Seasons of the Heart

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Chapter Eight: Hidden In The Floras

Kohaku was worried, eversince that trip from Zenebas, Chihiro seemed to avoid him. Intentionally

or not, he wasn't sure. Shes been keeping to herself too, after knowing what happened to Rin and Jengo,

after what they saw. Aburaya, for the day, was closed. A few aogerus was brave enough to go into the

hallway, to clean it up. As for the foreman, Yubaba had performed a small burial for him. The lights

and the warm steam from the baths could not hide the fear that rose among the workers. Especially,

Chihiro. He had felt her fear grow as the hours go by.

Whoever this Byakko was, he sure as hell was still here. Maybe not in the bathhouse, but most

certainly around the perimeter of Majou No Sekai. He glanced to his left and saw Yubaba. He frowned.

Even Yubaba seemed nervous and that was a big deal, for Yubaba was not easily scared.

Kohaku went outside, feeling Chihiros presence in the garden.

"Hey..." he whispered, so softly he was afraid she didn't hear him.

"Hey..." she replied, just as soft. She heard him afterall. She always did.

He drew her closer in his arms, cradling her like a little baby. He unconciously caressed her

cheeks. The silence was comfortable and the stars shown like diamonds in the velvet sky. Chihiro moved

so she was facing him, taking in his jade eyes, his well sculpted face. He really was beautiful. And

she didn't expect less.

"I'm sorry..." she murmured, her face buried against his chest. His arms tight around her waist.

She felt him start to talk, but she silenced him a gentle kiss. Which he accepted.

"I'm sorry for avoiding you..." she started.

"It's alright, I understand." Kohaku answered.

"No, hear me out. I'm sorry for ignoring you. I guess I was afraid... afraid that this Chronos

would hurt you too. And, I didn't want that. I love you too much, I don't want to lose you."

She looked up to him.

"You won't, and I want you to know that I will always be here by your side, protecting you."

"Why?" she needed to know this.

"It's hard to explain and I don't understand it myself... but,"


"But... for once I've found something worth risking my life for."

And with that Chihiro sobbed, he loved her, he really loved her.

Kohaku smiled gently and he sealed his words with a kiss.

Amidst the troubles of the day, the stars seemed to shine on them this heavenly night.


Chihiro yawned, the night was a little blurry for her. She remembered Kohaku carrying her up to

his room. He decided not to let her sleep in the yunas room, besides he needed to keep his eyes on her

just incase something might happen. She remembered how she cuddled up to him, as she slept.

Yes, it was a good sleep. Then she remembered him telling her that he was going to take her some

place today. She smiled, she deserved this. The week had been horrible to her.

"I better fix myself up." She stood up and aired out the futon. Neatly folding it. She took a

short shower and looked for Kohaku in the garden.


Kohaku let a soft smile grace his lips. He was going to take her to his secret spot. His special

place. He knew she would like it there. He smiled wider.

This day was just for the two of them. A little date as he recalled Chihiro called it.

The rustle of footsteps awoke from his thoughts. "Chihiro..." he murmured.

"The weathers wonderful isn't it? the sun's bright and the sky's clear." she commented.

Kohaku nodded in agreement, he made sure that this was going to be a perfect day. Even if he had

to use a bit of his magic to do so. In a flash, he was in his other form. His silver scales glistening

in the sun. His eyes, a streak of mystery in them. Chihiro climbed up to him.

And he flew straight to the north, excited about his little surprise.

He had never been this happy, all because of Chihiro.


"Close your eyes... just hold my hand." he instructed softly in her ear, his breath tickling her

the curve of her neck. Chihiro blushed and closed her eyes. Slipping her hand to his. Kohaku led her to

a small clearing.

"Okay, open your eyes."

Chihiro gasped, it was a rainforest! All shades of green filled her sight, the sounds of nature

filled the air. She felt so in touch with the earth. The cooing of birds and beasts. The soft colors of

the flowers, the damp air. It was so beautiful, 'Almost as beautiful as Kohaku...' she thought.

The place was so perfect, "It's so pretty..." she mumbled. Her eyes still amazed at the view she

was getting. "I'm glad you like it."

"I do, thank you." she embraced him and kissed him on the cheek. He smiled at her. "Come, let us

eat. I prepaired us lunch."

There, in a small clearing, surrounded by hydrangeas and amaranthines. Full of floras and faunas.

Was their lunch that Kohaku had made. Hand in hand, they sat smiling at eachother. Like fools in love.

But it didn't matter, they were together and that was all that mattered.

They had little conversation, they were too busy admiring the rainforest. Admiring each other.

Kohakus thoughts soon wondered what it would be like to claim her his. To keep her virginity for

himself. To hear her moan and beg for him. To have her shiver at his touch. To touch her in ways no man

has ever done. He shook himself.

"Kohaku what's wrong?" Chihiro asked, he looked a little dazed.

"Nothing, nothing at all..." he whispered, albeit whispered huskily.

'I've never noticed how deep and masculine his voice is...' she blushed.

'Why is it suddenly so hot?' he wondered.

His eyes scanned her face, the way she moved. Everything about her drove him insane. He moved

closer to her and whispered in her ear, so close his lips brushed against her.

"I love you."

It was amazing how three little words could make her feel. Her heart was now thumping wildly in

her chest. He'd said those words so many times, but for some reason when he said it now...

It felt so wonderful... so romantic.

She neared to him, putting her arms around his neck. Gently brushing her cheek against his. He

answered by snaking his arm around her slim waist. Her eyes half lidded, her lips parted. She kissed

his neck, nibbling and biting gently. He moaned. Burying his free hand in her hair, playing with them.

"Chihiro... Chihiro... Chihiro" he whispered.

"Touch me..."

"As you wish..."

Touches turned into caresses, which molded into fondling. The atmosphere turned heavy, the forest

seemed to quiet down. Their voices echoed, carried away by the wind. The scent of fresh water filled her

nose. His kisses gentle and passionate. Quickly turning into something deeper.

"Love me..."

"Yes, my love. As you wish."

Never had she felt this way in her entire life. His hands touched everywhere. Held her carefully.

His movements patient and loving. And moaning was all she could do about it. He caressed. He loved.

He loved her...

Only her...

And it felt wonderful.

It was all a blur of gentle hands, soft skin and lavander to Chihiro as Kohaku made love to her.


The trees rustled violently at his presence. His lips smirked.

"Go ahead dragon brat, have fun for now. For we'll take your princess soon enough."

Byakko cackled.

"Chronos, I won't fail you."


In the small clearing,

hidden in the floras,

two lovers shared their secrets.

As the fairies kept close watch,

with such care.

They loved,

they watched.

Hidden in the floras.

~Shibahime Hibiya




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