! Oh red and orange! And pink and blue! Rainbow Monkeys, Rainbow Monkeys, we love you!"


She wouldn't let go of me no matter how much I thrashed about to get my arm out of hers. This whole situation was pissing me off majorly – I mean, not only has Kuki, the nicest girl ever, been turned into her eleven-year-old, Rainbow Monkey loving, girly self again, but I was the one stuck dealing with it.

"SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!"

She froze in both singing and movement. Her arm slid out from mine, and she looked at me with such giant eyes that I knew what was about to happen...

I was so right—she cried.

"Numbuh Three, Numbuh Three!" It was odd to be hearing a different voice coming out of my mouth—did I really sound this weird when I was eleven? "Stop cryin'...ah'm sorry! Really sorry!"

She sprang on me with her arms open wide, something that I guess I thought I was used to, but being eleven changed my whole outlook on the situation. It was actually...scary.

"Numbuh Four...I...I...thought you!"

This is when I knew that there was no possible way she even remembered being seventeen. Because OH MY GOD – NUMBUH THREE WAS MY GIRLFRIEND AGAIN!!!

OH MY GOD!!!!!!



"Numbuh''s okay," I said and smiled goofily, beginning to hug her back. It felt great to have the permission to hold her in my arms, but not nearly as good as it would probably have felt if we were both seventeen and she hadn't lost her memory or whatever.

"Really?" She looked up from crying into my chest. "You're not going to yell at me anymore?" I nodded, and she went back to hugging me, something I found rather enjoyable.

Our little moment was ruined, of course, as a younger, wider Hoagie walked into the room we were in. "Hey, Numbuh Three, I was wondering if—AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!"

I released hold of Numbuh Three, which wasn't the smartest thing I've ever done in my life, nor was it the dumbest, but still...I regretted doing it. "Uh, 'ey, Numbuh Two...?"

Hoagie, um, Numbuh Two's mouth was open, practically hitting the floor. He pointed to me, then to Numbuh Three. "You...her...together?" It was kind of funny to have Numbuh Two's voice sound so squeaky and everything—but it kind of startled me to find out that he didn't know the two of us were, uh, going out.

Well, even I didn't know that a couple minutes ago. So I guess I can't blame him too much.


Damn mouth! WORK, WORK!


Great, Wally. You have such a vocabulary sometimes.

"Since when?" His squeaks were higher pitched now.

"Since about an hour ago!" Numbuh Three announced happily, and jumped onto my back like she thought I had somehow gestured her for a piggyback ride. Which really hurt my back if I do say so myself.

"Oh, um...never...mind then...?" Numbuh Two managed to get out of his mouth. "I was, uh, uh, going to ask you about the power outage we had, um, uh, some time ago...? But I guess I'll go back to my...uh...what's it called again?"

"Room?" Numbuh Three guessed.

"Yeah, room! Hehe," he laughed uneasily. "I'll be"

He slowly backed away out of the room, and as soon as his entire body was out in the hallway, he made a dash for it and started screaming, "AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! GUYS!!!!!!!!"

Numbuh Three snuggled up to my neck, and I didn't have to have a mirror to know I was blushing. "Well, it's about time they knew!"

I suddenly became aware of my surroundings...we were in Numbuh Three's room—no other place could have so many stuffed animals than hers. "Yeah, Three...ah need ter talk ter ya about somethin'..."

She still didn't get off my back, so I dropped her on her bed. She looked real hurt then, which was somewhat confusing to me...I mean, I'm sorry, but I can't talk seriously with someone who happens to be riding on my back.

"No..." she whispered sadly. "We've only been boyfriend and girlfriend for an hour! It can't end!" For a second time, she began to bawl her eyes out.

"No! Numbuh Three! I'm not going to dump you!" I hurriedly explained, still confused as ever. It's not like you wouldn't be confused – twenty minutes ago, I had been seventeen. Now I'm eleven. That is so going to confuse a person like me.

"Oh," she wiped at her eyes. "Then what is it?"

I didn't know how to put it, so I simply said the first things that came to my mind. "Well, ya see, twenty minutes ago, you and ah were seventeen, on a mission in KND Moon Base. We were not going out, but there was this annoying little twelve-year-old named Numbuh Thirty-Three 'oo loiked me...and the last thing that ah remembered was you and me in a bathroom, and there were these pairs of eyes lookin' at us through the mirror...and now we're both back to eleven with you 'aving no memory whatsoever of this 'appening, but ah do. Understand?"

