My Charmed Life By Erebus Darkness

Summary: 38 years old Remus wakes up to discover himself to be in his old Gryffindor dorm, 16 years old, again. How did this happen?

PG-13:  For profanity, and some sexual reference.

Genre: Comedy/Drama/Romance

Disclaimer: NO NO NO! I do not own them! Grrr…I do own my own characters though but the rest I don't. *sigh*

Chapter 1: Waking Up

"Maybe we should wake him up now…" a voice faraway muttered, sounding concerned, "Lily's in a rage again."

Remus Lupin, half awake, turned under his sheets and snuggled into his bed, not wanting hear more; he was dreaming, and he hated dreaming about Lily, James, Sirius and everyone that was dead, which was most of his friends.

Then the person who spoke next sounded like the young Sirius, voice smooth, laid back and charming, "Maybe, to tell you the truth, I'd like to see her lose her head to Remus."

"We should wake him up." Said another voice: James's. Remus pressed his already closed eyes harder together, trying to make the voices go away. He felt a hand touch his shoulders and shake him gently. Remus, for a while, remained still, feeling somewhat shocked.

"Hey, sleepy head." James's voice teased. The hand on Remus's shoulder shook him harder. "Wake up Remus!" His heart nearly burst out of its place, his stomach churned with that chilling feeling, and he felt cold all over. His body froze as a thought passed into his mind…could this be?

"Wake up mate!" Sirius's voice exclaimed, "You lazy bum, you're going to be late for the Prefect Meeting." Remus snapped his eyes open, wide, way wide and sat up stiffly in his bed.

"Whoa, Remus!" James's voice shouted in surprise, "What's with you?"

Body cold and rigid, Remus slowly, slowly turned around and what he saw could've killed him. Remus screamed in horror and shock and fell right out of his bed. The three people stared at him.

"Remus!" Sirius cried, "What's wrong?"

"Maybe we should've let him sleep." Muttered the short Peter, looking at him worryingly, "I should tell Lily he's sick."

"Hey, you alright mate?" came the worried voice of James. Remus felt a hand touch his shoulders. He turned around again, facing James, Sirius and Peter, young, alive and well. He had to restrain himself so hard so he would not scream again. He couldn't do anything else either, staring at his 3 friends in utter shock.

How could this be possible? What happened? What…No…

James leaned foreword and put his palms on Remus's forehead. A shock ran through him at his touch. It was so real. And James, looking just like his son: thin, jet-black hair and bespectacled.  He was not cold, sallow and dead, like Remus last saw him, but alive.

"Hey, Moony." He said gently, "You okay?"

Stiffly, Remus nodded, his eyes till wide in shock.

"Are you real?" Remus meant to say, but only succeeded in moving his mouth while a faint gasping noise escaped.

"What?" Asked James.

Remus cleared his throat. "Are—are you for real? I'm…. I'm not dreaming am I?"

His three friends stared at him in incredulity; their brows rose high on their face.

"Er…" started James uncertainly, "Yeah, I guess." He looked back at Sirius and Peter and asked jokingly, "Are we real guys?"

Peter nodded briskly. Sirius answered with a grin and said, "Yeah, I guess we're real. Maybe we should ask around to see if we're real or not, eh, Moony?" Remus blushed slightly, but the shock hadn't left him.


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