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Chapter 14

Escape to Egypt; The Start of a New Adventure

Jonouchi awoke from an early night doze to the sound of sirens passing by his house. Shizuka opened the curtains and peered outside. "Goodness! That's the second police car that's come by here in the last hour!"

Jounochi groaned and flipped through the channels. "Whatever. Man, ain't there anything good on TV?"

Shizuka checked the TVGuide. "I think 'Fruits Basket' [1] is on channel 11. Please Oniisan!"

"Okay, okay," Jonouchi grumbled. 'Man I hate that show!' He turned to the station.

Instead of the anime show, a special new report was on. "-and there is no accurate description at this time. He is assumed to be a teenage boy, average build, spiky black and red hair, with a chain necklace, and wearing clothes similar to a Domino High school uniform."

Jonouchi opened one eye. "Nanda?"

The reporter spoke to Mrs. Tanaka, who was very pale and near hysterics, being supported by Nellie. "Do you have any other information for our viewers at home, Tanaka-san? Anything that will help us catch the man who murdered your husband?"

"Y-Yes," she sputtered. "If you are listening, please, bring my daughter home! She's a sick, sick girl! She needs her medicine! I need to take care of her!"

Jonouchi spit out the soda he had been drinking. "Holy shit…"

"Wait a minute," the reporter said as a police officer whispered something to him. "I've just gotten word that a neighbor managed to catch a glimpse of the killer!"

The camera moved to the short teenage boy. "And your name is?"

"Hanasaki Tomoya," mumbled the meek kid.

"HANASAKI!?!" exclaimed Jonouchi.

"Do you know him, Oniisan?"

"He used to go to my school!"

"Tell us what you saw."

Hanasaki took a deep breath. "I saw the guy running away with Mrs. Tanaka's daughter. Uh - he wasn't wearing a uniform, just a black shirt and pants. He - he wasn't so average. Kinda tall and lanky. And… And his hair was all black. The red was from a streetlight."

Anyone who didn't know Hanasaki would have said he was only scared. But Jonouchi could tell that their old friend was lying. 'Domino Hgih uniform, black and red hair, necklace… but average height?'

"Shizuka," said Jonouchi getting out of his chair. "I'll be right back."

"Oniisan," said Shizuka, her voice trembled. "They were describing Yugi-san, weren't they?"

Jonouchi remained silent.

"But… I can't imagine Yugi-san ever killing anyone! And - and he's short, not average!"

"Me neither, but I think the other Yugi must have. I gotta go see for sure."

"Then I'm coming too!"



The siblings hurried to The Kame Game Shop. Since it was now after 9, it was closed, but the lights were still on. Jonouchi knocked on the door. "Oy! Yugi! You home?"

Nazo answered the door. She wore one of Yugi's long t-shirts, her socks, and a huge grin. "Heya Jou-kun!"

"Oniisan," whispered Shizuka, "is this the 'Ice Queen' you told me about?"

Jonouchi looked her up and down. "We-hell! What have you and Yami been-"

Nazo slapped him across the face. "Hentai!"

"Ano," spoke up Shizuka, "are you Nazo-san? I'm Shizuka."

Nazo scanned the area behind the two. "Yeah, I'm Nazo. Come in before we get spotted."

Once inside, Jonouchi ran upstairs to look for Yugi. He found him in his bedroom stuffing his duffle bag with clothes. "Hey Yug. I'm guessin' that was you they're talking about on TV?"

"Already," Yugi asked in surprise. "Kuso! At this rate we'll never escape in time!"

"You got some time. Hanasaki is puttin' 'em off the scent. Where are you guys off to, anyway?"

"Not sure. But its better than trying to explain what really happened to the police! What am I gonna tell them? 'I didn't kill Mr. Tanaka, my other self did'?" Yugi held his head in frustration. "Dammit, Jonouchi-kun! I don't know WHAT I'm doing anymore! Running away is the best I could come up with!"

"That ain't cowardly, though. In this case its for the best."

Yugi picked up his Goku [2] bank and smashed it against his desk. "Not much, but its something."

"You didn't hafta do that," said Nazo from the doorway.

"Nazo! You're supposed to be watching out for the cops!"

"Shizuka's got that covered." She sat down on the bed next to Yugi's duffle. "Listen, I feel pretty bad about getting you into this. You really saved me tonight. So, I've made arrangements with my daddy's account and the airport to pay for a proper escape. The plan tickets are as good as reserved!"

