Her heels clicked on the floors as she walked along the third floor to the offce. In her arms the small boy fussed slightly as he held on to her shoulder. It had been four long years since she walked these halls, glancing around she smiled, almost stopping in the same spot where her husband had admitted publicly to kissing her. Then it was a place of turmoil and tears, now it was one of loving memories. Silently sighing she made her way onto the office, it was two o'clock in the afternoon so she was sure it wouldn't be busy and her dad would still be in his office.

Turning the corner she walked into the bright office and found it exactly the same, along with Lousia sitting behind her desk typing at her computer. She walked up to it and stood for a moment patiently before Lousia looked up at her.

"Hi, is Scott Guber in?" she was pretty sure Lousia wouldn't recognize her.

"Yeah he is,"said Lousia slowly trying to remember where she knew the woman from, then it dawn on her, the picture in Scott's office,"AJ?"

"Yeah,"said Amanda smiling.

"Wow, it's been so long,"said Lousia,"You're back."

"Yeah I'm back for good,"said Amanda.

"And is this your son?"asked Lousia standing up and walking around the desk.

"It is, Aiden Tobey Senate,"said Amanda shifting her son on her hip.

"Oh he's adorable,"said Lousia,"Scott never mentioned anything."

"He doesn't exactly know,"said Amanda.

"He is going to be over himself,"said Lousia smiling.

"Lousia can you file these for me?" Both women looked over to see Steven walking out of his office with some files in his hand for Lousia.

"Steven, it's AJ Guber,"said Lousia,"Scott's daughter."

"Hello AJ, how are you?"asked Steven.

"Good, and you?"

"Pretty good, it's been a quiet day,"said Steven.

"And this is AJ and Harry's son, Aiden,"said Lousia.

"Harry's?"asked Steven creasing his brows.

"Yeah, they got married,"said Lousia.

"Harry? Got married?"asked Steven,"Harry Senate?"

"Yeah, just over two years ago,"said Amanda.

"Never would've thought Harry would become a family man,"said Steven,"Is he here as well?"

"No, he's visiting his cousin and some friends,"said Amanda,"I'm here to see my dad."

"Is Scott in?"asked Steven.

"He is,"nodded Lousia.

"Lousia, could you hold Aide for a sec?"asked Amanda,"I wanna talk to my dad for a moment in private."

"No prob,"said Lousia taking Aiden from her.

"It was good seeing you AJ,"said Steven.

"You too,"smiled Amanda before knocking on Scott's office door and letting herself in. She found her father sitting at his desk filling out some forms. He looked up at her with a shocked expression. Amanda said nothing as she walked in smiling and closed the door softly behind her.

"Hey,"said Amanda as she walked over to his side of the desk.

"Amanda, you're back,"said Scott as he stood up and embraced his daughter. The two hugged tightly for the first time in four years, as they parted Scott looked at his daughter all grown up. He quickly glanced over her left hand and found her engagement ring and wedding band.

"When did you get in?"asked Scott.

"Late last night,"said Amanda.

"You should've called,"said Scott.

"And ruin the surprise?"asked Amanda smiling.

"You look beautiful,"said Scott.

"Thank you,"said Amanda,"You don't look too bad yourself either."

"Are you here on a visit or?"

"Nope, here permanetly,"said Amanda,"Paris, well it got to be, well it got to be not home for Harry and I so we decided it was time to come back."

"So Harry and you?"

"We're still together,"said Amanda nodding slowly.

"Well, that's, that's good,"said Scott sitting back down as Amanda leaned back on the desk. She looked over the desk and seen the picture of her and Harry on their wedding day framed, she reached over and picked it up to inspect it.

"I'm happy you put this up,"said Amanda.

"If you're happy then that's all that matters,"said Scott.

"So I take it you accept me and Harry?"asked Amanda.

"To a certain degree, admittedly I was not to thrilled but I trust your judgement,"said Scott.

"That's good to hear, because I have surprise for you,"said Amanda. Scott looked her oddly.

"Are you pregnant?"asked Scott.

"No, not quite,"said Amanda,"One moment." She left the desk and went to the door slipping out quietly. A moment later she walked back in carrying a small boy with fluffy brown hair and amazing blue eyes. Scott looked shocked as she walked over to him with the child.

"Aiden, this is your grampa,"said Amanda leaning down with his him.

"Grampa?"asked Scott.

