Serena was late to another scout meeting. "Oh, Raye's going to kill me!!" she screamed running down the street. She made it to the shrine. All the scouts were there. She walked up the steps and was about to say hello when she heard Lita say something. "Why does she always late? These meetings are really important.

Raye was fuming like always. "She's not a very good leader, I think we should kick her out."

The others agreed except for Amy. "Sorry guys, but I don't agree with you. Serena's our leader our friend." Amy said matter-of-factly.

"Come on Amy, she's always late, she sleeps to much and not mention a crybaby." Raye said. They all heard a soft sob behind them. They turned around and saw Serena crying. Amy walked up to her but Serena stopped her.

"Thanks Amy for your support and being a friend. But if the rest of you guys don't want me to be leader then I'll just leave." She turned around and walked down the steps of the shrine.

Amy turned around and glared at the others. "I hope you guys are happy." She said and as she turned around and left as well. A few minutes pasted then they heard Serena scream. Amy called on the communicator. "Guys there's a youma attacking Serena. She can't hold it off on her own." Amy shouted.

"We'll be right there Amy." Mina said.

They transformed and went to help Serena. Tuxedo Mask was already there. But it was too late; the youma had left and had captured Serena. Tuxedo Mask turned to the scouts and glared at them. "Where were you? You were suppose to help her!" he yelled at the three.

"She's not our problem anymore." She yelled back him.

"What do you mean?" he asked looking confused.

Amy walked up to him. "They believed that Sailor Moon wasn't a good leader. They kicked her out, I wanted her to stay but it was three to one." She said looking at the ground. Tuxedo Mask glared at them even harder.

"If Beryl does something to her, you'll regret this." He said as he walked off. Mars, Jupiter and Venus just looked at their shows. Mercury walked off in the same direction that Tuxedo Mask did.

"Amy where are you going?" Lita asked.

She turned back towards them and said, "To help Tuxedo Mask look for her." She turned away from them and walked off. The other scouts just stood there feeling guilty about what they had done.

The youma had appeared in front of Beryl. "Did you get what I asked for?" she asked the youma.

"No but someone better." It moved towards the side. There on the floor was Princess Serenity. Beryl looked as her in disbelieve.

"Where did you find?" she asked as she got up off her throne.

"She was crying in the streets. She said something about not wanting to be a sailor scout." The youma said.

"Then that means that she was Sailor Moon, the other scouts won't stand a chance without her." She started to laugh.

She ordered one of her Generals to carrying her to the negaverse. There she would be brainwashed.

"The earth shall soon be mine." She walked back to her throne. Malachite carried and placed her in front of the negaverse. When she was on the ground the process of brainwashing her began.

It had been nearly two weeks since Serena was captured. Amy and Darien continued to look for her. Serena's parents were worried about their daughter. The police told them that they'd find her. Raye, Lita and Mina just kept feeling guilty. Darien and Amy wouldn't even talk to them anymore.

One day a youma had attacked Andrew. The Sailor Scouts, minus Amy, went to fight it. Darien and Amy showed up shortly after. The youma wasn't very strong and was moon dust in minutes. They heard a laugh and looked behind them. They saw a man with sliver/white hair. Darien walked in front of the scouts. "Who are you?" he asked the white haired man.

Malachite circled them. My name is Malachite. I'm Beryl's top general. Or at least one of them."

Raye stepped beside Darien and glared at him. "What do you want?"

Malachite didn't say anything. He just kept smiling. "What are you smiling at?" Raye yelled.

Before Malachite could answer Raye was thrown backwards. Lita and Mina went to help her up. Something flashed in the background.

A woman with blond hair walked up to Malachite. She put her hand on his shoulder. She looked up and smiled at him. She stood on tiptoes and kissed Malachite's cheek. The woman wore a tight general's uniform. She was very beautiful. She had sky-blue eyes that made her look like someone Darien knew. Darien looked more closely at the woman and gasped. The scouts looked at the woman more closely at her as well. Then their eyes widen in surprise. She looked just like.

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