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Parallax laughed. "Oh it's far from over Superman."

"Terrier tornado!"

Before Parallax could react a small tornado picked him up and threw him over the roof. The Justice League stared in disbelief as teenage boy carrying a strange creature walked out on to the roof from the shadows.

"Good job Terriermon." Henry said as he knelt beside Takato and Rika.

"Excuse me young man, but who are you?" Wonder Woman.

Henry looked up to see her and the rest of the Justice League watching him warily. 'Not that I could blame them.' Henry thought.

"My name is Henry Wong. This is my digimon partner Terriermon." Henry said pointing to Terriermon.

Terriermon grinned. "Hi. So is there a superhero convention in town that we don't know about?"

Henry just groaned. This was really not the time for Terriermon to start cracking his jokes.

"H..Henry?" Rika asked as she opened her eyes.

"Easy Rika." Henry said as he helped Rika to sit up.

Rika grimaced. Her whole body felt as if she had been hit by a d- reaper agent. That was the last time she was going to let the goggle head get angry again. Rika's eyes widened as she remembered that Takato had been next to her.

"Henry where's Takato?" Rika asked frantically.

"Uh Rika I really think that you should calm down. Whatever happened to you two, Takato took the worst of it." Said Henry.

"Where is he Henry?" Rika asked again.

"He is over here young lady." Said Ganthet.

Rika rushed over to the unconscious goggle head's side. Takato himself looked like he had been the victim of an angry mob. His clothes were ripped and shredded. His shirt was stained in blood. There were numerous bruises on Takato's face. Rika gulped. Takato did not look good at all. She looked up at Ganthet.

"Why are you here?" she asked.

"We came to protect the last Green Lantern." Said Batman.

Rika snorted. "Well you did a fine job, bat boy."

Batman raised his eyebrows. The girl was obviously spoiling for a fight. However he had more important matters to deal with. Walking over to the edge of the roof Batman looked down. Parallax was gone. That was no surprise, after all Hal now had what he was after.

"The girl is right. Parallax beat us to Matsuki. And now he now has a ring again." Said Batman.

As the others contemplated this news Takato let out a groan as his eyes opened. Seeing that Rika was above him, Takato sighed in relief. 'Thank goodness.'

"Hey guys." He said weakly.

"Takato!" Rika said glomping him.

This earned Takato a couple of chuckles from both Henry and the Justice League. The young couple blushed and jumped apart.

"How are you feeling Takato?" asked Henry as he helped his friend to stand up.

"About how I look, awful. Where's Parallax?" said Takato.

"Gone. Him and that ring of yours." Said Batman.

Takato grinned. "No he doesn't."

Takato opened his palm to reveal his power ring. The others just looked at him in shock.

"When I realized what it was Parallax wanted I figured the best way to trick him into leaving was to create a fake ring. Of course the ring he has should self-destruct any second now." Takato said shrugging.

Parallax laughed loudly as he stared at the power ring in his palm. He had been impressed by the way Takato had used the ring. But in the end it had not been enough to stop him. Parallax was about to put the ring on when it started to glow brightly and then exploded. Parallax let a growl as he recovered from his shock. 'So the boy still has the ring. But not for long.'

"You know goggle head you really look a mess." Said Rika.

"Yeah but I can hardly take care of my wounds here. My parents would have a fit if they knew I was a super hero. They still have a hard time dealing with the fact that Guilmon lives with us now." Takato sighed.

"Do you think you can make it to my house?" asked Rika.

"Y. Your house?" stammered Takato.

"Do you have any other suggestions?"

Takato shook his head. "Nope, but I think I might need a little help getting there."

Rika grinned. "No problem. Renamon."

Renamon appeared next to Rika and Takato and picked them up. The Justice League watched as the three of them faded from view. Flash turned to Henry.

"Hey where did they go?"

"If I had to hazard a guess I would say Rika's house. C'mon I'll take you there.

The Nonaka home,

"Rika is that you?" asked Rika's mother.

"Yeah Mom. Could you bring in the first aid kit we've got a slight problem." Said Rika.

"What do you mean?" Mrs. Nonaka asked as she entered the room.

She took one look at Takato's condition and promptly screamed. This caused Rika's grandmother to come rushing in. She too gasped as she saw the state of the goggle headed tamer.

"Rika what happened to him?" Seiko asked.

"It's a bit difficult to explain Grandma." Said Rika.

"Try to anyway." Said Seiko.

"I believe that I can help explain what has happened to your young friend." Ganthet said as he teleported in front of the Nonaka family.

"That's good because I'd like an explanation as to why that Parallax guy was after Takato." Said Rika.

Ganthet smiled patiently at her. "In due time. It would be best if the others were here as well to give their own views."

Rumiko frowned at this. "Others? What others is he talking about Rika?"

"That would us ma'am." Henry said as he and the Justice League walked into the room.

"Great the hero convention came to my house." Muttered Rika.

"I do think that its time some explained to us just what is going on." Said Seiko.

"It started with the destruction of a city.." Ganthet started.

Later when Ganthet finished his tale Rumiko and Seiko just looked at Takato's now unconscious form in complete shock. To think that this boy had such incredible power at his command was almost too much. They had long ago accepted that Digimon was a part of Rika's life. But what they had just heard was a little hard to take.

"I take it that young Takato has not told his parents yet?" asked Seiko.

"I think after today that their bound to know something is up." Said Rika.

"What are your plans now?" Superman asked.

"We can't stay here. Parallax could attack us and I don't want mom or grandma in the cross fire. There's only one place I can think of to go." Rika answered.

Rumiko gasped. "Rika you are not thinking of going to Mr. Yamaki with this problem are you?"

"Hypnos is the safest place I can think of to take Takato at the moment." Argued Rika.

"Who is this Yamaki guy anyway?" asked Flash.

"Yamaki is the guy that helped us back when the d-reaper attacked the city a few years back." Henry said.

"Do you think Yamaki will be able to help us? Parallax's power is different from these digimon of yours." Batman said.

"If he can't then my dad and the other monster makers might be able to think of something." Answered Henry.

Rika looked at the faces around her and was glad that no one else was arguing her plan to go to Hypnos. Now there was only one problem.

"How are we going to get Takato there?" she asked.

Flash grinned. "I think I can handle that. So where is this Hypnos place?"

"You're not taking Takato any where without me. So if you think you can carry the both us I can guide you there." Said Rika.


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