Draco Malfoy walked down the lone dirt path to the Shrieking Shack. No one went over here anymore, not since the rumors had started up. Nowadays he was one of four that still came. One of the other four was presently attached to his hand. Hermione Granger, his secret girlfriend of one year was walking alongside of them. Their relationship had to be kept a secret due to the will of his father. Lucius Malfoy had never looked kindly on Muggles, Muggle-born witches, or those who showed them kindness. And here he was, with Hermione, the only person he cared about in this world.

            They went up the path to the back door of the rickety shack. Draco knocked three times, then twice a mite bit faster. He was answered by a soft, "Come in." Together, him and Hermione entered the old house. When the door had opened it revealed Harry Potter, who he still referred to Pothead when everyone else was around, and the guy's girlfriend, Cho Chang, the Seeker for Ravenclaw House.

            "Any trouble getting here?" Harry asked as Draco and Hermione stripped off their cloaks.

            "Nah, are you kidding? No one else wakes up this early," he replied, giving Hermione a quick grin. "They are all too lazy on a Saturday morning and no one in town is up."

            "Good," Harry commented, just as a boiling kettle in the corner started to wail and hiss.

            Cho got up out of her chair and went over to it. Hermione went along with her into the small kitchen to help prepare the tea, leaving Gryffindor and Slytherin alone with one another. Over the last twelve months, Harry and Draco had learned not to hate each other so much. They had both found love in their detention partners and weren't going to give up the girls they had become happy with.

            Ever since the group had been placed into detention together, they had attempted to remain close. It was fine for Harry, Cho, and Hermione. They didn't have a problem coming together, despite the rough remarks some Ravenclaws made to Cho about Cedric Diggeroy. But when it came to Draco, especially Draco and Hermione, things were different. They couldn't be out in the open with their relationship. That had to stay behind closed doors.

            The four students had devised a plan. Every Saturday morning, before anyone else was up they would meet in the Shrieking Shack, outside of Hogsmeade. By the time all the other students arrived in the town, they would be able to come out of hiding and join the crowds with their proper houses, but for the time in the morning they could be together, relax as the friends they were. Of course, one of their original group was missing. After getting a detention with them all, Ginny had not spoken to Hermione, Cho, Draco, or even Harry. It was if they weren't good enough for her anymore. However, this failed to bother any of them.

            "So how has life been treating you, Potter?" Draco asked, leaning back into his chair.

            "Fine, just fine," the green-eyed boy replied. "And you?"

            "Hermione's a dream," he commented lazily, not focusing on Harry anymore, but rather looking past him at his girlfriend who was talking to Cho.

            Suddenly, Potter got a strange look on his face. He stretched forward, getting a bit closer to Draco, and whispered, "Do you love her?"


            "Do you love her?" he repeated.

            Draco paused. He cared about Hermione a great deal and yes, love had come up a lot in the more recent months, but he had held off on saying the declaration until he was positive that it was absolutely true. Now that Pothead had him cornered, he had to think it through. No one else was like her. She knew what to say, what buttons to push, and just how to act. She was everything to him and he didn't think he could live without seeing her everyday, even if it was from across the room.

            "Yes," he stated, staring right at Harry. "Now let me ask you. Do you love Cho?"

            "Well, I'm glad you asked," Harry grinned, holding out a black box. He lifted the lid just a tad. "In another week we'll have officially been together a year. We only have a few months of school left. I'm going to ask her to marry me."

            "Wow, Potter. You impress me," Draco grinned. "Beating me to the aisle and all. Who would have thought?"

            "What are you boys talking about?" Hermione asked, as she came over, holding a tray of tea.

            "Nothing," Draco told her, kissing her on the cheek as he stole the tray from her and brought it into the dining room. Hermione stared after him, confused, but then shrugged following after him.

            Once they were all seated where they normally were, Draco next to Hermione and Harry next to Cho, across from Draco, Cho set a plate of food in front of all of them. Clearing his throat Harry said, "I would like to bring this session of the Breakfast Club to order. Let's eat."

            A/N: I know it was short, but I wanted to leave it open, just for those of you who liked the movie ending, though I prefer to tie up most of the loose ends, such as what happens to their friendships after the detention. Hope you enjoyed it. This was one fun fic to write! ~ Nev