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"Okay, so are you ready to do this Raven?" Robin asked. They were all outside the door of the living room where Beastboy was inside, meditating. "This will be hard to do, since you'll be using emotion while doing this."

Raven thought about it. What she was about to do was going to be the hardest thing she has ever done for she almost never used emotion except in battles with enemies. But there was no other choice. No one else can do it but her. "Yes," she sighed. "I'm ready."

"Are you sure?"

"You guys know I can barely do this without my power getting out of control. All I can say is I'll be doing my best. Let's just get this over with."

"Alright then," Cyborg said. "Lets get to it."

Before everyone went through the door Raven spoke. "Uh, guys," Raven said.

"Yeah?" Robin said.

"After this is over with I don't want ANY of you to talk about it!" she said glaring.

"But of course dear Raven," Starfire smiled. "We will not speak of such a thing."

"You can count on us," Cyborg said.

Beastboy sat on the floor where Raven always does and was meditating. He kept still with his breath steady, while everything was quiet. But then he heard the sliding door open and footsteps. He started to ignore the sound around him and tried to concentrate. But it wasn't until the blast of the television volume of the gamestation came on and he jumped.

"ALRIGHT!" a voice said. And if his ears didn't deceive that voice was Raven's. He open his eyes and saw the backs of Raven and Cyborg playing videogames.

"You can't beat me," Cyborg bragged."I'm the master of this game!"

"Not until now! You havn't played me!" Raven grinned and with that, the table right behind Beastboy, with black aura, flew up and hit the wall. 'Try and keep it steady,' Raven said to herself.

Beastboy's eyes went wide open, then straightened up and cleared his voice and walked up to Raven. "Raven?" he said in his most sophisticated voiced.

"Yeah, waz up?!" she said still smiling.

"Just exactly what are you doing?" This was getting a little too wierd for Beastboy.

"Playing 'battle souls'!" She replied enthusiastically that black-aura pots from the kitchen flew right at Beastboy who had just enough time to duck and the pots hit the wall behind him.

"Yeah.... I can see that," he said. "And why are you playing videogames?"

"What are you talking about?!"

Beastboy started to get a little irritated. The Raven he knew didn't acted like this at all. Then with a calm voice he said," Well you usually don't like playing videogames."

"I'm about to finish you off now!" Cyborg said, rapidly pressing the buttons of his control panel.

"Oh yeah? Watch this!" She said and also started pressing her buttons rapidly. "HA!"

"NOOO! You beat me!! How could you beat me?!" Cyborg said (Raven did actually beat him, by the way).

"Yeah! Alright! I won!" she said and with that, the CDs that were on the shelves started to scatter in all different directions throughout the room with Cyborg and Beast boy ducking and dodging until all of them were on the floor. "A deal's a deal. I cook a tofu breakfast and you have to eat it!"

"I'm not eating tofu! You cheated! You must have!" Cyborg exclaimed.

"Like I said. A deal's a deal."

Cyborg kept on arguing with Raven leaving Beastboy in the dark.

"You're still not even listening to me," Beastboy said, angry and hurt at the same time. But they still kept on arguing. "Fine then!" And went through the sliding door where Robin and Starfire started to come in.

"Hi Beastboy," Robin said.

"Yeah, sure," he replied in a sad defeated tone and left the room to go to his bedroom with the door closed behind him.

Then Raven and Cyborg stopped arguing. None of them spoked for a moment and then Starfire spoke up.

"I think the plan went a little too well," She said

"I'll go talk to him," Raven replied.

Raven reached Beastboy's room and knocked on the door," Beastboy, are you there?"

"Go away!" Beastboy answered.

"Come on Beastboy. This is riddiculous."

"Riddiculous? Riddiculous?!," Beastboy said sliding open his door to look at her. "Why in the world were you acting like that? That wasn't the real you."

"You're right. It wasn't the real me. I did to get you back to normal."

"What are you talking about?"

"What do you mean 'what are you talking about'? For the first two days you weren't acting like yourself."

"But that's how I alway a-"

"No it's not and you know it. Robin, Starfire, and Cyborg told me what happen."

Beastboy started to get red. "They did? Every detail?"

"I don't know about that. But they told me you did this to impress me."

Beastboy got little more red. Now Raven knew his secret. He couldn't think of what to say. "Oh..."

"Why did you do that?"

"Because you always found me annoying. You don't like my cooking, and no matter how I try, you're always angry with me."

"Well when you sitting on the floor meditating and Cyborg and I started playing videogames and weren't listening to you, how did make you feel?"

"I was angry and annoyed," Beastboy suddenly realized what he had just said. "OH!"

"Now you know why I was angry yesterday morning."

" Well I know that but I thought if I acted more sophisticated, you would like me more."

"I like you more for the way you are. And I'm not always angry at you and I do like your cooking."

"You do?"

"Yes. I was just aggravated at time. And I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings."

"And I sorry for not listening to you. I'll try to be more polite."

"Just be yourself, alright?"

"Okay," then Beastboy got a keen smile. "Are you sure?"

"Yes Beastboy, I'm sure!"

"Are REALLY sure?"

"Beastboy! Yes, I'm really sure!"

"Good," And with that Beastboy kissed her on the lips and with a grin a his face, closed the door before she could react.

At first, Raven do nothing but stand there, feeling her lips with her fingers. Then she went back to her room, and smiled with a slight blush.

Beastboy heard a knock on his door. He got up and slid open the door but saw nothing. Then he looked down seeing a plate full of brownies with a note adressed to him. He picked up the note started to read it:

"We still havn't gone to your movie yet. How about tonight? -Raven"

"Alright? Go Beasboy! Who got a date?! You do! Uh-huh!," he sang dancing.


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