The song is Kissing You by Des'ree- for anyone who's seen Baz L.'s version of Romeo & Juliet, this is the love theme from it. It's such a beautiful song, check it out sometime.

Chapter Eighteen

The Black Caribbean

Pride can stand a thousand trials. The strong will never fall. But watching stars without you my soul cried. Heaving heart is full of pain. Oh, oh the aching. 'Cause I'm kissing you, oh. I'm kissing you, oh. Touch me deep, pure, and true. Gift to me forever.

The next morning Serenity awoke to a cool breeze coming through the opened porthole. She kept her eyes closed for a few moments, enjoying the summery air and the soft sheets below her. Her hand ventured out from the side of her body to feel if Will was still there- he wasn't- but her fingertips could sense his warmth lingering on the simple periwinkle blue cotton. Slowly she opened her eyes and let them adjust to the bright Caribbean sun coming through the window. She pushed the sheet off her and went over to gaze for a moment on the sparkling ocean. The sun made the cresting waves look like they were encrusted with diamonds.

Quickly Serenity dressed and went to the boat deck. She stood for a moment and stretched, the sun beating down on her face. Her shoes were thin and she could feel the rippling wood of the deck when she wriggled her toes. When the stretch was finished she opened her eyes and deftly climbed the rigging to help with the sails. The heavy black canvas squares unfurled and filled to catch the wind with a whoosh-ing sound. From up there, the sailors on the deck looked like midgets walking around. Serenity laughed, thinking of a little midget Jack standing with his feet planted apart, the wind blowing his braids around his shoulders and a telescope held firmly to his eye.

While they worked with their heads in the clouds and dolphins jumping below them, Serenity thought about the letter she had found in Will's pocket the night before. She would have changed it, tore it, ripped the whole thing up had she not wanted Will to know that she had read it. A tiny voice inside her head cried out to Will that the letter was not a good idea. Serenity had not wished Elizabeth's feelings to be broken with such words devoid of feeling that Will had written. However, she knew that it was really not her business- this was between Will and Ms. Swann, and if he wanted to break it off, it was his choice how he did it.

Serenity need not have worried. The letter had fallen out of Will's pocket unbeknownst to him and landed with the slightest noise on top of the waves, never to be read again by any human soul.

When the sun falls on the Caribbean, it is a black, hot night that follows. Serenity sat lazily on the deck after the day's work had been finished, watching the last ribbons of color melt into the ocean. With them went the border between sea and sky, and the two became one, at least until the sun rose the next day with its quieter, more pastel awakening.

She felt a hand cup her shoulder as the red of the sky faded into a dull blood color. "Beautiful, isn't it?" The whitecaps turned red and Gibbs went around carefully lighting the torches on the deck. Their immediate glow faded the stars from the sky, and Will had to squint to see them now. "Those damned torches," he said with a small laugh as Serenity stood up and leaned into him. He slid his hands around her waist and buried his nose in her hair. She smelled like salt and canvas sails.

"Jack says we're going to be in Port Royale next," Will said.

Serenity decided to ignore the obvious issue and deal with the next one. "Are you going to stay...or go?"

Will shook his head. "I don't know."

Serenity exhaled. "Well...we don't have to decide anything don't have to decide anything yet," she turned her head towards him. "But you know I have to stay. I haven't seen my parents," she shook her head, "I haven't seen them in the longest time."

"I know," Will said. "I know you have to stay."

"Jack can't stay," Serenity said with a smile. "He'll get himself arrested again."

"It's a miracle he's lasted this long, but I don't think Norrington's been trying that hard," said Will.

"No," Serenity said softly. "He hasn't." She closed her eyes and let herself enjoy the moment, because she didn't know how long they would be able to last.

The Commodore Norrington was not, at present, a happy fellow. The whole pirate thing was beginning to get on his nerves again, and it was an itch that was begging to be scratched. He was sorry he had let Sparrow go. Why had he ever...

Oh yes. Miss Swann.

"It all comes down to the woman, doesn't it, James?" Norrington said to himself. It was night. The fort was quiet, the port was quiet, and the only vessel left on the bay was a single-sail fishing boat that was wheeling towards the beach. The night guard stood at attention on the roof, but Norrington could see a few rifles on the side opposite his window beginning to drift towards the ground as their owners began to drift, also.

"Keep it snappy, gentlemen," Norrington muttered as he placed his hat regally on top of his head and turned to walk out the door. It always paid to look impressive when walking down the street to your empty house when the day's work was done.

"DRINK UP ME HEARTIES YO HO!!" Jack yelled drunkenly to the black Caribbean. Serenity, laughing, raised her mug with the rest of the crew as they clapped their drinks together in a toast, but her happy expression faded as her gaze fell to Jack's left. Will stood alone at the rail of the ship, staring towards the nonexistent horizon, his hands clasped together behind his back. Serenity sighed and put her mug down next to Mr. Gibbs (none of the liquid inside would be left when she returned) and went over to Will.

"Will?" she asked gently. She heard him breath out and then turn towards her. "Are you alright, Will?"

"I..." Will said.

"You miss Port Royale, don't you."


Serenity wrapped her arms around Will and pressed her cheek into his soft shirt. He smelled like the ocean. The ends of his hair ticked the tips of her fingers as they brushed the nape of his neck. "It's all's all right," she said soothingly. She could feel Will bury his face into her hair; his hand rested on the small of her back and stroked the fabric of her clothing. Pulling away, Serenity looked up at Will's face and gently wiped a single tear from his cheek. "It'll all be right soon, I promise," she said sincerely. "And if there are any problems that arise...we'll deal with them when they do. There's no need to worry about them ahead of time, right?"

Will nodded, smiled and laughed. He felt ridiculous, but not embarrassed, like he would have felt in front of anyone else. "I love you," he said quietly.

Serenity smiled. "I love you too."