No. Fushigi Yuugi not mine. Tomo not mine...


Assasin, I


Mask of disguise
Silver lining act
Never revealing borders
Between fiction and fact

Hiding the veil
That tears flood
Past the truth
Coated in blood

Assasin, I
Hand unworthy
Hold nothing
Taiyo nai, tsuki nai
Not the sun, not the moon
Worthless, dust
Dark mystic beauty...

Ripples in the water
One day will come
When judged by Heaven
Shunned away from home...

Sin I bear of crimson life
Akin to every marred flesh
Drip, drip, drip
Blood and tears alike...
Forgive me, love me...


Aoi Akiko rambles:

I wrote this on the verge of suicide, then thought the better of it. No, I don't want sympathy or empathy or apathy. Just... a voice...

It's Tomo, writing to (most likely) Nakago. I'm surprised at it myself... I never thought I'd write something from him to him...
I had the whole thing written in Chinese, then Japanese, then English. Yet, no matter how I look at it, it still sounds so sad... *sniffle* Summimasen desu ne...


~ Aoi Akiko