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Healing Guardian

Chapter 1

Arrival of Hope

To Lord Elrond, Lord of Imladris

Elrond, you are most likely surprised by this letter but I need a favor of great importance from you. My eldest son Arodiel has sailed west to the Undying Lands almost a year ago, we were all saddened by this…but my youngest son Legolas is taking it especially hard. He has not spoken since that day and he barely eats enough to stay alive. As you know he is now the only one I have left, I know you will understand when I say that it has been worse watching him slowly sink to grief than him actually dying. Please except my plea and take him under your house for a while, please try to cure my son, I want…no need him back. I will await the arrival of your response.


King Thranduil, King of Mirkwood

Elrond sat in shock from this letter. It was one thing to ask for something, which first off was rare for Thranduil, but he was pleading that was almost unthinkable. He did understand the letter when Thranduil has said it was worse watching his son slowly die instead of it just happened. His eyes misted a moment as he thought of his beloved wife, who had sailed to the Undying Lands long ago. Elrond went back to the letter, "Legolas…Greenleaf…I will accept his plea because I sense this boy will somehow have a impact on the future of someone important maybe even Middle Earth it's self," He thought.

A knock came at the door to his study about a hour later and he sat his quill down as he called, "Enter!" Glorfindel, the second in command of Rivendell came in the door a worried looked on his face.

"My lord, the Queen of Gondor is here. She is injured badly and has brought her…infant son with her, he is untouched but we fear that King Arathorn has fallen," Glorfindel explained. Elrond quickly stood sealing the letter he had wrote. He walked beside Glorfindel as he led him to where they had taken the Queen. He stopped just outside the door and looked at Glorfindel handing him the letter.

"Take this and find a messenger. Have him take it to King Thranduil of Mirkwood. Tell him to go quickly it is of great importance," He said and then went into the room. Glorfindel looked at the letter that had been handed to him and then he went to find a messenger. If Elrond said it was important he wouldn't delay. But he did wonder what Elrond would have to say to the King of Mirkwood only hours after the messenger from Mirkwood had arrived.


Elrond sat gently beside the woman in the bed, his hand went to her forehead as he felt the temperature of her fever.

"Elrond…take…care of…Aragorn…don't…let the…evil…find…him…please…" She begged in between gasps of pain. Her hand rested on his and she squeezed her eyes begging him.

"I will protect him with my life…now rest dear one. You need your rest to recover," He whispered and had her drink a sleeping potion so he could tend to her injuries.

Little did he know that she would never wake up from that. Three days later Elrond, Glorfindel and a few other elves stood in the garden singing praise to the fallen Queen of Gondor. As their song ended Elrond looked down at the bundle in his arms, scared dark eyes met his and he gave a small smile.

"You will be the hope of man little Aragorn…Gondor will need it's king someday, wait…hope…that is what you are. From now on to the elves you will be Estel," Elrond told him. The little baby watched him and then started to cry.


The messenger rode hard trying to get to Mirkwood as soon as possible. Something didn't feel right but he didn't know what it was, all he knew was he had to get this letter to King Thranduil and quickly so he pushed the feeling out of his mind and willed his horse to go faster.

King Thranduil, King of Mirkwood

I am answering you to your question if I will take Legolas in and try to cure him. I will but I cannot promise anything, know this now. I do not know what is going on but as a healer I cannot turn away someone I might be able to help. Rivendell and I await the arrival of Prince Legolas. I pray this message has reached you safely.


Lord Elrond

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