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The multiverse is a large place and often two universes can wind up colliding with each other. This happens in many different ways. Creating new possibilities and universes. This is the story of one such collision and the effects it would have on certain individuals of one the two universes.

(Universe One)

Planet OA, once home to the guardians of the universe. And the home of the guardians' greatest creation for peace, the Green Lantern Corp. Now however OA is the home of what had been a massive battle. The guardians themselves no longer exist. Killed by one of their greatest champions. All that is but one.

Ganthet looked at the dead bodies of his fellow guardians. Sighing he looked at the emerald ring he held in his hand. A green lantern power ring, arguably one of the most powerful weapons in the known universe. And yet it was one of their very own green lanterns that had managed to do what none before could, the total destruction of the entire green lantern corp.

Now the only remains of the corps was the sole ring in Ganthet's possession. 'This ring shall be the last. But what to do with it? To pass it to another is what I need to do, but first I must take care of something more urgent. I must make sure OA is not used for recharging Hal Jordan's new power.' Thought Ganthet grimly.

With great concentration Ganthet focused his remaining energy directly into OA. The plant rumbled as the energy hit's core. OA glowed brightly before the entire planet vanished in a massive explosion of green energy. The massive release of energy had an unfore scene side effect. It ripped a hole in the very fabric of reality.

(The digimon tamers universe)

Takato Matsuki stared at Guilmon's old shed. It was something he had done ever since the digimon had gone back to the digital world. That had been six years ago. The digimon had returned a year later. Unfortunately Guilmon's shed had been destroyed after the digimon had come back. Ever since then Guilmon had stayed with Takato's family at their bakery.

'After all this time I can't believe that they actually decided to rebuild the old shed.' Thought Takato.

A lot had changed during the past five years. For a while Takato had gone out with Jeri, but they eventually broke up. The break up didn't affect Takato as much most would have thought. It was during that brief time that Takato realized that he was in love with Rika not Jeri. And so they had parted as friends. Jeri herself was now going out with Takato's best friend Henry.

Takato however was still single. As much as he loved Rika he was fairly certain that if he tried to ask her out she would leave him with a black eye. Sighing Takato look at the drawing he had just finished. Like most of his current drawings the image was of Rika. Shaking his head Takato gave the old shed one last look.

He was about to walk away from the shed when something caught his attention. Takato turned back around just in time to catch an object that was flying towards his chest. Looking down at what he had caught, Takato frowned. In his hand was an emerald ring with a lantern design to it.

"Huh. Where did this come from?" asked Takato.

Not seeing anyone else around, Takato put the ring in his pocket and headed for home.

Two days later..

Takato found himself staring once again at the mysterious ring he had found. Not knowing why, Takato picked the ring up and put it on. The ring reacted accordingly and Takato's clothes changed. Takato looked down in shock at what he was now wearing. The uniform of a green lantern.

"Okay, this is definitely weird." Said a shocked Takato.

To Be Continued.

How will Takato deal with his new power and responsibilities? We'll find out in the next chapter.

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