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Also I don't own any of the characters.....blah blah blah blah....blah blah blah. You get the picture. This is a BeastBoy/Raven fanfic. This episode is called:

"Beat Boy" (The title's corny. I know...)

Chapter 1

Raven was in the living room between the couch and the television deep in meditation. Her legs were crossed and began floating within 3 feet above the floor. The living room was usually noisy during the day with Beastboy, Cyborg, Robin, and Starfire hanging around, making conversations, watching T.V. and playing videogames. So it usually wasn't the best place to meditate during the day. The only time the place wasn't noisy was during the morning, when everyone slepted in. They were up late last night, watching a action/comedy movie, which to Raven's opinion didn't really have a plot in the story so she decided to turn in for the night. Which is why she thought it be a good place to meditate for a little bit.

"Azarath Metrion Zinvothe," she said under her breath within her trance. It wasn't even twenty minutes until BeastBoy and Cyborg came in the room. She didn't even notice them. Then the sound of the videogame system came on.

"Oh Yeeeeaaaaah! This time you'll be begging for me not to kick your butt!" Cyborg said.

"Yeah right! I'll be using you for a game controller when I'm done with you," BeastBoy went on.

"You're on!"

Raven's eyes shot open and fell to the floor. She glared at those two with their backs turned in a slump, so close to the television, it's a wonder why their eyesights weren't ruined. "What was I thinking using this room."

"Oh, hey Raven," Beastboy said with his eyes still busy watching the screen. "I didn't notice you coming in."

Raven still glared at them. "I was in this room before you came in. I was practically in the middle of the living room betweem the television and the couch."

"Hah! I gotcha right where I want ya!" Cyborg cheered.

"That's what you think," said Beastboy in a sly voice, rapidly pressing the buttons of his game controller and then saying, "Ha Ha!"

"NO WA-HOW DID YO- Oh you're going to get it now!"

"Sorry about that Raven. What did you say again?"

"Why bother talking to a vegetable when it doesn't have the intelligence to listen and talk back."

"Hey I can listen. I was just busy concentrating on Cyborg's next attack. Go on!"

"It's six o' clock in the morning and I thought since you guys were up so late night that I thought I could finally get some solitude."

"It's Saturday, babe. And besides I challenged Cyborg for a rematch. Winner get's to choose breakfast," he took one moment to look back at Raven and grinned. Raven wasn't amused.

"Don't call me babe," she said in a irritable voice. "And don't think I would eat your tofu again."

"But I thought you liked my cooking."

"I only did that to pay back the favor for what you did."

"Alright! I win! In your face Tarzan!" Cyborg cheered again.

"Hey! Hey! That wasn't fair! You must of cheated!" BeastBoy protested.

"You know I didn't I cheat. It's because evolution is superior over nature!"

"No it's not!You're full of gadgets that gives you the genious ability to beat me."

"Admit it. You're still in the stage of the caveman!"

"Well it's better than the stage your in before you were fixed up with machinary."

"What are you saying?"

Beastboy turned into a chimpanzee and waltzed around the room making chimp noises and making faces at Cyborg. Raven made a disgusted face. "Forget it." But BeastBoy was still too busy arguing with Cyborg, that he didn't hear what Raven said. She gave up and started walking to the sliding door. When came up to it, the door slid open, revealing Robin and Starfire, both still half-asleep.

"Why does this morning sound like the bellowing of Argonofs," yawned Starfire.

"BeastBoy and Cyborg are at it again," Raven responded still in a irritated tone.

"Are you alright Raven?" Robin asked. "You sound like you're didn't get to sleep last night."

"Well despite being interrupted with meditation and the ignoring of a somewhat green vegetable, I happen to sleep just fine. Now if you excuse me, I'll be in my room trying to get some peace and solitude."

Chapter 2 coming soon.....

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