Mariel of Redwall

by: the Warriormaid

(sounds of wind, waves and lightning, music starts)


one stormy night...


*softly* The wind's icy breath o'er the land of death...

(cuts to the scene of Mariel being thrown into the sea )

...tells a tale that is of yet to come...

( cuts to Mariel twirling the gullwacker at the seagulls)


I'm not finished yet

V.O- a legand will be fulfilled

(cuts to the scene of Saxtus reciting the poem)


where did you learn that poem


I don't know, but now that I've learned it, I can't forget it

V.O- A friendship will be made

( Dandin at the council)


I am going with her. She cannot achieve her goals alone

( cuts to the scene of Martin in the dream)

Voice of Martin-

Mariel needs a friend as I once did

V.O- and a hero will be born

( cuts to the scene of Mariel running into Fort Blagegirt )


( turns around to look at Durry), We'll see who gets Gabool

( screen fades, the words 'in 2004' appears)


tomorrow, my quest starts

snake hisses* Mariel runs up from behind and stuns it with her Gullwacker

(cuts to the scene where Dandin is standing among the freed slaves)


who are you

(scene fades to Dandin falling into the swamp)


( turns around) DANDIN!!!!

(the stranger slowly smiles)


They call me, Joseph the Bellmaker

( scene fades to Mariel fighting in the last battle)

Mariel- Redwaaaaall!!!

(screen goes black as the music fades. The words Mariel of Redwall flashes across the screen followed by Coming in 2004)