Summary: Jack forces Lock, Shock, and Barrel to see a psychiatrist.

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Chapter Uno   

"Will you just get in the car?!" Jack Skellington bellowed as he tried (in vain) to force the last of the Boogie Boys into his hearse. "NO!" Lock cried. "I refuse to go see that shrink! I…" Jack almost had him in the car. "Don't have…"

Lock kicked Jack's ribcage. "ISSUES!" As the skeleton doubled-over in pain, the little devil ran for it but was quickly caught by Sally.

            "In you go," she said as she stuffed him in next to Shock and Barrel. Lock mimicked his siblings and crossed his arms over his chest. He glared.

"Why does Jack think we need a head doctor anyway?" Barrel asked to no one in particular.

Shock used her best Skellington voice, "Because we bicker so much…"

Lock concluded, "That we are on the verge of killing each other."

Barrel uncrossed his arms and stared blankly. "Oh yeah…"

The Pumpkin King got in the hearse and drove through the gates of Halloweenland. He stuck his head out the window and yelled to Sally, "Take care of Zero while I'm gone!" Then they were off to Mental Health Town.