And we're finally back with another trailer, after what seemed like forever. Sorry, everyone, for the lack of updates

A/N- Cast listing for Marlfox is practically non-existent as Anon(girl) (Song), and Asmodeus1389 (Ziral) are the only ones playing a part. I also think Kiera Knightly would make a great actor playing Song. (Is the whole thing with two cast lists confusing everyone?) I'm thinking of creating a website specifically for my trailers/cast listing, so let me know in a review or by email if you have any ideas, comments, or would like to help. Also, if you have any ideas of where to go with the casting, such as how to make it more real and give the cast something to do, let me know. Other than that, enjoy the trailer, and be sure to check out the new Mtw trailer.

(background music starts softly.)

v.o- Evil lurks in Mossflower

(Cuts to Mossflower Woods at night, looking unusually sinister and eerie. Mist begins to drift slowly across the screen)

v.o- legend told of a mysterious beast....

(cuts to a shot of a hooded beast, covered by a dark cloak, barely visible, creeping through the woods)

v.o- ...part fox, part wolf

(three more come out to join it, the half moonlight illuminating them slightly, showing the glint of their axes)

v.o- gifted with the power... to vanish

(the dark figures, vanish into the foliage)

"They were the Marlfoxes"

(Cuts to Redwall Abbey)

v.o- Redwall stands without a ruler...

...without a champion...

(cuts to a battle sequence, between the Marlfoxes/their vermin and the Redwallers.) it's time of need

(cuts to the tapestry being taken)

v.o- Now it is up to four unlikly creatures...

(Action sequence: Cuts to Song diving into the raging river, with only a rope fixed around her waist, cuts to Dann raising the sword of Martin, while vermin close in on him, cuts to Dippler, engaged in close on-on-one combat with Fenno, cuts to Burble, with his blade raised, running down the hallway of Castle Marl)

v.o- To face this evil...

... and bring back the heart of the Abbey

Song: Whatever happens...

(cuts to them being chased by the watervoles)

Song: No matter where we are...

(cuts to them appearing in the cave)

Dann: we will stay true to each other...

(flashes to the four of them charging into a group of oncoming vermin)

...and complete our quest

(flashes to Jangular and Geltor fighting in close combat)

(flashes to a volley of slingstones flying over the abbey wall)

(cuts to Nettlebud throwing the chain far into the lake)

Song: Let's go deal with some vermin!


Review replies

ShadowSong StarGlaive The Wolf: I've probably already told you this, but you're now officially casted as Rangevur

Sagebrush Oakjak: I know!!! I wish we could make a movie out of this or something. Dominic is now Shogg, so have fun starring with him.

Lady Storm: Viggo Mortensen played Aragorn in Lord of the Rings. Oh, and btw, have fun with your singing part (see the new Mtw trailer)

Catty Engles: Oh! Now I know both of them and you're right. Robin Williams is perfect for Gonff.

Aubreta: Thanks! I was the same when I read the books; that's how this came along.

Narfgirl: I'm still debating whether to make Angela Lansbury Bella or Mellus. Sean Connery is probably going to be casted as Stonepaw, but I always thought Kiera Knightly didn't have a rough enough voice to play Grath. Thanks so much for all your ideas!!!

Clara200: How about two parts, Pasque and one of the mousemaids in any book?

Asmodeus1389: You can be the author playing Grath, Ziral, and Farran. (can you tell I'm trying to get as many parts filled up as possible?) lol

MonkeySocksBirdHouse: Thanks for reviewing!!! I've already emailed you an answer to your reviews!!! lol

Next up is Outcast, so start letting me know which parts you want. Remember, you can have a part in each book, maybe even more!!!