This takes place two years after the Kyoto Arc. The will be some spoilers of the Arc if you haven't seen it. Gomen hasai!

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Chapter 1- Dreams

"Kenshin! NO!"

Kenshin woke with a start, his hand at his reverse blade sword.

"Kenshin! NO!" rang through the Kamiya dojo once more.

That was Kaoru voice. Kenshin got up from his futon and quickly pulled on his gi. He slid open his door and walked quickly to Kaoru's door.

"Kaoru-dono?" he asked.

He could hear her thrashing and crying. All of a sudden he heard her whimper his name. He slid open the door to find Kaoru, her black hair tangled and her pale face wet with tears. Kenshin rushed to Kaoru's side and knelt down.

"She looks so delicate," was his first thought.

Then Kenshin heard her mutter, "Don't leave me Kenshin. I lo."

Kenshin put his hand on Kaoru's shoulder and shook it gently.

"Ken.Ke.nshin," sobbed Kaoru, "don't leave!"

With that she threw her arms around Kenshin's waist and sobbed into his stomach, soaking his gi and pants. Kenshin's violet eyes widened as Kaoru continued to sob.

"Kaoru-dono, what's the matter?" asked Kenshin, concerned for Kaoru. She turned her wet face up to Kenshin's kind, concerned one.

"You l.le.left me again," she stuttered, more tears leaking out of her blue eyes, "In my dream ~*sniff*~ you left!"

"Shh. It's okay. I wouldn't leave you. You know that Kaoru-dono."

Another tear slid down Kaoru's face and Kenshin lifted his hand to wipe away the tear. Kaoru sniffed and sat up, untangling her arms from his waist. She sniffed again then laughed.


Kenshin, confused, looked down to where Kaoru was pointing. His eyes widened and he blushed.

"You look like you wet yourself!" giggled Kaoru.

"Hai, I do!"

"Oh! Gomen hasai! I didn't mean to!"

Kenshin smiled, "It's quite alright."

Kaoru smiled and said "arigato" then glanced out the window. It was still too early to get up. She sighed. Kenshin glanced at her. She looked beautiful, her black loose down her back and her petite frame.

Kaoru got up and walked to her window. She leaned against the sill moonlight bathing her. She stared up at the clear sky and she sighed again.

"She looks so beautiful. That's the one I love," thought Kenshin, " But I'm not good enough for her."

Kenshin walked over to the window and leaned next to Kaoru. Kaoru saw him out of the corner of her eye and she smiled.

"It's pretty out tonight," said Kaoru.

Kenshin nodded and saw her stifle a yawn. He smiled and laid a gentle hand on her shoulder. She turned to look at him, a slight blush on her face.

"You should go to sleep."

"I'm no.not th...tha.that sleepy," said Kaoru, trying to hide her two yawns.

Kenshin grinned widely, " Oh yes you are."

Kaoru turned to face Kenshin, indigent, "Kenshin, you rurouni! Got out and go to bed before I kick you out!"

She tried to keep a serious face when she said this but Kenshin saw that it didn't work too well. Kenshin kept his serious face though he felt like smiling.

"As you wish Kaoru-dono, I'm leaving."

She watched him walk across the room. She turned back to the window when she saw Kenshin reach the door. She heard the door slide open. Then she was being lifted by strong arms and set down on her futon. Startled, Kaoru looked up and saw Kenshin's face smiling down at her.

"K-Ken-KENSHIN!?" she sputtered.

"You won't be able to train Yahiko in the morning if you are tired."

Kaoru hung her head knowing that it was true. Kenshin sat her on her futon and then settled down next to it.

"I'm not leaving until you fall asleep Kaoru-dono," Kenshin said with a set look on his face.

Kaoru, looking injured, folded her arms, "Well," she started, "I've really never had a man in my room before."

She blushed and looked down. When she looked back up, Kenshin was staring out the window. Kaoru laid back down and pulled the blanket back over herself. Kenshin saw her do this out of the corner of his eye and smiled. Kaoru turned her head to look at him and said "Happy?"

Kenshin smiled even more and nodded. "Hai."

Kenshin watched as she yawned and closed her eyes. As Kaoru fell asleep, her dream took her over once more.

For you people who don't know Japanese (what a shame. just kidding! ~*ducks as a chair is thrown*~)

Oro- Kenshin's trademark saying! (kawaii too). It mean huh or what. Hai- it means yes Gomen hasai- that means sorry Arigato- that means thank you Rurouni- it means wanderer. Anyway, isn't that what Kenshin is!?!?!

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