"Grampa,"confirmed Amanda nodding. Aiden smiled and waved at Scott as he held on to Amanda's shoulder with one hand.

"You never said anything,"said Scott in disbelief.

"Some things are hard to say when you're an ocean apart,"said Amanda,"Would you like to hold him?"

"Of course,"said Scott before Amanda slipped the young child into Scott's arms.

"Hello Aiden,"said Scott with his grandson on his lap.

"Hi," Aiden looked around the office curiously.

"He's a year and a half,"said Amanda,"He looks like his dad alot."

"Where is Harry by the way?"asked Scott looking up at his daughter.

"With his cousin,"said Amanda,"Don't worry I left him behind, I wanted some time of just you, me and Aide."

"I can't believe this I am a grandfather,"said Scott.

"Don't worry I'm still use to him calling me mommy,"said Amanda.

"So where are you staying?"asked Scott.

"Right now, Harry's cousin's old place but I think we may start looking for some place bigger,"said Amanda,"I want more rooms."

"For more grandchildren I hope,"said Scott.

"Wow dad, you're actually hoping Harry and I have more children?"asked Amanda surprised and not expecting that especially from him.

"I can always forget who have their gene pool comes from,"said Scott as he held Aiden on his lap. Aiden played with a ruler he found on Scott's desk.

"Ya know you can't ignore Harry forever, you guys are like family now,"said Amanda smiling as she leaned back on the desk,"Just think Harry is your son- in-law."

"I try not to,"said Scott.

"I think we're gonna have to come over for dinner, and we'll all sit down and have dinner as a family,"said Amanda,"And you two can hug and kiss, maybe shed a few tears."

"You should've left him in Paris,"said Scott sarcastically. Amanda laughed, it was so easy bugging her father.

"Ah it's funny Dad,"said Amanda smiling,"I don't really care anymore if you and Harry don't like each other, just ya know be nice for Aide's sake."

"I understand,"nodded Scott. They were interupted by Lousia opening the door and poking her head in.

"Scott, you have Dennis Frank's parent's here,"said Lousia,"They've got an appointment."

"Can't Steven take it?"asked Scott.

"He's got a few students in there,"said Lousia. Scott sighed as he grimaced slightly, Amanda nodded in silent understanding. Scott stood up with Aiden and kissed his cheek lightly and handed him back to Amanda. Amanda hugged Scott with her free hand.

"I'll leave my number with Lousia,"said Amanda. Scott nodded and watched as she walked out of the office.

Outside Lousia sat with Aiden on her lap at Amanda sat across from her as she wrote down her number. Lousia cooed over Aiden as Amanda jotted down her new address as well for her dad.

"He is just so adorable,"said Lousia,"Makes me wanted to push Danny for one."

"Danny?"asked Amanda as she placed the paper and pen on the other side of the desk,"As in Danny Hanson?"

"Yes,"said Lousia smiling.

"Never woulda thought that,"said Amanda.

"It's kinda fresh, we've only been engaged for a few months,"said Lousia.

"Well congratulations,"said Amanda.

"Hey do you mind if we take this little guy down to Danny? I don't think he's gonna believe Harry's got a son without seeing him,"said Lousia.

"Sure,"said Amanda nodding as she stood,"Why does everyone seem a little weirded to find out Harry got married and has a child?"

"Mainly because when Harry first came here and basically until you showed up, everyone around here thought Harry was gonna grow into a new Harvey,"said Lousia honestly as she stood up as well with Aiden.

"Don't tell me he's still around?"asked Amanda as the two left the office.

"No he finally retired,"said Lousia.

"So anything else good going on here?"asked Amanda,"Or did I take all the fun with me?"

"Nope I think you and Harry took the gold for Winslow scandals, like we've had a teacher fired for sleeping with a student but you two got married and when the whole nine yards,"said Lousia.

"What can I say, when I do things I do them big,"said Amanda as the two walked down the hall. As they did Amanda seen Ronnie come out of a class ahead of them and down the stairs. It had been almost over four years since she had since her and she hope she had many years ahead of her before she seen her.

"Is that Ronnie?"asked Amanda holding back the urge to go after her.

"Unfortunately,"said Lousia,"She's been seething since she found out Harry and you went away. She doesn't know you two got married."

"Oh wouldn't I love to be the one to tell her,"said Amanda.

"I'd thought you'd want to meet her in a dark alley way instead,"said Lousia.

"That too,"said Amanda,"That woman caused enough trouble."

