Hello everyone. This is Relaxing Pikachu. I know this is an odd update, but just thought I'd use a note first. This story isn't new, as you can see by the dates. It was originally finished August 23, 2004. Anywho, I decided to rewrite this story and to fix up the problems that it had. The main things I did not change, were a good chunk of the author's notes. I decided to keep them for nostalgia reasons.

One thing I did not change, was everything dealing with Reggie and Otto's mother. When I originally wrote this story, Island of the Menehune hadn't aired yet, so I made up everything about her. For one, I named her "Olivia". I gave her that name, because it was the only "O" name I could think of. I wanted her name to begin with an "O" because of Otto. Ray's name begins with an "R" and Reggie has an "R" name, so I just stuck with the assumed pattern.

I also didn't change Mackenzie's name. For this story, I picked the name "Duncan". I didn't know, at the time, that her name was Mackenzie Benders.

Another thing that I didn't change, and that was Ray's relationship status. There's still no Noealani in this story, and to be completely honest, I didn't care how she was brought into the series to begin with. It felt…a little forced and seems things went too fast. Maybe if they'd debuted her in the movie, then had her maybe moving to Ocean Shores and then saying she was there for…a few months maybe, I probably wouldn't have minded the two marrying. Like I said, everything with Noelani just felt too forced for my liking. It also seemed odd that throughout the series, there seemed to be something going on between Ray and Officer Shirley (don't deny it folks lol) and then later on with Breezy.

I know some of you are probably wondering about this fic's sequel ("Friends to the End") and how it was left unfinished. Well, don't worry. I am planning on going back to it.

Let's see, other changes…well, mostly grammatical ones, trimming certain scenes, rewriting certain scenes, added a bit more dialogue here and there, etc. You'll see.

So, to all of you older readers, and you newcomers, I hope you enjoy this fic.