Yugi blinked. "Plane tickets? To where?"

Nazo grinned. "Egypt."

Jonouchi and Yugi's eyes bugged out. "EGYPT!?!"

Yami cheered from the Puzzle. //YAHOOO!!//

"Why the hell Egypt," asked Jonouchi at the same time Yugi said, "We can't go that far away!!"

Nazo shook her head. "Don't worry, Yugi-kun. Its for a private plane, first class. You know, a very secretive society. Once in Cairo, we'll track down Miss. Ishtal. She'll help us from there. Its her duty to protect us, ne?"

Jonouchi sneered. "You bitch! You may got nothing' to lose, but Yugi's got a life outside from the Mil. Items and all that business! He's got family, friends, a reputation, a future, a girl who's crazy about him, everything here! There's gotta be another way!"

"Jonouchi-kun," said Yugi softly. All eyes fell on the small teen, who stared at the floor. "Thanks for worrying about me, but I'm ready to leave Japan."

"Yug, you ain't serious, are ya?"

Yugi clenched his fists. "I don't know why I was chosen to solve the Puzzle and host the spirit inside, but - I - was - chosen!" He said the last phrase emphasizing each word. "I will not abandon Yami now!"

"Well, then I'm coming too," proclaimed Jonouchi.

"No way!"

"Yugi, in case you haven't noticed, I'm your bud too! Can't let you have all the fun!" He ran out the door, and yelled, "I'll go hot-wire my dad's old car to take us to the airport!"

Nazo and Yugi sweat-dropped. "Yugi-kun, you have weird friends."



"Niisama! Niisama!!"

Kaiba Seto groaned. "Go away, Mokuba!" The CEO of the world's largest game company rolled over on the sofa inside his American office in a vain attempt to go back to sleep. It had been the first time in ages that he got a break during the day, and he wanted to catch up on some missed Zs.

Mokuba continued pounding on the door. "Niisama, someone just hacked into the Kaiba Corp. treasury and stole several thousand dollars!"

"Trace it, find out who, then get back to me!"

"I already have," came a new voice. Keiko had joined Mokuba behind the door. "Se~to," she sang. "You just got robbed by a dead man!"

Seto groaned again, dragged himself away from the sofa, and opened to door. "This had better be good."

Mokuba brandished a short stack of printouts. "I looked over the latest financial reports, since that contractor for Kaibaland gave us an estimate for construction, and I caught someone pinching out a shit load of money!"

"The user was registered as a 'Tanaka Hitoshi', a guy you fired only two days ago." He pushed the papers into Seto's hands. "This is all the info I got on him. I tried tracing the computer source, but the thief installed a virus into my system. Once I got rid of it, the 48 hour pink-slip period ended, and Tanaka's file got deleted!"

"So? Call up the Domino police department! You could have handled this on your own, Mokuba!"

Keiko smiled. "Way ahead of you, Seto! Tanaka died not too long ago."


"The killer apparently ran off with his daughter. She probably knew the codes to her dad's files!" She winked. "I also figured out where she transferred the money to!"

"Where," both Mokuba and Seto asked.

"Zerelli's Black Plane Services. Its an air travel service run by the Italian mafia to transport black-market goods and gurus to different countries. A real 'Don't ask, don't tell' business."

"Japan is one of the biggest producers of in-demand goods in the world," Mokuba thought aloud. "Makes sense to have such a place."

Seto raised an eyebrow. "Keiko, how did you get such connections to and information about dealings in the Italian mafia?"

"Um, the internet?"

"Be serious!"

She grinned and poked his nose playfully. "That's for me to know, and you to never find out!" A sweat drop glided down his head, but he ignored his fiancée's teasing. "Mokuba, get my personal jet ready. Where are they headed?"

"Cairo, Egypt."

"And nobody else knows about his except us?"

"Yes, no da!" [3]

Mokuba tapped Keiko's arm. "Any suspects?"

"Just a couple of vague descriptions on the guy who ran off with her. Not much." She handed Seto a paper of scribbled down notes. "There were two witnesses, and each gave a different guy."

Seto scanned the page. "Hanasaki… That name sounds familiar." He read Mrs. Tanaka's account. 'No way.' He scanned the page of Tanaka's stats, paying close attention to the information on Nazo. "Keiko," he said without lifting his eyes from the paper, "where is that flight headed for again?"


