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Just Another Day

This is just a poem I thought of in Chibodee's point of view. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I get up, and it's just the same.

Every morning I hear Shirley yelling my name.

I may love her dear, but I have to always ask.


I always greet my crew with open arms.

This routine hasn't been broken.

When, Neo-Japan bursts in wanting me to do this and that.

I say no right off the bat while saying knock first will you Neo-Japan.

I get frustrated with him always thinking he's "the man."

I just shrug and go on with my day with a smirk or a grin.

This constant cycle that I'm in, sometimes can be a real downer.

I guess it's all part of some unknown deal.

I just face things my own way, and just pass on by.

As if it's just another ordinary day.


Hope you enjoy this poem, and I hope you like my other stories if you're interested.