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Chapter 27: "I think you're wonderful…" Confessions over a Video Project…

"Aww, Reggie," Twister complained with a frown, "why'd you want to do this now? I wanted another burger!"

"So I can hang with Sherry, Trish, and Clio tomorrow afternoon instead of hanging out here as long. I can get the pictures I need today, and you can finish working on your project tomorrow."

"Why do I have to suffer?" the boy groaned.


"Just kidding, Reg."

The two were at Ocean Shores High in the A/V lab, which was pretty much a normal occurrence. Twister had a key to the room, just as Reg had one to the head Journalism office. This procedure was very usual, but for Twister, it was becoming a bit more difficult week after week since his feelings for Reggie were changing so dramatically.

As of the moment, Twister was seated, going through videos while Reggie stood behind him, taking notes and writing up timestamps for footage he wanted to use when fully editing the video later.

"Man," Twister whistled while looking through one of the tapes, "Trish is really awesome!"

"Yeah, she is."

He looked up at the girl and grinned amorously. "I bet you could out-surf her."

Reggie smirked wittily at him. "Flattery will get you nowhere, Twister Rodriguez." She sat down next to him, his smile fading. "Hand me that tape over there."

Twister handed her the tape and went back to taking notes on the footage he wanted to edit, and what Reggie would need for the paper and the Friday news cast. Nearly an hour had passed, and the two were maybe 75% finished.

"Wow, this is coming together nicely, Twist!" Reggie complimented while looking over the boy's right shoulder. She had grown rather restless from sitting and had gotten up to stretch her legs.

"Yeah," he replied absent-mindedly. He always got distracted when going through videos, but he was a bit more elsewhere than usual this time.

Reggie was quiet for a moment since Twister didn't say anything else after his "Yeah" but she was expecting that, somewhat. He always seemed to tune out most everything whenever working on his video projects. "What Otto said was nice."

"Yeah, it was," he stated simply, his eyes still glued to the screen, making sure each scene used for the video was just right.

"I want to use what he said for Friday's broadcast. At least we know he's not tweaked at us anymore."

She sat back down and scooted closer to Twister, who was finally starting to notice something besides his work. It was starting to make him feel a bit unnerved since she was so close to him, but he still managed to keep his attention on the monitor and controls, though.

"Yeah, it's cool that he's not mad anymore," he managed to say, a slight uneasiness to his voice. "The Squid was right."

The future film director didn't get that impression as far as he was concerned. He still sensed bad vibes from Otto. Even at the party, Otto didn't approach him once and every so often, Otto would shoot him dirty looks, but those who were around him at the time when Otto did so, didn't seem to notice since they were too busy glorifying the boy, as usual.

"What surprised me the most today - other than my brother's public apology - was all of the support he got from everyone."

"Oh yeah," he turned to face Reggie, "and the fact that my brother was a part of it!"

"Your brother?" Twister nodded, going back to the screen as she thought back. "Wait, didn't you mention something about a box and how he was up to something?"


"So, still think Lars is a bad guy since he did actually help my bro today?"

The hat-wearing boy could only shrug to the question. He couldn't really give an answer. "I wonder what caused O-man to go back to his old self."

'I should thank Lars later.' She smiled merrily. "It doesn't matter. We have Rocket Boy back!"

At that moment, Twister looked over at Reggie again, who was still sitting pretty close to him. His eyes were fixated on the teen girl as if he had no control over it. Reggie noticed. 'Just like before,' she realized in thought. 'It was right before we went to the Pier the day Otto went aggro on us.'

"Twister? What's wrong?"

"I missed that pretty smile of yours," the boy admitted dreamily and distractedly.


"Even without your smile, you're still great. You sure are wonderful, Reggie Rocket."

Reggie was a bit taken aback. Here was her friend of many years practically talking to her as if trying to muster up the courage to ask her out on a date. She could most definitely tell that he was speaking from his heart, like the sensitive guy that he was. It was quite obvious that the boy wasn't speaking from his mind, because then, he would've denied everything, or not have said anything at all. Curious, Rocket Girl now had a question of her own.

"Twister..." she was somewhat hesitant, but went on anyway "...what and how do you feel about me?" Reggie asked. 'Could me as more than a friend?'

"I think you're one of the greatest girls in the world. You're fun to hang with, you're nice, you're really smart, you're a great surfer, you don't show off, and you're pretty. You're great at writing, and you're good with sentences and words and stuff. When you're upset, I always want to help you and try to make you feel better and when I can't, it makes me sad.

