Hello there people, this is my story with a little song coming later. It starts as PG, but will soon go to Pg-13 and maybe a weeddle bit of R later. ENJOY!

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"Checkmate! I win once again Harry."

"Shit Ron, you are so good at crushing my ego.I give up."

"Yep, I can't help it if I'm the chess king! I just have a natural gift I suppose." Ron said jokingly flexing his muscles.

"Oh please." Hermione said from across the room her face still buried in books. She finally looked up and walked over to where Ron and Harry were playing. "Of all the most egotistical things to say Ronald Weasley."

Ron smiled his cheeky dimpled smile at Hermione and she rolled her eyes. Now that the trio was in the 6th year at Hogwarts, they had matured greatly from the little 11 year olds they once were. Hermione had developed into a very pretty girl indeed. Her normally bushy hair, now fell into soft tight waves that fell down to the middle of her back, she still had the same chocolaty eyes, and petite but healthy figure, and finally filled out in the right places (which Ron and Harry hadn't failed to notice). Harry still had the messy black hair and bright green eyes, but was taller, more filled out, and less skinny. Ron had changed into a very handsome teenager. The bright red hair and sparkly blue eyes made anyone want to stare at him for hours, and he also had filled out a bit more so than Harry, and stood at a good height of 6'3''.

"Hermione, I can't help it. You're just jealous because you and Harry will never beat me!" Ron said in a jokingly way. The three teens now 16 years old, didn't have their petty little fights anymore. They still had their arguments (especially between Ron and Hermione) but they cared about each other deeply and stood by each other through everything.

Ron stretched out on the couch and Hermione was squished in the corner of the sofa between Ron's head and the arm rest.

"Do you mind?" Hermione snapped at Ron.

"No I don't mind you sitting there. Make yourself comfortable." Ron said tiredly at her.

Hermione couldn't help but to burst out laughing Harry joining her. Ron looked very confused.

"What the bloody hell is so funny?" Ron said crossing his arms.

"Ron, mate, you're so THICK!" Harry exclaimed shaking his head.

Ron finally realized what was making his two best friends laugh so he said, "Ohhh, did you want some room to sit on the couch little Hermy?" (Ron and Harry never let go of the chance to remind her that she was nicknamed Hermy by Hagrid)

"Shut up, both of you." Hermione said between snickers. "I'm going up to bed. I'll see you both tomorrow."

"Night Hermy!" Ron called after her. Hermione turned around threw Ron a shut-up look and stormed upstairs calling over her shoulder, "NIGHT ICKLE RONNIEKINS!"

What few kids were left in the common turned to look at Ron and a few laughed. Ron grabbed his chess set said goodnight to Harry, setting off for his common room accidentally turning right and opening the girls dorm room only to find Hermione in her skirt and bra she wore that day. He stood frozen on the spot then realizing what he was staring at.

"Ron! Get OUT!" Hermione yelled, her face beat red and looking close to tears.

Ron ran out immediately his ears burning red. He rested against the door and listened to what might be going on in there. He heard Hermione shuffling around and her mumbling of, "oh my gosh.oh my gosh.Ron.saw.oh my gosh." He turned around not knowing how to react to Hermione the next day. As he headed back to his own dorm, he bumped into Ginny, and Ginny who expected him to make some snide remark said, "Oh sorry Ginny." and continued walking. She looked back at him shocked and watched her brother walk away his head bowed looking as if he would just drop to the floor any moment.


Later that night as Ron layed in his bed playing with a small hole in the comforter of his 4 poster bed. I can't believe I walked in on Hermione.She's going to murder me tomorrow. Ron thought miserably to himself. But, its not like it was THAT big of a deal. It was only Hermione after all. Your best friend. You saw her in a swimming suit this past summer...but remember the way she looked in the suit. She was bloody gorgeous. WAIT STOP! You are NOT getting a crush on Hermione Granger. NO! NO! NO! With these thoughts swimming around in Ron's head, he drifted off to sleep.