"Well you won,"said Lousia,"She still trips over herself to this day trying to figure out what had been going on between you and Harry before that day."

"Then she'll never know,"said Amanda as they came to Danny's class.

"He's on a spare,"explained Lousia as they walked into the classroom. The class was empty except for Danny who was sitting at his desk. It was almost a flash back for Amanda as she walked behind Lousia through the rows of desks. Danny looked up as the two women approached his desk.

"Hey honey,"said Danny standing up and walking to the otherside of the desk,"He looks a little young for Winslow."

"This is Harry Senate's son,"said Lousia.

"Harry? Harry Senate? Harry Senate from here?"asked Danny.

"Yeah,"said Lousia nodding,"And Amanda's." Danny looked over and immediately recoginzed Amanda, she had her same long dark brown hair and glittering eyes.

"AJ, it's been a while,"said Danny.

"It's Amanda now,"said Amanda nodding,"Harry bitches about the AJ thing."

"So you two are still together?"asked Danny.

"Danny,"said Lousia.

"Well you haven't mentioned anything about them lately, I just assumed,"said Danny,"Sorry."

"They're back from Paris,"said Lousia.

"Is Harry around?"asked Danny.

"No he sent me and Aiden into the danger zone to see how my dad was,"said Amanda.

"Things go good?"asked Danny.

"Well he did start screaming at me to get a divorce,"said Amanda,"He actually wanted to know when I expected to have more kids on the way."

"Yeah now on to that,"said Lousia looking over at Danny,"Isn't he just the cutest? Could you just imagine have one of our own?"

"Couldn't you just borrow Amanda's?"asked Danny, obviously not thrilled over the idea of having kids.

"Danny,"said Lousia,"We'll talk later, I'm sure Amanda needs to get home and get settled in."

"I guess, any minute the cell will be going with the old ball and chain wanting to know all the details,"said Amanda snickering.

"And some how can't you just see them as the perfect couple,"said Lousia.

"Hoepfully someday we'll be able to meet their perfectness,"said Danny sarcastically.

"Funny,"said Amanda as she took Aiden back,"Maybe I'll send Harry in next time."

"Just make sure you've got that ring of his shining incase Ronnie's on the prowl,"said Lousia.

"Oh don't worry I'm a mother now, I can take out anything now,"said Amanda,"But hey it was great seeing you guys, and congratulations on the engagement."

"Thanks,"said Lousia,"And say hi to Harry for us."

"Sure thing,"said Amanda before she turned to walk out of the room. Amanda walked down the halls she so commonly walked, down the stairs to the main hallway. As she walked past the stairway to the dungeon she stopped to take a look, 'got some real good memories there' thought Amanda.

"See Aide, that's where Mommy and Daddy met,"said Amanda softly to the little boy. Aiden seemed more interested in looking around the halls than what Amanda was saying.

"Excuse me can I help you?" Amanda turned and almost cringed at that voice, slowly on one heels she turned plastering the biggest smile she could on her face.

"No, I'm okay,"said Amanda facing Ronnie as she came towards her,"Ronnie Cook?"

"Yes,"said Ronnie knowing exactly who she was talking to,"Here to see your dad?" Ronnie looked at Aiden skeptically just waiting to here about how Amanda went out and got herself knocked up, now she was left with a kid and no father.

"Just seen him, bringing his grandson in for a visit,"said Amanda,"Has he not mentioned him?"

"No, no he hasn't,"said Ronnie broadly.

"Oh well, this is him, lil' Aiden Tobey Senate,"said Amanda smiling at her son as she boosted him up on her hip. Ronnie's face went shocked as Amanda said 'Senate'.

"Harry's son?"asked Ronnie slowly.

"Oh yeah, didn't you know we got married?"asked Amanda holding up her hand with her rings,"Three years, well I gotta get going, it was great seeing you again, you've really gotten...well the same." Amanda turned and strode out of the school leaving Ronnie behind her shocked and speechless. Smirking Amanda almost laughed to herself.


Back at home Amanda walked in with Aiden, she walked through to the living room and set him down in the play pen they had set up for him among the boxes and suitcases they had. She found Harry and Kyle watching TV and sitting on the couch well they should've been unpacking and getting things set up, and removing the damn stripper pole Kyle had installed in the living room.

"Having fun?"asked Amanda crossing her arms as she stood there staring at the two men.

"Hey babe,"said Harry.

