And So It Begins

"Vegeta!" Bulma yelled from the other side of the capsule corporation. She had been lying in the sun next to the family pool. It had been a nice Saturday afternoon with no worries, no work, and no Vegeta. But just when she though everything was perfect, that's when the eardrum shattering explosion had gone off; which of course could only have come from Vegeta's training.

He liked to destroy things, and over the past few months that liking had escalated ten fold. She was having a hard time keeping up, she just knew sooner or later it was going to get him six feet under… or paralyzed for life. Maybe even brain damaged-he would never be able to insult her again. Their was always a bright side to everything.

She came stomping around the corner only to see Vegeta crawl out from the debris of another gravity room. Amazingly she couldn't see a single scratch on him. Too much blood and too many bruises were in the way to see anything else. "Kami! Vegeta, what did you do this time!" Bulma came to a halt and placed her hands on her hips.

"Shut up Woman!" Vegeta choked out has he threw a chunk of the ex-GR's wall from him. Bulma's nose shot up. He should know by now, she would never shut up. Not even in death.

"The name is Bul-ma, B-u-l-m-a. Got that!"

Vegeta had trouble understanding why she always had to spell it out to him. It made him wonder if she had to do that so that she wouldn't forget it.

"Well, if your highness would be gracious enough to—" his voice was filled with spite. He didn't have the patience at the moment to listen to this.

"Oh Kami! Fuck off Vegeta. How many more times must we do this? I'll get the damn first aid kit."

"And begin construction on a new GR," He interjected "hopefully you could actually use that brain of yours and make a working one!" Vegeta looked up to notice Bulma wearing her soft blue bathing suit, which he though looked more like underwear, with her black sunglasses. He was fortunate enough to have looked in time to see her remove her glasses, and throw them. Her aim would have been true, but he still had energy enough to deflect them like most would swat a fly.

Vegeta growled and narrowed his eyes. She humphed and spun on her heel. He reluctantly followed her into the house. He kept his hands over his side, which was cut and bleeding all over, he was also limping. That last blast had done a number on him. So close, so very close.

Even as blood trailed down his face from a cut, and his scowl graced his face, he was cute. Bulma couldn't deny it, nor would she try to. Kami forbid that some one dare say she wasn't sexy. They would die a very painful death.

Bulma began to make her way into the house as Vegeta fallowed. "Hell, Vegeta, would it kill you to be a little more careful. This is the-" She counted on her fingers "fourth time! At least you've had only one really bad accident. But honestly I can't keep up." Her hands threw up in the air out of exasperation. "I don't want to keep cleaning and rebuilding, nor do I want to have to worry every damn time I hear a bang and then a crash. One of these times I just know your not going to be able to crawl your way out."

Blah, blah, blah…. Could she ever learn to shut her trap! "Yes, dear." Vegeta said after a certain amount of her bickering. Of course he always meant it as sarcasm. The way she went on, as if she had the right to say anything at all. At least other than a place to stay, food to eat and an area for him to train. He was a prince. And if not that, one hell of a Devil. "Can we please just get on with it woman?"

He loved that look that would cross her face. He could only smirk and wait for her to open that damn door and move out of the way.

"I hate you."

Her voice was filled with little to no tone.

"Good for you. Now go write a book about it, get famous, and preach about it to all the other loud mouthed females on the planet for all I care. Just get out of my way!"

"A real man of few words, aren't you."

She finally had stepped out of the way. "Compared to you, who isn't?" Vegeta rolled his eyes as he moved past her and made his way to the bed. He enjoyed the soft pillow and warm sheets as he laid down. He just needed to get off his feet.

Bulma cursed under her breath about the 'Saiyan' as she dug into her small little white box with the Red Cross. He could only keep himself from chuckling at some of the things that would pas from her lips. So much for the 'rich and proper' raising she had supposedly received. She stopped mumbling and filled a needle; clearing the air from it she looked down and grinned.

"I don't need that."

"Oh shut up… Kakarot." He loved it when she would grin like that, but he hated it when she would compare him, little alone referred him, Vegeta, to that idiot.

"Watch your tongue." He said flatly with a glare to top it off. She only smiled more. The grin grew bigger as she more or less dug the needle into his arm. Vegeta took the moment to look her over. "Do you always wear those? Do you not know what clothing is?"

"And WHAT is wrong with these? Hmm? It's not my fault you always manage to time your blowing up sessions to when I take a swim, male." She tried to imitate his voice, clumsily. He could feel the injection start to flow through his body. The sleep inducer worked on him and his eyelids began to close. "Sweet dreams, asshole." He heard her mumble just as he went out.

"Kick, step-step, kick! Come on ladies! Get those legs in the air!" Bulma had her hair tight back into a ponytail that swayed with her movements. She wore her favorite workout get-up. Blue biker shorts and top with black design sewn on the sides of the clothing. She was sweaty and growing tired, it was becoming harder and harder to stay in beat with the video, her muscles strained and were beginning to cramp up. She had been doing this for the last hour and thirty minutes. Longer than she had ever done!

