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Kaiba: What?! Are you saying we're in the hands of a rank AMATURE!?!

Aura Black Chan: Who said you were even in this fic?

Kaiba: Well then who else in the series is even worth writing about?

ABC: Joey and Serenity Wheeler.

Kaiba: Heh, perfect. Work out all your writing inadequacies on the dog then come write about me!

ABC: Actually, I have one planned for you.

Kaiba (getting suspicious): What?

ABC: Oh, nothing! Just go try to relax now, while I work on this!

Kaiba: No! Tell me what you have planned!

ABC: Do you really want to know?

Kaiba: YES!

ABC: Okay, c'mere, I'll tell ya.

Kaiba leans in, while Aura Black Chan whispers something to him.

ABC: (Quietly) The Disclaimer.


ABC (smiling): Yes that will do.

Kaiba: Get some better initials Miss ABC!

ABC (glaring): On with the story now.

Like No Father

Chapter 1: The Unexpected Phone Call

Joey Wheeler sat on the train watching the scenery slip past, his overnight bag on the seat next to him. The steady rhythm of the engine caused his mind to slip back to few weeks earlier, when he had received an unexpected phone call.

***Three weeks ago***

He was at his friend Yugi Moto's house, the stress of school slowly ebbing away from them, when the phone rang.

"I'll just get this Joey, then we can start watching the movie as soon as the others get here." Yugi said, as he walked across the room to answer the phone. Just then, a loud 'ding' went off. "Why don't you take the pizza out of the oven? It should be ready now!"

"Yeah, sure thing Yug!" He called back. They had just finished their finals, school would be out in a few more weeks, and they had a night of pizza, friends, and movies ahead of them. Life just didn't get much better!

There was a knock at the door as Joey set the pizza on a hot plate, and Yugi answered the phone. "I'll get that Yug! It's probably Tristan, Bakura, and Tea."

He heard Yugi say hello to whomever it was as he opened the door to admit their friends.

"C'mon in! We're just getting set-up!" he said allowing them in. "Hey, you remembered the sodas and chips! Great!"

Tea turned to him, half-smirking. "Like you'd ever let us forget it if we didn't."

"Come on, let's set this stuff down! It gets heavy after a few blocks!" Tristan, looking red faced, and exhausted, seemed ready to collapse.

"Yeah, sorry. Just set everything in the-"

"Joey?" This was Yugi calling him over.

"Eh, what is it Yug?"

Yugi was now holding the phone out to him, a puzzled look on his face. "It's your mother, she says she needs to talk to you."

The room suddenly went quiet. Joey's parent's had divorced when he was little, his mother taking his younger sister, Serenity, with her leaving Joey behind with his less than stellar father.

While Joey had made an effort to keep in touch with his sister, he had not spoken with his mother until recently, when Serenity had undergone surgery to restore her vision. Since then, he'd had a somewhat more comfortable relationship with his mother, but the hurt of being left behind still lingered.

Joey took the phone, feeling somewhat queasy. "Uh, thanks Yugi. I'll just take it over here."

Dreading what was to come, he put the receiver to his ear.

"Hello, Mom?"


He frowned. She was the only one who ever called him that.

"Yeah, ma, it's me. What is it? And how did you know to call me at Yugi's?"

She paused, as if trying to decide how to go on. "I took the chance that you might be there instead of home. Since you just finished your finals, I thought that you'd be celebrating with them there. You all seemed so close, especially you and Yugi."

"Oh, alright. So what's- wait a minute! How did you know I just had finals?"

Another pause, this one sounding more loaded. "Joseph, just because I don't have custody of you doesn't mean that I can't have access to how you're doing in school, at least. I got a notice about them coming up weeks ago."


"It was part of the agreement I had with your father when we divorced. I thought you knew about it." she said. More cautiously now, "How did you do?"

"Eh, okay. I think I did better in math than I was expecting, but I know I passed History, and, I think, English." Long pause. "What else did you want to talk to me about?"

"Well, you see, it's Serenity-"

"What! What happened?!!"

"Nothing!" She said quickly. "But there is a problem that she needs your help with."

"Oh." He sighed, panic over his sister suddenly evaporating from him. "Well, whatever it is, that's what I'm here for, so lay it on me! What's up?"

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