"Don't hey babe me, why is this stupid pole still here?"asked Amanda.

"Well I was gonna take it down but I figured I'd leave it for you two, think of it as a late wedding present,"said Kyle,"Well more of a present to Harry but you both can enjoy it."

"If Harry wants to enjoy anything anymore, you two will get rid of it,"said Amanda.

"Okay Kyle, how about we get that pole done,"said Harry getting up.

"The talk of a true married man,"said Kyle getting up.

"C'mon Kyle don't be jealous,"said Amanda as she picked up Aiden,"You tired mister?" Aiden shook his head as he frowned.

"You should be,"said Amanda,"You're still not over jet lag." Amanda walked over to the couch with Aiden and sat him down on it then grabbed the TV remote before sitting down next to him. She flipped through the channels until she hit PBS and found Sesame Street.

"There welcome to Sesame Street,"said Amanda as Aiden watched Big Bird with interest. She sat back with Aiden and watched Kyle and Harry try to figure out how to get the pole down. Both of them tried tugging at them, then they tried tugging it together, then trying to lift it out of the floor clamp that held it in place then out of frustration Kyle kicked it.

"Ouch,"cried Kyle as he brought his foot back down.

"Ya know if you got a chair and a screw driver you just undo the cieling piece and let it slide down the pole and just take it down,"said Amanda pointing the cieling. Both men looked up at it and nodded.

"Have you got a screwdriver around here somewhere?"asked Harry.

"Maybe,"shrugged Kyle before leaving to find one.

"So how was Winslow?"asked Harry turning to Amanda.

"Good,"nodded Amanda,"They can't believe you got married and have a son."

"Really? And I thought I gave off that family man vibe,"said Harry sarcastically.

"Found one,"said Kyle walking back in dragging a chair behind him. He set the chair next to the pole and handed Harry the tool. Rolling his eyes Harry took it and got up on the chair, carefully he undid the screws as he kept his balance. Once the piece was undone he let it dropped down to the pole.

"I guess we're gonna have to undo the bottom piece,"said Harry as he got down.

"Nah, this piece just lifts up,"said Kyle leaning down and pulled it up,"What do you want to do with this anyways?"

"Take it to your new place,"said Amanda.

"I've got a new one,"said Kyle.

"Don't you ever turn off women when they come in and see it?"asked Amanda.

"Nah, most of them work with one anyways,"said Kyle shrugging. Amanda rolled her eyes at them.

"Take to the garbage,"said Amanda. Kyle and Harry pulled the pole down and held it sideways.

"Well I gotta go, got a date tonight,"said Kyle. Amanda got up off the couch to open the door for them.

"Who's the lucky lady tonight?"asked Amanda as the lead them to the door.

"Alexis McKnight,"said Kyle.

"Stripper?"asked Amanda.

"Model,"said Kyle.

"Well have fun,"said Amanda as she opened the door for them.

"Do I ever not,"said Kyle smirking,"I'll see ya later."

"See ya,"said Amanda as Kyle walked out the door with the front end of the pole. As Harry went by her she grabbed his shirt lightly.

"And you come back, you got your own model at home,"said Amanda smiling.

"Will do,"said Harry nodding as he left the apartment. Amanda closed the door behind them and walked back into the living room to find Aiden on the couch trying to keep his eyes opened. She walked over and scooped him up in her arms.

"Time for bed,"said Amanda.

"No,"whinned Aiden softly as he pointed at the TV.

"Don't worry hun, Sesame Street on all the time,"said Amanda as she took him down the hall to his room,"Guess we'll have to pick you up some Sesame toys." She walked into his relatively bare room, Kyle had gone out and bought them the necessities before they got back. They had beds and bedding, a TV and a living room set but most of their stuff was in suitcases or still on it's way over. Amanda set Aiden on the bed and went over to his suitcase and pulled out his pyjamas.

"Arms up,"said Amanda as she held his pyjama top. Aiden held his arms up obediantly as Amanda pulled his sweatshirt and undershirt up over his head then got his pyjama top on. She fluffed his hair as he slowly climbed onto his feet on the bed and let Amanda get him into his bottoms. Kissing his cheek she helpped him down and under the covers, Amanda picked up his teddy bear from the floor and tucked him into bed with it.

"Daddy,"said Aiden pouting as he looked around.

"Daddy will come in and kiss you goodnight in a few minutes,"said Amanda before she kissed his forehead. Aiden leaned up and kissed Amanda's cheek before settling into his pillow.