Numbuh Three had a blank stare on her face. Suddenly she shook her head and laughed. "Wow, you sure have weird dreams, Numbuh Four!"

I slapped my forehead in frustration. Being locked in the past was not going to be fun...nor was it going to be easy. "It wasn't a dream! It was all real!"


"Yes huh!"


"Yes huh!"

Oh, God, I was acting like an eleven-year-old again...How would a seventeen-year-old handle the situation? Sighing, I retreated my hands into my jeans' pocket, when I felt something.

Oh, my God. THE NOTE!!!!!!

"Numbuh Three!" I gasped, pulling it out of my jeans, and I quickly read its contents to myself to make sure it was 'the note'.

Hey, Numbuh Four!

Yeah, I know what Evan did to you, and I feel really bad. I knew I shouldn't have told him about the roses...but I didn't think he would go all beating up people about it. He really has a temper, so I broke up with him. I mean, he chose to pick a fight with like, one of my best friends! He should know better. I's not like I've been cheating on him with you. We're not a couple or anything...the roses were just a gift...uh, right?

Well, I hope the teddy bear makes you feel better, as well as the picture below. I'm sure it will put a smile on your face. It did for me!

Love always,

Kuki "Numbuh Three"

Yup. Besides for a few tears here and there, it was exactly the way I remembered it. "Read this! This is proof!"

"Lemme see that, silly!" She snatched it away from my hands, and I watched as her eyes scanned it. Little by little her eyebrows raised, and I somehow knew she was going to believe me.

"I wrote this to you?" But before I could even reply, she began to flood me with questions at lightning speed. "And who is Evan? What about these roses? You got me roses? AWWW, that's so sweet of you! Hey, this picture! It's on my wall!"

She grabbed me by the arm and led me over to a part of her room, but I saw nothing. "Huh?" She said aloud, scratching her head. "I know it's over here somewhere...where is it? Oh no! It's gone! Numbuh Four!" She let out a gasp. "Someone stole that picture of me and you!"

I looked over at her. Yup, this was Numbuh Three all right. "Um, Numbuh Three...ya gave meh that picture when ya were seventeen."

Her face looked horror-struck. "Your dream...really happened?"

I nodded solemnly, and she looked down at the ground. At last she understood!


Uh. What?

"Numbuh Three!" I shouted. "We don't go ter Moon Base HQ until we're seventeen!"

Another puzzled expression. "Can we speed up time then? We never get to go to Kids Next Door Moon Base! I wanna go now! I wanna, I wanna, I wanna!"

No matter what age she was, Numbuh Three remained cute as ever. I hated admitting almost seemed wrong. Here I was, a seventeen-year-old guy trapped in my eleven-year-old body, going out with an eleven-year-old girl at both heart and true age.

It's like reliving that whole Numbuh Thirty-Three experience. Ugh—just when I thought I was free of her!

I know it's kind of short and everything, and not as funny, but I just needed to get things straight in this chapter...a lot of confusion going through your brain, yes? I bet you never suspected me to do this, huh? ;D Well, I better go to bed is way too late for me to be writing KND fics right now. (falls asleep on keyboard) bghyvt7uo;ry8e'pjd (wakes up) Woopsies.

Preview of next chapter:

Well, just as I had suspected, no one else believed me. I don't even think Numbuh Three does anymore—I told her about Evan, and she couldn't believe she'd ever go out with someone so 'doo-doo-headed' in her life. Her words, not mine.

You'd think that the note would be enough evidence that I was 'from the future', but Numbuh Five says I'm probably suffering from some sort of mental disease and that if I keep it up, they'll ship me off to an institute for crazy people that have lost their minds.

I'm not really sure if she was joking or not.

Numbuh One, however, took the news of Numbuh Three and I a bit more calmly than Numbuh Two had. He simply shrugged with an, "Oh." This, of course, pissed off Numbuh Two—he kept yelling things at him like, "BUT THIS IS NUMBUH FOUR! HE'S NOT SUPPOSED TO LIKE GIRLS LIKE NUMBUH THREE!"

Well, I do, I guess. Numbuh Five merely said to Numbuh Two upon hearing the news, "Oh, c'mon. You knew it was gonna happen sooner or later. Lover-boy's made himself obvious enough."

God, even as a stupid eleven-year-old, I'm not mysterious. Everyone just knows about that thing I have for Numbuh Three.

But right now, as I'm sitting here in the main room watching T.V., I'm thinking of a way to convince them of my story. But nothing is coming to mind. Nothing.

That was until I saw the moving van driving down the street.