Andrea walked through the doors of the dojo. She'd just spent an entire week up at the cabin in the woods relaxing and she had been hoping that she would be able to get more sleep before she had to go to work at Joe's. When she got up to the loft though she got quite a surprise and gave someone else a surprise Adam A.K.A. Methos happen to be sleeping on the couch. Andrea knew that he probably heard her, but she couldn't resist. She walked over to him and took her sword and lifted it over the immortals head. He stirred slightly and Andrea stifled a laugh. She spoke his name in a deep voice and he woke up and she brought her sword down. He fell to the floor and lay looking at her.
"What the hell are you doing?" said Adam
"What are you doing is more like it?" said Andrea standing over him
"I was trying to sleep." he said standing up
"Sorry I had to." she said standing there
"You.come here." said Adam hugging her
"So are you going to answer my question?" said Andrea putting her sword away
"Well that depends if you are going to kill me."
"No I'm not." she said putting away her things
"I'm home for awhile. Where is Mac
"Teaching." said Andrea
"Teaching like as in class?" he said
"Yeah he got a job as a professor at the university." said Andrea checking the coffee pot
"Where were you?"
"At the cabin." said Andrea
"Richie?" he questioned
"He left." said Andrea just now remembering herself
"Really is he mad at Mac?" said Adam
"No he's just out finding himself. Long story and I'm going to shower." she said
"So everything is basically normal?" said Methos calling after her
"Yeah everything is good." said Andrea
Methos loved Andrea like a daughter. He'd been watching her over the last couple of years and still couldn't get over the fact that she belonged to Duncan. Even though they complimented each other very well he couldn't see how Duncan got her as his daughter. Andrea definitely kept her father in line.
Duncan came home from his morning class and he felt an immortal. He also knew that Andrea had come home from the cabin. He rode upstairs careful not to startle Andrea. He walked into the loft and turned the corner to find Methos standing in the kitchen.
"Methos what are you doing here?"
"What is with this question? You guys act like I fell from the sky." said Methos
"Where is Andrea?" said Duncan
"Right here." said Andrea walking out with wet hair.
"Hi." he said giving her a kiss
"Hi." she said pouring a cup of coffee for her self
"How was your weekend?" said Andrea to her dad
"It was relaxing. How are you?" he asked
"Better." she said putting her arm around his waist as she went over to the couch
"What exactly happened?" said Methos still standing in the kitchen
"What are you babbling about?' asked Duncan staring at him
"With Richie and why he'd left?"
"Richie needed to discover something's about himself after our last immortal encounter." said Andrea
"What happened?"
"I have to go out." said Andrea getting up
"Andrea?" said Methos confused as to why she wouldn't answer him

"Hey would someone please fill me in?" said Methos
"Just a sec." said Duncan going after Andrea. He stopped her downstairs on her way out
"Andrea, wait a second." said Mac walking over to her
"Dad I need to go see Joe."
"I take it you didn't have such a good time?"
"I wish he would have stayed." said Andrea
"Richie needs to do this though. He had a lot of questions that neither of us could answer."
"I know he had to go. I just miss both of them." said Andrea
"Taylor loved you." he said
"Yeah and it got him killed." said Andrea
"It also saved Richie's life." he said
"He did it because of me and I thank him for that I just wish he would have told me the reason before he jumped in front of that sword." said Andrea
"Maybe he didn't have to." said Duncan
"Maybe." she said remembering what happened that day
Flash back a week ago in the loft.
"Hey there." said Taylor sitting on the couch waiting for Andrea
"Hi who let you in?" said Andrea setting down her bag.
"Some guy." said Taylor
"Richie, tall blond, gorgeous." teased Andrea
"Well I guess."
"That's Richie did he give you a hard time?"
"No I told him I'm just in town for the day."
"Why are you here?" said Andrea
"I wanted to see you again."
"Taylor that's not such a great idea." said Andrea picking things up
"Andrea why is it every single time I come seeing you that's the first thing you say? We have fun still don't we?" said Taylor getting up and hugging her from behind
"Taylor no." said Andrea softly walking back over to the couch
"Andrea, why not?"
"Because, there is way too much risk involved." said Andrea
"No more then the last time." said Taylor
"Taylor you can't stay here." said Andrea
"I can still see you though."
"Andrea what is going on that is putting so much risk on my head?" said Taylor getting frustrated
"It's not safe anymore for us to be together like this. It's better for everyone if we just stopped. Besides I'm already in love with another man." said Andrea
"Who oh that guy who walked in." said Taylor
"Richie and I aren't together." said Andrea
"Andrea come on you don't have an excuse." said Taylor
"I want you to leave." said Andrea
"Alright I'll leave for now, but I'll be back." he said getting up
"Taylor please don't come back or I may regret what I do next." she threatened
"You wouldn't." said Taylor.
"Don't tempt me." said Andrea