"Now go to sleep,"said Amanda getting up. She walked to the door and flicked off the light.

"I love you sweetie, good night,"said Amanda before she left the room closing the door halfway. Going back out to the living room she plopped down on the couch and flicked on the some random daytime talk show. She herself was feeling the jetlag, plus she had a few tiring days. She positioned one of the pillows under her head and watched TV well she waited for Harry. It had been a long week, getting everything packed and prepared to come, then actually coming, then listening to Harry's whinning. She knew very well he didn't want to come back but he did because she wanted to. Coming back to Harry ment needing a job and that job most likely would be teaching and Winslow was his school. Amanda wasn't too happy thinking about the possibility of Harry going back to Winslow especially with Ronnie still there, but then again she did have the rings. Looking down at her wedding rings she smiled, her engagement was a simple white gold ring with a princess cut stone, then her band was gold with a pink diamond in a heart shape set in it, inside was engaved Harry's, inside Harry's ring was Amanda's.

Sighing she got up, it was no use trying to watch TV, she was tired and the only thing she could do was go to bed, Harry would find her. Walking into the master bedroom she found her suitcases sitting next to the king size bed she had made Kyle go buy, she made him go buy a brand new bed and bedding for them she didn't want to have to sleep on the same thing that almost every stripper in the Boston area had slept on as well. She stripped out of her pants leaving herself in her underwear and shirt. Reaching behind and under her shirt she undid her bra, pulled her arms out of the straps the threw it on the floor and climbed into bed, under the warm covers.


Harry walked into the quiet apartment, he locked the door behind him and walked into the living room. He found the TV off and no one there, checking in on Aiden he found him in bed then Amanda in bed. Grinning he walked into the bedroom over to the bed and sat down on the bed. Looking up through hair and sleepy eyes Amanda grinned loppily at him.

"Hey,"mumbled Amanda.

"Tired?"asked Harry.

"Very, your son can tire me out easily,"said Amanda.

"Just like his dad huh?"asked Harry grinning. Amanda snickered as she pushed the hair out of her eyes.

"Sure, sure,"said Amanda. Amanda shifted over and gave Harry some more room on the bed, Harry threw his legs up and rested back against the headboard. Slowly Amanda moved her head into his lap and made herself comfortable.

"So you had a god day?"asked Harry.

"Yeah things went better than I expected,"said Amanda playing with the fabric on the knee of Harry's pants.

"That's good,"said Harry.

"My dad thinks we should have more kids,"said Amanda.

"What?"asked Harry not really believing what Amanda had said.

"Yeah,"said Amanda nodding as she sat up,"I think he's okay with everything."

"Honestly?"asked Harry cocking an eyebrow.

"Well he did say he could get used to having more kids, though, ignoring the fact of half their gene pool, but he said he could get use to it,"said Amanda.

"Anything else?"asked Harry.

"Lousia and Danny Hanson are engaged,"said Amanda leaning on his shoulder.

"Anyone else?"asked Harry. Amanda realized what Harry was getting at, it had been five years since that woman's name had been mentioned between them.

"I did,"said Amanda,"I wish I could've had a camera when I introduced Aide to her."

"Why do you think I encouraged you to take Aiden with you,"said Harry.

"I am so rubbing off on you,"said Amanda smiling.

"So how about we get on that advice of your father's, he wants more grandchildren, I think we should give them to him,"said Harry.

"I would love to, but as I said, your son has me beaten for the day,"said Amanda crawling back down to the pillow.

"My son?"asked Harry looking down at her.

"He's your son when he's not being an angel,"said Amanda.

"And when he is an angel?"asked Harry.

"He's my son,"said Amanda. Harry laughed slightly, getting off the bed she started to leave the room.

"I'm gonna grab some food and join ya." Amanda mumbled an okay as she drifted off to sleep. Harry walked out to the kitchen, he was kinda relieved Scott had taken things easily. As much as Harry tried to hide and ignore it but he knew he had a family to support and he had two options, go back to his family and live through that fake prude life or go back to Winslow, give up any dignity and beg for his job back. And at this moment in time, Winslow seemed the lesser of two evils. He had asked Kyle to get him in touch with his lawyer, with all the things Kyle did in his life he needed a good lawyer, Harry needed a little back up if he was going back to Winslow and the defense of well I married your daughter Scott wasn't going to cut it.