Disclaimer: This is going to be a Harry Potter fic for fun, but it is based on the movie the Breakfast Club. I don't own any of Harry Potter or the Breakfast Club. Some lucky rich people and J. K. Rowling do. Below is the cast, so you all know who is who. ~ Neveada

            Princess- Ginny Weasley

            Basket Case- Cho Chang

            Athlete- Harry Potter

            Brain – Hermione Granger

            Criminal- Draco Malfoy


            It was like any other Saturday morning inside the cool castle of Hogwarts. All the students were sleeping soundly in their beds, covered in warm sheets, as a peaceful snow began to fall over the surrounding lands. However, there were five students that were out of their beds that morning, sitting ever so (not) peacefully inside Professor Snape's office.

            Ginny Weasley sat next to Harry Potter up in the front of the classroom. She was doing her nails, making sure that the enchanted nail polish had enough coats on it. The color was supposed to change with her mood. Right now, she couldn't make up her mind if she was sad, angry, or happy that she was close to Harry Potter, her idol and major crush.

            Harry was looking through his latest Quidditch Magazine, trying his best not to glare at Snape, who, at best, could only glare back at him. He didn't look behind him at the others. He was sulking because he was about to miss a day at Hogsmeade with Ron, not to mention the night's Quidditch practice before the game against Slytherin this afternoon. Some first year was filling in for him, which put him in a fouler mood.

At another table, Hermione Granger sat annoyed with the world for causing her to be located in the dreary room. She was going over information for her latest extra credit assignment. She had spelled her books to all fit in her bag. She had taken out the entire library it seemed, though actually she had only twenty-five books in her possession. She figured she had enough not to get bored with the long day that awaited her.

Cho Chang, the Seeker for Ravenclaw sat behind the brainiac, looking over her old pictures of Cedric Diggory. After all the years that had gone by, she still missed him with her whole heart. Though Harry had seemed like a good shot earlier, she knew she couldn't give her love away to him, seeing as a dead person already had it in his heart, locked away in death forever. Thinking this, tears started to stream down her cheeks.

As for the last of the five, Draco Malfoy was seated at the back of the room, feet propped up on the desk in front of him. He was running his finger over a sharp blade of metal. The hilt of the weapon was pure silver, a green emerald gleaming from the bottom of it. Snakes were wrapped around the sides, slithering around, their tongues flickering in the metal. His gray storm eyes looked over the other residents of this detention session and a smirk formed on his lips.

            "You'll all be in here for the rest of the day," Professor Snape started to explain to them all. "If anyone tries to escape, I will be alerted and you will be issued another Saturday long detention. As punishment for whatever you did, you are required to write a scroll telling me where you think you are going in life and who you think you are. It will be due at six o'clock, right before you are dismissed and are allowed to proceed to dinner in the Great Hall. If you don't turn it in, you'll be gaining yet another detention for next Saturday, so do your work. Now, I have things to do. Don't try the door, it's spelled. Have a pleasant day," the he left the room, an evil grin plastered to his face as his black robes billowed during his exit.

            As the door shut, echoing through the nearly empty room, each student's shoulders sagged. The next ten hours were going to be the longest of their natural lives.


            A/N: I just watched the Breakfast Club on VH1 and had the most sudden urge to write this fic. I hope you enjoy it. That is one of the best movies in the world. ~ Neveada