Dark by the Lady Arianrod

a/n: this is my first fanfic in a while... this one is from Yumi's POV about Shishio.

Disclaimer: enjoy this fiction.... it will be dark, as stated in the title.



People probably wonder what I saw in him.

They shudder at the thought of his appearance, and of his evil, twisted ambitions. I was not raised to be heartless, but his actions did not concern me....

To me, he was amazing.

There was something to him, something beyond those bandages and that ruined body. Something about his personality, his deviously cruel charm..... he won me over.

In his deep red eyes, there was a knowledge beyond my reckoning. He knew many things I did not, he could do many things I could not. I do not regret following him, nor do I regret loving him.

I always knew that he would achieve success, and that he loved me back. To him, I was not a mere pawn. I was never his equal, however, always a bit lower. It did not matter, for there was some wild pleasure in owning part of his dark heart.

Makoto Shishio...

His name does not strike fear in me but only amazement, passion. I feel nothing but these emotions, and I do not care if they are deemed wrong or right by this world. I have made my decision to stay with Shishio, for my love does not lie.

If I was fickle or shallow, I would have left Lord Shishio long ago. What I feel is not complicated and labyrinthine. Instead, it is pure and honest... a deep, simmering love. It is there, that love, right beneath the surface. It does not deter or obsess Shishio. Instead, he shows his affection in subtle ways.

His trust towards me is enough to keep me by his side. Even if he sorely hated me, I could not bring myself to leave him.

It is hard to believe that I can find beauty in this twisted, burned man. I do not see him as a usurper nor as a maniac. Instead, it is something that I cannot name or explain. It is a magnetism, his charm.... it is devotion.

I respect all that he does and says. Shishio never makes mistakes, and I will never see him as anything but perfect. Lord Shishio, I even understand this now as I lie at your feet in bitter agony.

The pain is worth everything. I would not take back my love, and you know this. Maybe you are tired of me. I understand. Lord Shishio, I will always understand. Hold me amidst my ruptured body and seeping blood.

Hold me 'till the end, and I will understand.

You had to kill me. I still see your dark, bandaged face above me as my vision blurs.

I'll be waiting, Shishio. If you ever wish to return to me, I'll be there in the darkness, one step ahead of you.

Lord Shishio! Kill me if you must, but do not forget me.

In all your cruel actions, I know that you will not forget me, even as the flames consume you once more.

I look into your eyes once more, and I know that you hear me say...

I love you.

The End.


End notes: I hoped to capture some of Yumi's tragic, utter devotion to Shishio... her story is sad and heart-wrenching, but one does not question the strength of her devotion to Shishio, even in death.....

Maybe I'll write a follow-up story with Shishio's thoughts.

Tell me what you thought of this and if I should do another one!