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Seasons of the Heart

Chapter One: Goodbye Summer

'Goodbye summer' she thought, closing her eyes, welcoming the morning

breeze in her open arms. Opening her eyes, she got off her bed and headed straight to the

mirror. She examined herself.

Amber eyes, coffee brown hair that shined gold in the sun, a slender figure,

and pale skin (she thought of getting a tan, but decided against it. For she knew a certain

someone might not recognize her if ever he returns to see her), stared at her.

'Yes' she confirmed, she was still Chihiro Ogino. But for some reason,

this Chihiro Ogino did not match the Chihiro Ogino six years ago. Before The Incident at the

Tunnel, before they moved to Tochinochi, back then she was a selfish brat and was afraid of

everything unfamiliar (she frowned as she admitted this to herself). For short, she was a child

and like most children, she did'nt know the meaning of responsibility...

Until the Incident that is...

Eversince then, she was responsible, she did her chores without a whine

and listened carefully to directions. It was amazing how fast she grew up in those days in

Aburaya. She changed and she knew it. Her parents noticed it too, and though they were

proud of this changes, they could'nt help but wonder...

'When and how did this happen?'

No longer was Chihiro the Scaredy-Cat, but Chihiro the Brave. It felt like

they did'nt know her anymore and did at the same time. She sighed, The Incident had become

a part of who she was through and through.

"If only they could see me now" she whisphered as she gazed at herself.

She did this everyday, examining herself, then hoping and wishing a silent prayer. Oh, could

she imagine them when they would see her...all grown up...

Rin would be proud of her...

Yubaba would no longer call her a brat...

Kamajii would clap all his hands...

Zeniba and Kaonashi would say they knew she had it in her all along...

and Kohaku...

Kohaku would...

He would...

He would kis-

She never got to finish those thoughts, because behind her, in her

doorway was her mother. Yuuko Ogino. 'My parents seem to pop everywhere this days' she

thought, laughing silently.

"Are'nt you supposed to meet your friends today?" her mother asked.

'Friends?' she thought 'Friends?, what friends?' Then realization hit her. Hard. It seems a little

birdie got lost along the way and entered her bedroom window by accident. Accidentally

smacking her in the head. "Oww.." she moaned.

"C'mon get dressed you were supposed to be there fifteen minutes

ago." her mother reminded her, exagerating the ago part, making it sound as if the ago she

was talking about was a hundred years and not fifteen minutes.

"Crud, I'm suppose to meet Jengo and Hana at the park today. They

just got back from their summer vacation. Craaaaapppp!" she freaked. She scrambled to her

closet, but not before banging her knee at her desk and tripping on her school bag. Her mother

on the other hand stood in the doorway with her arms folded on her chest, smirking at the sight

her daughter made. 'Sixteen years old and still a klutz... thats my daughter' she thought. Chihiro

saw the smirk and frowned.

"You know, you smirking like that is not helping at all Mother."


Huffing and puffiing along the way to the park, she smiled as two

familiar figures waved at her. Two girls. One with a big smile on her face, waving excitedly

at her. This girl had red-ish brown hair, shoulder length, and happy blue eyes. Chihiro waved

back. This redhead was Hana Lea Ureshi, known for her strange antics and her love for squirrels.

'Come to think of it Hana looks like a squirrel too.' she inwardly snickered. The other girl Jengo

Kurasaki gave out a welcoming smile. Jengo had long silky black hair with green streaks at the

very tips of her hair. Her aqua colored eyes reminded her of the waves in the beach in the

evenings. Jengo, like Chihiro, had moved here around the same time she did, but only because

she had a military man for a father. Chihiro returned the smile.

"Well, its about time," Jengo said,"we thought you forgot about us."

Chihiro chuckled "Me?, forget you guys?... no way!". That was a lie. And Chihiro inwardly

sweatdropped at this. "Oh god!, Chihiro this was the best summer vacation I had. I've got to tell

you." Hana gushed.

"Why?, what happened?" Chihiro asked. "Well, you know how I told you

guys that I was Disneyland with my family this year?" Hana asked. "Yeah, and?" Jengo cocked

her left eyebrow at this. She and Chihiro had heard Hana talk about going to Disneyland for

356, 789, 654, 000 times.

"Well....." Hana paused " I saw Mickey Mouse... and..." she paused






"Damnit Hana!, just tell us." Jengo hollered. "Alright, alright I'll tell ya...

jeez..Jengo you need anger management" Hana mocked. "Hana, just tell us please." Chihiro

sighed. "Okay."


I FEEL SO HOLY!!!!!!!!!! I feel like, like I've just seen the light! Oh my god!!!" Hana screamed.

Jengo was stunned. Literally. Well she was'nt expecting that!

Chihiro.... well, she bust out laughing.

Can you blame her? In Chihiros mind, when Hana screamed those words,

with hands fisted up like that and a gigantic smile on her face, making her cheeks puff up a little.

To simply say, Hana looked like a hyper squirrel on a treadmill. She snorted.'Damn, too bad I

did'nt bring a camera' Chihiro thought. Jengo looked at her weirdly, then laughed. Hana stared,

then soon joined the laughter.

These were the kind of days Chihiro longed for. She was lonely for two

months, with only her drawing pencil and her sketch pad to comfort her. For six years- six long

years, every summer she was lonely those were the months where she thought of them more

often than usual. Why?, because it was the summer when The Incident had happened. She

remembered it clearly, her father thought it would be a good idea if they moved in the summer.

This way Chihiro had two months to adjust to the town and people. And she did. Over the years,

she got used to everything in the town. Tochinochi was in the suburbs, it was nice. Nice as in

boring that is. Everything seemed so normal (well, except for Hana and Jengo, everything was),

nothing interesting ever seemed to happen. The Incident was the last thing out-of-the-ordinary

she had ever experienced in this six years. She sighed and closed her eyes momentarily.


Goodbye Summer,

your season maybe over,

but your memories will linger,

in my heart, forever.

-Shibahime Hibiya


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