"The guy who ends up with you I would call him lucky!" He then sighed admiringly, "I just sometimes wish I could be that guy..."

Twister stopped. Did he just say what he thought he said? It was like his logical, denial, side had zoned out. Reggie was too flabbergasted to say much of anything. She was surprised, yet not. She had suspected it - only lately, though - and now because of that semi-confession, her uncertainties had been eased and lifted. In a way, she felt rather thrilled.

"No one's ever said anything like that to me before," she managed to quietly say.

"I-I-I didn't s-s-say anything!" the boy insisted. "H-honest!"

"I heard you," she replied gently. Despite the fact that the girl wasn't upset or angry with him, and not realizing it, the boy seemed anxious to get away from her.

Twister stood up and went to the door of the classroom. "Wow, it's getting hot in here!"

Reggie stood and walked up to him. The boy's face was so red at the moment that his freckles weren't nearly as visible as they blended right in. The poor boy looked like he was about to run through the closed door since he was currently having a difficult time opening it. He was so embarrassed and anxious, that he was turning the doorknob in the wrong direction.

"We should hurry up and finish so-so that we can leave." He started to fan himself, still unable to open the door. "It's, um, getting late, and-and-"

Reggie hugged him before he could get anything else out. Twister's eyes just seemed to bug out and he suddenly couldn't find his voice.

"You're nice Twist, and I believed every word you just said. You always speak from your heart," she laughed, "or from the silly, doesn't make sense part of your brain, but I can usually tell the difference, and this time, it was definitely from the heart."

The two remained embraced like that for a while, just like the previous morning, only this time, there was no Sam to distract them. He stared down at Reggie and she started up at him. Without thinking twice about it, both leaned in and shared their very first kiss.

After they broke their short kiss, Reggie gently whispered, "I've wanted this kind of attention from you for a while."


She blushed slightly, nodding slowly. "You've been on my mind a lot...lately," she answered shyly, "especially after you invited me to the amusement park with you. I enjoyed it a lot and just wanted to spend time with you like that again, just the two of us, but I found it a bit strange.

"Last night, I talked with Clio, and she said that I sounded lovesick, but I never did mention the guy."

"W-wow. This is…just, weird." Twister grew a bit skeptical. "Wait, why would you like someone like me? I'm not super handsome like Trent or brainy like Sam. I don't I have a car like Lars, or, um, am like any other guys around who are all better than me in probably everything."

"Trent's just a friend," she answered briskly. "He's nice and all, but, he's not you and you're not him. The same goes for everyone else and I can't believe you brought Lars into that category! I don't like him like that!"

Twister's face grew a bit redder, but also felt relieved that Reggie didn't have an interest in any of those other guys, his brother especially. He didn't know why, but he just didn't trust him when it came to Reggie. No, he didn't think he'd try anything with her, but he still couldn't quite put his finger on it.

"I don't know what it is about you that I like," she admitted bashfully as she racked her brain. "You're very caring and you are pretty considerate of others' feelings - well, you are now - and you don't seem to have an ego trip whenever you do, do something well. I guess you're pretty down to earth and especially sincere and creative, and I like that about you, that and your good heart." She giggled at him again, "And your naivety is just so cute sometimes. I guess I like everything about you."


Reggie laughed a bit as she squeezed him tighter, as did he. She was content and she was happy. This felt right to her and she wouldn't change it for anything. Since Twister had come clean with her, she no longer felt awkward.

"So, what do we do now?"

Reggie thought for a moment and smiled. "Whatever you want."

"Cool!" He was about to kiss her again, but Reggie pushed him away. "Huh, what?"

"You have some more videos to get through."

"Aww man!"

Reggie laughed at Twister's cute, dejected expression. "Well, the sooner we finish, the sooner we can leave and hang out casually."


"Hmm, how does the amusement park or the beach sound to you? Just the two of us so that we can talk?"

"Sounds good to me!" he exclaimed.

He hurried back to his seat; she sat down beside him. Twister seemed to have a grin plastered to his face and he started to focus on only the things Reggie needed. The sooner Reggie finished her part, the sooner they could leave.

In no time, Reggie and Twister locked up and left the A/V lab, hand in hand, making their way back to the Pier, a new relationship and connection found between the two...