"Who's The Real Monster?" Brennan's thoughts after he kills Eckhart in "Into the Moonless Night"(season two premiere).

Disclaimers: No I don't own Brennan or any of the rest of the gang, for that matter. But i'll soon be fixing that... hehe...

* * *

I killed him. And I enjoyed it. I guess you could argue that he was a monster, and he deserved it. Hell, I said it myself: It had to be done. But that's just an excuse. If that had been true, I never would have had to say it. Either way, I actually killed somebody. I know i'm supposed to be the bad boy, so I guess I shouldn't be feeling this bad, but hey, I am. I can admit to myself, at least, that i'm definantly not what I try to make people believe I am.

I'm a coward.

Emma would be telling me that i'm being too hard on myself. Shal would be beating me over the head for even thinking it. Jess'd probably be sitting there trying to figure out a way to tell me that i'm an idiot politely. Adam... would be Adam. Man. I still can't believe they're gone. I keep expecting Adam to call me into the lab for some test, or be calling a meeting to figure out what to do about the latest threat to humanity. Emma... she was like my sister. It was like losing my family all over agian. At least i'm not alone this time. I wonder if the others even realize how much I depend on them. I try going solo for a few hours and Eckhart's goons nab me. I was lying when I told Lexa that I could just go back to being the street kid I was. I can't, and I never will. I have a home now. I have a family now, and however fragmented and torn apart we are, we take care of our own.

But I still can't help thinking that Eckhart isn't the bad guy. I mean, I know he did all sorts of horrible things, I know better than anyone in fact. But I killed him in cold blood. It wasn't self-defense, I didn't have to do it. I could have disabled him, captured him. Just like I didn't have to kill that psyonic that was screwing around in my head. Which not only makes me a murderer, but a murderer of a woman who, physically, couldn't defend herself. Which makes me a coward and a murderer.

So I ask myself: Who's the real monster?