'Twas a lovely night in the land of Halloween. Owls hooted…..crows cawed…..

Sally began cooking meatloaf, a food Jack had been craving; after all, it was a rare delicacy in the land of Halloween. Jack sat at the table, listening to the news. He found it to be quite dull. Apparently the slew of Mary Sue killings were actually just the idiotic girls spontaneously combusting from being overjoyed. They would arrive in Halloween Town, see Jack or hear his singing voice, and just implode on the spot. Ridiculous? Yes. Implausible? Yes. Does anyone REALLY care? That's debatable.


In the Treehouse lived the Boogie Boys, asleep in their beds. The Devil boy dreamt of destruction and chaos, unleashing his anger upon the world. The Witch girl had thoughts of stalking Harlequinn, and wondered when her little "gift" would get to him. And Barrel did not sleep at all, afraid that Jack would kill him.


Freud checked into his own asylum, driven mad from working with those last few patients. He was able to diagnose himself, but he remained a patient for everyone else's sanity. Ms. Hilling appeared as a ghost in Halloween Town, and was glad to be out of Mental Health Town. As it turned out, Jack hadn't killed her. She merely had a sudden heart attack brought on after eating some candy sent to her from "her secret admirer."

And, as for Tim Burton, Danny Elfman, and Johnny Depp….they sued Miffles for writing such horrible fan fiction.

And they all lived happily ever after, except for the writer, who is ready for flames.

The End

That's it. I'm done. Finished through. Don't like the way it ends? I'm sorry. But you have to understand, you can lose the touch on a story after four years. And, if you want to write a fanfiction about my fanfiction, feel free. Wanna rant? Be my guest. All I have to say is thanks for sticking through the awesome chapters and the horrid ones. bows