Seto's eyes narrowed, and both Keiko and Mokuba took a step back. They both knew that look meant death! "N-Niisama," asked Mokuba tentatively, "you know who it is?"

Seto slowly moved the papers from his face, and closed his eyes. "Tell me, Mokuba," he said in a voice that would make lava freeze. "Did you read where Miss. Tanaka goes to high school?"

"Ano, I missed that."

"Domino High. And Keiko, how many people do we know from Domino High with black, spiky hair and red tips who just so happens to have an interest in Egypt?"



Yugi tried his best to pack one more KitKat bar into his backpack. "Oy! You ready to go, Nazo-san?!"

Nazo came in with Yugi's duffle. She now wore a pair of Furia's pants, Yugi's socks and his shirt, along with the her long coat. "Ready! Is Jou here yet?"

"Not yet. Hey, what are we gonna do about passports?"

"Don't worry about it." She looked at her strange ensemble in Yugi's mirror. "I need to get some clothes at the nearest shop!"

"Un!" Yugi slung his bag over his shoulder. "You go down first. I'll catch up." Once Nazo disappeared from the doorframe, Yugi paused to look around his room for possibly the last time. He wanted to memorize every poster on his walls, book on his self, line on the wood of his furniture, and the smell of the air. Nine years of memories were attached to this one room.

"Hope this isn't the last one," he thought aloud as he closed the door.

Yugi slid down the banister and landed on both feet in front of his grandfather's counter. He paused again, and visualized his first time he stood in front of it. Of course back then, he couldn't see over the top!


"Welcome to the Kame Game Shop," said Sugoroku from the door. Little Yugi rushed up to the shelves to check out the games. "We get to LIVE here?! In a toy store?!"

Grandpa Moto chuckled. "Not a 'toy' store, Yugi. This store has all sorts of games and artifacts from around the world."

"Sugoi!" Yugi tried hopping up and down to see over the counter. "What's back there?"

"My best merchandise from my many travels. I don't know if you know this, but I used to be an archeologist like your dad. Much of it is cursed!"

"Cursed? Wow!"

"Yes, so never come back here without me. Oh, check this out." Sugoroku walked behind the counter and picked up something dark green, wrinkled, and resembled a webbed hand made of beef jerky. "This is the dried up claw of a sea monster from the darkest reaches of Peru."

"M-monster?" Yugi trembled with mingled fear and excitement. He got closer to the ugly item, his nose almost touching it.

Sugoroku grinned mischievously and pulled the tendon in the back of the hand. The fingers twitched, and a claw scraped Yugi's nose. The boy's eyes bugged out, his hair stood on end (ya know, more than usual), and he jumped high into the air.

Furia [4] entered the store at that moment, and caught her son before he hit the ground. "Father Moto, what are you doing?"

Sugoroku sratched the back of his head and laughed. "Only showing Yugi around the store."

"Y-yeah," stuttered Yugi, still white and wide-eyed. "J-just h-h-having some f-fun, M-mommy!"

Furia glared at her father-in-law. "If this is the way you're going to treat my Yugi-chan, we're moving back to Checks Town. He's all I have left, Father!"

"N-no, Mommy!" Yugi jumped down to the floor. "I'm fine! See!"

"He's a more resilient boy than you think, my dear," said Grandpa Moto. "Come on, I'll show you where you'll be sleeping."

Furia sighed, picked up three of the large suitcases, and followed him upstairs. "Yugi-chan! Haiyoku!"

"Okay!" He grabbed his Power Rangers backpack and started to go upstairs. Then, he heard a strange, hollow voice blow on the wind. "Un? What was that?" He dropped his bag and walked curiously to the middle of the store. "I know I heard something."

The deep note sounded again. "It's comin' from the back!" Forgetting his grandfather's warnings (like so many other seven-year-olds do), Yugi pushed open the swing door and opened the other door behind the counter to the storage room.

The storage room had only one light, a bulb with a chain switch Yugi was too short to grab. He crept into the room blindly, his eyes slowly adjusting to the dark. "Oy! Someone in here?"

The noise came again. Yugi hurried to the shelf it came from. On it sat a small gold box covered in hieroglyphs. He picked it up.

Immediately an energy emitted from the box and swept over the child, displaying its approval. Yugi's heart beat faster. "Sugoi sugoi! Maybe it's a treasure box!" He opened it. Instead of coins were gold, oddly shaped pieces. On one piece was the Eye of Horus. "Even better! It's a puzzle!" He picked up the piece. "I can't wait to solve it and show Granpa!"

