Title: The Worg

Authors: Buffybot76 & profiler120

Emails: vampmistress76@hotmail.com & profiler120@hotmail.com

Rating: R

Pairing: Saitou/Misao

Summary: An Alternate universe fic. Hajime Saitou is a creature known as a Worg, a mythological wolf-like creature that can take the form of a man with intelligence and an evil disposition. Misao, having a run of awful luck, ends up alone in a forested area and face to face with this elusive creature called "Saitou".

Disclaimer: Any and all characters belong to Watsuki-sensei. We own nothing but the plot of this fic. We also do this not for profit, but to show my appreciation for the wonderful anime/manga that is Rurouni Kenshin. Please don't sue.

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The full moon hung overhead in a dark, starless sky, shining its glimmering moonbeams down on the vast forest spread out beneath it. An old dirt trail, barely wide enough for a vehicle to pass, wound it's way through the dense foliage and came to a stop in a small clearing. The perfect make out point, one would say.


The sounds of muffled screams and flesh meeting flesh could be heard coming from within the cab of the 2001 Dodge Ram pickup parked in the secluded clearing. But one could not mistake the screams for ones of pleasure, nor could the other sound be mistaken for the sound of two bodies coming together willingly as one in the act of love. Though the body of the truck shook, it was in fact, evidence of the brutal struggle that was taking place inside. The shaking continued for nearly ten minutes before the passenger side door flew open, and a dark form literally flew from within.

"Come back here, you bitch!" The sound of a very enraged male came from within the truck's darkened cab. "I'm not through with you yet!"

"No! Stay away from me, you bastard!" The young woman, who was just now scrambling to her feet, spat at the young man who, until only a few minutes ago, had been her date.

"I'll show you bastard, bitch! Get back in here, NOW!"

When the man made to get out of the truck in pursuit, the young girl quickly whirled around and ran away. She made a bee-line for the surrounding trees, knowing that if she could make it there--despite it being pitch black within--she would be safe.

She ran, breathing heavy, her chest heaving as her feet crunched into the dryed autumn leaves beneath her feet. Perhaps the forest wasn't as much of a haven as she'd imagined, she thought. Every footstep was a loud crunch in the night air that was cool and causing her throat to ache as she harshly breathed it in.

Had she thought help were to be found she would've spent her voice screaming, but there would be no one in the woodland at this hour. No one she would want to meet anyway, and certainly not to rescue her from the maniac her friend had set her up with tonight.

Damn you, Kaoru! I knew I shouldn't have listened to you and went on a blind date! Misao thought as she ran.

Her footing was clumsy on the uneven ground. The thought of falling was terrifying knowing what awaited her. He was already catching up, his long strides had him practically on her heels. Her best bet was to hide in the darkness where he couldn't see or hear her, not be running like some frightened doe.

"Misao! Come on, wait up! I'm sorry okay?! I was only playing around!"

Makimachi Misao started at the sound of the man calling out her name. Did he really expect for her to stop? To wait for him to catch up with her? No freaking way! Instead, Misao changed course and began to zig-zag her way even deep through the forest. If she hadn't been so set on getting away from Makoto Shishio, then she probably would have realized that doing this would eventually cause her to become hopelessly lost in the woods. But she didn't...no, couldn't think of anything else. Only three words rang through her mind at this point.

Get. Away. Fast.

The beam of a flashlight cut through the darkness from behind her. Oh shit! she thought. He's got a flashlight. He'd find her for sure! Distracted as she was by the light, Misao let out a startled shriek as she felt the ground drop off from beneath her. She skidded and tumbled down the steep embankment. When she finally came to a stop at the bottom, Misao immediately rose, intent on continuing to run. The moment her right foot touched the ground with her full weight upon it, however, she fell to the damp earth once more as sharp needles of pain streaked up her leg.

Misao bit her already bruised lip to keep from crying out. Maybe if she could just stay quiet, then he would pass her by. Maybe he would give up when he couldn't find her. Maybe....


Buffybot76: Yes, I know I *really* need to be working on one of my numerous other fics, but this idea just would *not* leave me alone. So, I convinced my bestest writing buddy in the whole wide world, P-chan to assist me in writing yet *another* Saitou/Misao fic. As you can see this one is AU and also of the supernatural variety. I hope you liked it all the same though. Please let me and P-chan know if you'd like to see what happens next, k? Also, the next chapter of Amber Horizons will be out hopefully within the next few days, so keep a look out! Until then, please read and review.

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