"Hey, who's that?" As he asked the question, the red haired boy felt the angry eyes of his female companion boring into him. Chuckling nervously, he focused his attentions on his best friend Harry as he waited for an answer. The green eyed teen looked up from his essay, glancing at the girl Ron's finger pointed towards.

"Ron, stop avoiding your potions assignment." The brown haired girl next to him bit off, sounding quite agitated. Apparently, this wasn't the first distraction that Ron had come up with since the trio sat down to complete this long, tedious essay.

"Who says I'm avoiding it? I just wanted to know who that girl is, Hermione," the redhead whined, causing a small twitch in said girl's left eye. She surrendered, looking over at the girl in question briefly. Her honey brown eyes rolled towards the ceiling before focusing on her parchment once more.

"She's in seventh year, Ron, our year. I don't see how you haven't seen her before." Almost instantly regretting saying anything, Hermione gritted her teeth as Ron gave an overly animated expression of shock. Harry fought off his amusement, not keen on directing the brunette's anger toward himself.

"You're kidding! She can't be seventeen. Besides, in seven years I think we'd have noticed her by now," the Weasley argued. Hermione gripped the quill in her hand, looking about ready to dive over the table at Ron.

"Ronald Weasley, if you don't shut up I'm going to stab you with my quill." Harry snorted with laughter, quickly covering it with a cough. He looked away quickly, ignoring the escalating argument between his two best friends. Not particularly dull, he could see the underlying feelings behind both their actions. The two of them were closer now than ever, and he was drifting farther away.

Harry looked over at the girl that Ron had picked for his distraction, and caught the melancholy stare of the blonde stranger. Her blue eyes flickered down to her book instantly, like the flicker of a light that you barely notice, and pretended to be completely immersed in her book. Obviously she'd listened to their not so quiet exchange moments before, the emotion in her eyes still lingered.

The seventh-year Gryffindor shut his potions book, decidedly done with the essay. He gathered all his things back in his school bag, and stood to retreat to his dormitory for the night. Then on a whim, he stopped, and slowly walked over to the girl on the couch.

Her pale, golden hair shimmered when she tilted her head upwards to glance at him, and if he wasn't mistaken, something of panic shot through her features. Almost like she was afraid of him. Hesitantly, Harry took a seat beside her, not too close, and initiated conversation.

"Hello," He bit out lamely. The only answer she offered was a short nod, closing her book politely and settling it in her lap. "What are you reading?"

The expression of anxiety returned; she shoved the book into his lap and fled from the couch like a speeding gazelle. He barely caught sight of her robe disappearing up the stairs to the girls' dormitory. Slightly bewildered, he looked down at the book in his hands.

'Legends of the Moon,' winked up at him in metallic silver letters, pronounced by the leather cover as the backdrop. Following his subconscious, he opened the stiff binding to the very top page and read, 'Property of Usagi Serenity Malfoy.' The book slipped clean from his hands.

"That's how she acts with everyone, Harry. Never talks to anybody, even when I tried to be her friend. She acts sort of skittish, don't you think?" Hermione and Ron joined him on the three-seat couch, apparently over their argument. The bushy-haired girl looked concerned as she picked up the dropped book.

"Yeah, well, I'm going to bed. G'night guys," Harry grabbed the book from Hermione's hands and tucked it with his stuff before parting, his mind reeling with the information. He failed to notice the look his two friends shared as he also disappeared up the set of spiral steps.

'There's no way...Malfoy? All Malfoys are in Slytherin, it's like an unwritten law. No Malfoy would ever be in Gryffindor.' Harry paused in his thoughts to change into his pajamas. Climbing into his four-poster, he pulled the curtains shut and fell back into his pillow, pensive. 'I guess she does sort of look like them, but prettier.'

Snorting, the raven-haired youth rolled onto his side and mentally kicked himself. The girl apparently was a Malfoy, and he hated the whole lot of them. Considering the circumstances she probably hated him too. Still, something rang odd about the whole situation.

"Eh, forget about it, Harry..." He muttered before drifting off to sleep.

Meanwhile, in the girl's dormitory, the petite figure was curled up on the window sill, her eyes glued somewhere beyond the glass. Usagi's eyes slowly focused on her reflection in the darkness, tracing her pale cheek with a single fingernail. Everything about her features whispered Malfoy, practically bellowed Narcissa. So much like her mother.

'But uglier,' she decided, a frown twitching at her lips. The blonde changed into her night gown, a simple white that trailed to her knees. Worrying over her book for a brief moment, she sank into her bed and lay there, baiting sleep long into the night.

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