[End of Flashback]

[Yugi's POV]

I touch the completed Puzzle now around my neck. Nine years ago I was chosen to bare it and host the spirit inside. It took eight years to complete, but once I met Yami and accepted my responsibility, my life changed.

//If you knew the history of the Millennium Items beforehand, Aibou, what would be different?//

/I'd have thought twice about checking for that noise!/

We laugh. Yami knows I'm joking. He knows everything.

Except everything about his past.

I turn to Nazo, who has been watching from the door. "A car just pulled up," she says. "Ready, Yugi?"

"I've been ready for years!"

We walked outside and gaped. Instead of Jonouchi driving his dad's pick-up, we saw Ryou driving a big van with Jonouchi in the passenger's seat. "Oy," he called out to us. "Climb in the back! We're ready to roll!"

"What are YOU doing here," asked Nazo, starting to smile.

Ryou winked. "I'm the only one of you yahoos who passed the driver's test!"

Jonouchi grinned in that way that makes everyone else do the same. "I called everyone up and told 'em what you're plannin' to do! And guess what? I ain't the only one who's ready to see ya through this new adventure!"

The back doors opened, and Honda and Anzu waved us over. "Move yer asses," called Honda. "If someone spots Nazo, we're all headed for the slammer!"

Nazo and I hurry to the back of the van. I finally see the reason for such a big car. Honda's bike is strapped down center floor. Honda pulls in our luggage, and Anzu helps Nazo inside. Just before I manage to get in, a car pulls up into the driveway, its headlights on me, blinding me. For one radical moment, I figured it was the police, and I oughta make a run for it. But it was worse!

"Yugi-chan?" Mom gets out of the car and stares at me. I can see in her eyes she's asking, "What is going on?" Jiichan does the same.

I freeze. Seeing Mom and Jiichan in front of me forces my mind to re-think my actions. Of all the people I hate leaving behind, they are at the top of the list! I can still hear Mother saying, "He's all I have left!"

Boy, I'm glad Ryou's driving. Jonouchi's yelling at Honda to pull me in and take off! Ryou won't do that to me.

My hesitation lasts all off five seconds. I set my eyes on Jiichan and put a hand on the Puzzle. He nods; he understood me! God bless him!

Mom just keeps staring at me, as if she hopes to read an explanation on my face she can't see. "Mom… forgive me!" As fast as I can, I jump into the truck and shut the door. "Let's go, Ryou-kun!"

Ryou pushes the accelerator to the floor and I fall back against the door. Anzu helps me into the seat next to her. "You okay?"

"Yeah." Gosh, she's got such gorgeous eyes! "Thanks for coming, Anzu." I don't tell her, but leaving my folks was the hardest part of this whole thing. I may never see them again!

She swung her arm over my shoulder. I guess it was supposed to be comforting, but to me its more than that. She's here, with me, even though she knows what's coming could put her in danger. She's so wonderful! But I know she and the others won't stay with me forever in Egypt. They might go back at the start of the new school year.

I'll try not to think of that right now. Too sad.

Yami's out again, but he doesn't tease me. Instead, he sits on Honda's bike facing Nazo, watching her fall asleep. I can feel he thinks he's pushed me into this. But he hasn't.

I don't know WHY I was chosen to defend the Puzzle. I'm no warrior or magician. I'm just good at games. But no matter what the reason is, I've sworn to defend it with my life. If my duty includes any kind of exile, then so be it!

My home is quickly getting smaller in the window. Soon, I'll be on a plane to Egypt with my best friends, a magic 3,000 year old Puzzle, and a cursed pharaoh. My newest adventure begins now!

[1] Fruits Basket - A random anime I thugh I'd throw in.

[2] Goku - main character of DragonballZ. Why a DBZ reference? Well, first off, its my favourite anime. Second, Kazuki Takahashi likes it too! ^_~

[3] "no da" - one of Keiko's often said phrases. Doesn't really mean anything. Comes from Fushigi Yugi.

[4] Furia - If you haven't read my one-shot fic, "Dance Wtih My Father Again," Furia is the name I've given Yugi's mother.


Yugi: Ohaiyo, minna-san! This is the end of the first installment, but part two won't be long to follow. Nazo starts having weird dreams again when we're on the plan, and another old friend joins our quest. But what is Mai-san doing here? And why do all of the guys on the plane look so shady?

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