She stopped and finally gave in to her bodies tiredness. Panting she shut the TV off and patted herself down with a towel. The exercise always helped her clear her mind and get her in a good mood. A shower sounded good right about now, and Bulma couldn't, wouldn't, find an excuse not to enjoy that idea; so she made her way to her bedroom.

She walked by Vegeta's door… the room he never used and stopped for a moment. It had been four days since Vegeta's latest accident, and Bulma was still in the earliest stages of creating a GR. Something she knew Vegeta was bound to notice. Where had he run off to anyways? After he recovered he had taken off to Kami only knows where. It was the same cycle over and over. She NEEDED to find a way to keep the GR in one piece, for good. And she was determined to make this next GR do just that! With a sigh she kept walking, she needed that shower. Finally she came up to the double doors that marked her territory. Her room.

"It's about time you finished, woman." And just as she was about to finish her night on a good note, Vegeta had decided to pop in. His voice, how it was dreading, was sexy. Gruff but powerful. She whirled around to face him, he was really good at sneaking up on her. But by this time, say after about four months of living together, she had grown accustomed to it.

"What is it now, Vegeta." Her voice was flat and annoyed, that's how she always replied during these times. She placed her hands on her hips waiting for his reply.

"Only to mention how poor your form is, and ask how much longer until the GR is up and running." He had such a way with words… note sarcasm here.

"Vegeta.." his eyebrow cocked up in that 'what' manner. "First. Why in all of hell are you watching ME do my workout, are you some kind of freaky peeping tom! Getting your jollies off while watching me try to keep my body this trim! It would only seem to fit you perfectly and secondly…. Fuck off. The GR will be ready when I decide to finish it." And with that she slammed her door in his face.

With a satisfied smile Bulma walked over to the foot of her bed. She couldn't believe she had just did that and had gotten away with it. She grinned and started to unzip her top.

The woman could be annoying at times, which was most of the time. But no one, and he meant no one could EVER slam a door in HIS face. Vegeta had to make a decision right here. Walk away and fume about it, letting the girl get away with this allowing her to only do it again. OR, break in there and scare her into submission. The later was the better option. With one swift kick the door broke and flew of its hinges. It had landed merely inches from where she was standing.

"VEGETA! WHAT ARE YOU-" He moved too fast for her to follow. For all she could tell, he had been there, and was now pinning her to the wall.

The scent, her scent filled his nostrils. He noticed that he had cought her in slight disarray. Her shirt was zipped a little down, her hair was loose and wild. Her face full of fear. Vegeta pressed his body hard into her, and held her wrists up, over her head. She was going nowhere.

"You seem to have forgotten who you are dealing with Woman. So I find myself in a position where I have to remind you!" He tightened his hold on her wrists, he knew it was hurting her. "It would take me only a moment to end your pathetic life, and I should do just that. But instead I'm only going to remind you to never do that again. All I want woman is a little respect, and I will make sure that I get it. Understood!"

"Is that it?"

Vegeta clenched his jaw. It was going to take more, much more to make this woman respond the right way. He tightened his hold on her wrists even more. A little more pressure and he would snap them. The pain showed on her face. He took the moment to enjoy the aroma of fear mixed with sweat from her earlier attempt at a workout. She did take on the persona of a female Saiyan. That pissed him off more than anything.

"Little minx. On my end of things it almost looks like your trying to act like a Saiyan." He lent in close to her ear. His knee went up and pushed her legs apart. "Would you like me to show you just exactly how female Saiyans were treated? Especially when they pulled such a disrespectful act as you did."

"I'm not a Saiyan." Her voice, he could tell, was strained but she fought hard not to let it show. He chuckled into her ear and in his most low and dangerous voice he could muster replied.

"How right you are. You could never attain such a privilege and honor." He finally let go of her and backed off only a step away. She stuck to the wall and rubbed her wrists. He studied her hard for a minute, letting the danger he set off sink into her skin, letting it intoxicate her. "Get the gravity room complete. I want it in no more than a week from now. No excuses." He kept his glare steady on her. He watched those blue orbs shake with fear.

She nodded her head. Just what he wanted. Submission. He smirked and walked out of the room.

After the doors shut, and she was sure Vegeta was gone she collapsed to the floor. Her body was shaking and heaving. Tears welled up in her eyes, but she wouldn't let them fall. Her wrists stung and acked from the pressure he had forced on them. She knew they would swell and bruise. Making her task of fixing the GR that much more difficult.

"ASSHOLE!" She screamed, but only loud enough to fill her room with the sound. She wondered about that little confrontation. Would he? That question was quickly vanished from her mind. He would, he had almost just a moment ago. He could kill her without taking in a breath. She had forgotten he was a cold blooded killer.

She pulled herself from the floor and drifted to the shower. She would have to get started on that GR as soon as possible.

Hey everyone! I hope you liked the changes I have done to this chap. I plan on rewriting this whole story and really working it. I want to take some of the more favorable parts and make them longer, more dramatic and add a few new twists and turns. All in all I think everyone will be very pleased.

I'm going to give a few characters longer and more important parts. And bring a little jealously red to Vegeta's cheeks.

That's probably more than I should say. So stay tuned, were turning it up a notch… or two.