Here's the end of it all.

Scene VII

(Cobra HQ. Members of Cobra have gathered together.)

COBRA COMMANDER: Well done, everybody! We're well on our way to corrupting the youth of America!

BLUDD: Oy! Didn't that Marilyn Manson bloke beat us to it?

COBRA COMMANDER: Silence, you fool! No one can beat Cobra Commander! Today, the children, tomorrow,

the world! (evil laugh)

(enter Duke with Mike)

DUKE: Not so fast, Cobra!

COBRA COMMANDER: So, Duke, we meet again.

DUKE: Mike tipped me off on you! And he did the right thing! You've stooped to an all time low, Cobra,

telling kids it's OK to steal and hurt people!

ZARTAN: Hey, I got those boys to practice good hygiene!

DUKE: But you killed Kenny!

MIKE: You bastard!

DUKE: Your evil plans will fail, Cobra! We have come to defeat you!

COBRA COMMANDER: Bah! You and what army?

FLINT: This army! Yo Joe! (He and several other Joes swoop down and attack. The Joes and Cobras fight

viciously. Mike emerges from the scuffle and addresses us.)

MIKE: And the moral of this story is..."Think for yourself! Don't let a bunch of stupid cartoon

characters tell you what's right and what's wrong!"